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How to quit smoking?

May 11 2007

Russia is among one of the smokers around the world. It is astonishing that the harm that bad habits they know almost everything, but prefer not to think about it. Some believe that at worst they will lung cancer at 70, but since at this age still die, nothing to worry about, anyway, we are all "out there". If you're reading this, then you have already thought about a cessation of smoking. The first step to overcoming a bad habit - your firm decision to quit. Before you start a movement, a person must be convinced that is on the right track.

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Why quit smoking?

Firstly, if you stop smoking right now, you'll live longer. Man pays dearly for this habit, about seven - ten years of life. Of course, no one can know for sure what will happen tomorrow. Nevertheless, man can and must do everything in his power to live a long and happy life.

Secondly, cigarettes are worse physical shape. Sports enthusiasts know what stamina and how important it is. Smoking interferes with your respiratory system to effectively supply the body with oxygen. If you need sports scores, it is time to quit smoking.

Thirdly, it is believed that the smoke - it's cool. Many people start smoking or imitating someone, or for other social reasons. Smoke among adolescents is considered very fashionable. Nevertheless - it's not. Smoke are no longer fashionable. In the eyes of others smoker does not look like an authority. In public places, this causes a negative attitude. People do not like smoke and bad breath. Try to kiss an ashtray full of cigarette butts, and you'll see those around you.

Fourth, consider this: what example you are applying to children. We all want them to be better and happier than us. The most effective way to teach children - is a personal example. Do your children are less likely to smoke, if the family no one will have the habit.

And, finally, passive smoking. Tobacco smoke from your cigarettes harm to all family members and just people who are close to you. Passive smoking, as proved by scientists, is the cause of many diseases of smoking. Precisely because of this smoking ban is increasingly in public places. If you love your friends and relatives, then simply have to quit now.

Studies have also shown that a person who smokes 10 cigarettes a day, in the first two years in the body is about 2 kg of ash residues. By 10 years of smoking their already accumulated 4 kg, and to 20 years - about 6 kg. You just think of these numbers! Concurrent smoking and alcohol consumption can lead to clogging of blood vessels and cause gangrene or myocardial infarction! Of course, if a person is young and full of energy, he can not feel all harmful effects of tobacco smoke, but when it comes time to think, is most often too late.

How to quit smoking?

There are many techniques aimed at getting rid of nicotine addiction, but without the willpower and the desire to once and for all get rid of this disease will not work! All at your fingertips! So what are the main ways to combat smoking?

Method 1.Commit to paper the reasons for which you want to quit (the benefits of living without smoking): live longer, feel better for my family, save money, smell better, easier to find a pair, etc. Write down everything on paper and read every day.

Method 2. Assign an end date of smoking. Decide what day you parted with cigarettes for good. Make a note of this date. Prepare your brain to "the first day of your new life." You can even hold a small ceremony or ritual in honor of the last cigarette.

Method 3. Sports. Start doing exercises. Sport relieves stress and helps your body to recover. If necessary, start slowly, with a short walk once or twice a day. Bring it up to 30-40 minute exercise 3 or 4 times a week. Do deep breathing exercises. Breathe in slowly through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, slowly exhale through your mouth.

Method 4. Reduce the number of cigarettes gradually. Methods of gradual refusal of smoking include: planning the number of cigarettes smoked per day before the end of smoking, fewer cigarettes smoked each day, buying cigarettes in an amount not greater than one pack, replacing the brand to not like the process of smoking. You can also give your cigarettes to someone else that you had every time they ask you when you want to smoke.

However, many smokers have checked on her, that the only way to give up cigarettes - quit abruptly and completely, without any attempts to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Nevertheless, find the method that will be most suitable for you: leave gradually or immediately. If one method does not work - try another.

Method 5. Find a partner - someone else who also wants to quit smoking. Cheers and help each other, reach out to others when you feel that she is dead.

Method 6. Drink plenty of water. Water will help bring the nicotine and other chemistry of the body, besides it will help to remove the craving for cigarettes.

Method 7. Take a cigarette and soak it in milk. Once it has dried completely, smoke it. Believe me, the way to effectively find difficult. A cigarette you will no longer pull than ever.

There are many techniques aimed at getting rid of nicotine addiction, but without the willpower and the desire to once and for all get rid of this disease will not work! All at your fingertips! Enjoy life, to breathe freely and easily, or wither on the destruction of the body, voluntarily become a shadow of itself - the choice is yours!

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