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New methods of getting rid of a cold

February 10 2007

In various countries of the world its time-tested tools of the common cold. Something you can use ours. By otolaryngologist Jeanne V. Borisov.


Northern Europe is very popular foot bath. Legs are immersed in a container with water at a temperature of 37 degrees. Then slowly add hot water until it reaches "the boundaries of endurance. The purpose of these baths - to improve blood flow to the nasal mucosa. After cooling of the feet leads to poor circulation in the respiratory tract, which, in turn - to a greater likelihood of infection. A warm feet, by contrast, activate the immune defense.

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Chodnym exposure has one of the most popular Russian recipes: pour dry mustard into socks and go to bed. Many people treated this way in childhood. This decreases the swelling of the mucous membrane.

But beware: these simple and effective methods have contraindications - trophic disorders and diabetes.

Salt, plus lemon

In Romania, this mix - the first remedy for the common cold. To do this, squeeze half a lemon juice mixed with one teaspoon of salt, then add 50 grams of water. Fluid is introduced into the nose using a pipette. This treatment will last not everyone, but its effectiveness has long been no doubts. The solution eliminates edema, and vitamin C reduces the capillaries.

However, doctors are advised to be especially careful with this recipe. Mucus can get into the auditory tube, which will lead to acute otitis. Need to be especially careful with children, because they have auditory tube is wide and short, which facilitates the penetration of the infection.

Fuck nose

It turns out that shit is the sense of not only pickling cucumbers or as a seasoning for meat. This is well known in Germany. A mixture of freshly grated horseradish and apples with the sugar helps with colds. If you eat a few spoonfuls of this mixture in the day, the nose free. The fact that horseradish contains special substances that fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. They are well accepted by the body because it does not destroy the beneficial bacteria of the intestinal flora. In addition, horseradish strengthens the immune system.

In Russia there is a similar recipe. Lubricate your nose with vaseline, press on the cotton swabs juice, garlic, and put tampons in both nostrils, first one, then - in another. And the horseradish and garlic contain phytoncides - volatile antiseptics. But the main thing with them - do not overdo it, otherwise you may receive a burn.

Inhalation with chamomile

In the Netherlands, one of the most common methods used to combat a cold - it is inhalation with menthol, camphor or daisies. Many believe that after such a procedure, they were relieved.

Our doctors, however, like the Netherlands, believe that the inhalation of a cold did not help, but in diseases of the lower respiratory tract, such as bronchitis or tracheitis - very well.

Just not worth doing inhalation young children. Too hot steam can cause burns, as menthol or camphor -
cause choking.

Herbs for immunity

oskonnik - a favorite remedy of North American Indians. Today the useful properties of this plant are recognized and European scientists. It contains a large number of so-called "natural xylan, which activates the immune system of their own forces.

Now poskonnik can be purchased at the pharmacy. Recipe of the common cold is the following: 2 teaspoons of dry grass pour 500 ml of cold boiled water, 4 hours insist strain. Take 100 ml 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes before eating.

The result of "Indian money" - the rapid removal of all signs of a cold. More importantly, it can even take children from 6 months.

The Source: CNN


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