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What is hidden behind a striped rind?

July 11 2007

In the markets of the city there were first watermelons, and as always earlier than waiting for them. Striped berry, of course, a useful thing. And thirst quenching and slag displays, but it all relates to a ripe watermelon, which should appear only in mid-August. Earlier these wonderful properties do not possess.

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The fact is that most varieties of watermelons ripen in Russia until the end of August. Therefore, the berries are sold before, most likely to be either immature, or they are stimulated with nitrates or other nitrogen fertilizers. Maturing varieties of watermelons grown in the open spaces of Russia and CIS countries are still rare.

Early as watermelons are usually grown in greenhouses or in open ground, generously flavored with growth stimulants, chemicals, various improvers of taste and color, so you can manage to collect two or even three harvests. And such a "pump" may adversely affect our health.

The dangers are basically three: nitrates, pesticides and heavy metals. The first can be poisoned, but it's hard, because just about yourself eaten nitrate to know not give, but the body will accumulate. So, what account would be the last straw watermelon, which has produced the gastro-intestinal problems, it is difficult to calculate. But first to be affected are children.

It is important to remember that nitrates accumulate in the crust and the adjacent part of the immature fruit. Their presence and say yellow (not white and pink) streaks in the flesh of watermelon. Accumulation in the body of heavy metals, too, did not immediately impacted, but later may manifest a variety of sores until the cancer.

Another thing - pesticides. Symptoms of poisoning they will not keep you waiting: abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, sweating, and weakness. Despite the fact that any berries to handle pesticides is prohibited because of the speed of ripening, this chemistry does not have time to decompose into their constituent elements in the battle for early harvest bans usually spit.

However, in approximately the same act, and we with you when spit all the warnings, which appeal to us professionals, and about which we have written above. Very much like arbuzika, and vendors such an honest look when they talk about the abnormally warm weather and a special kind of just their berries.

Therefore, to get from watermelon benefit, you must at least learn how to choose.

To get started you should look to the place where you are going to buy a treat. Point of sale should be fenced, located under a canopy, watermelons - laid out in commodity tray, and not dumped in a heap on the ground.

Seasonal traders are prohibited to sell melons in parts, make an incision and cut them even more, even if the customer insists. The fact that the surface of the watermelon crowd huge numbers of bacteria, and water melon pulp perfect environment for their reproduction.

On consignment seller must have supporting quality and safety documents (not expired) issued by the state sanitary authorities of the district or the city, brought watermelons.

Make sure that the place of trade okay? You can proceed to the election. Experienced watermelon eaters are often advised to:

p align = "justify"> - take the berries with yellow (not green) tail and "ass" - which means watermelon frustrated when it is ripe. Yellow (not white) has to be earthy and a spot on the side of the watermelon.

- To buy a bright watermelon. What contrasting dark and light stripes, the better.

- Pay attention to size. Beware of too little and too large in comparison with its neighbors watermelons. The first is clearly something got less, and the latter on the contrary, overeaten fertilizers.

- Even from light-clicking watermelon should resonate. This is because the flesh of ripe watermelon has microvoids.

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