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Stars against breast cancer (photo)

November 9 2006

Every hour of his terrible diagnosis in Russia know 6 women and every hour of dying from breast cancer, 3 women. Recent data published by Russian Cancer Research Center, very sad: Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women.

- Every year in Russia about 50 thousand women are diagnosed with breast cancer;
- Over the past 20 years, the incidence of breast cancer in Russia grew by 64%;
- Every 8 women during their lifetime risk of breast cancer;
- Breast cancer - the commonest cause of death among women age 45 to 55 years;
- Breast cancer among men is 1%.

But this disease can be prevented: for 97% breast cancer is easily diagnosed and treated early.

Why breast cancer develops? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is still unknown to scientists. But they were able to identify risk factors:

- Age - the older woman, the higher the risk of developing breast cancer.

- Heredity - 5% of women whose mother or grandmother suffered from cancer, is also ill.

- Hormones - sharp fluctuation could trigger breast cancer. The disease can cause hormonal preparations and high-hormone estrogen. Therefore, the choice of contraception for every woman doctor decides on an individual basis.

- Earlier onset of menses - up to 12 years

- Late onset of menopause - after 55 years.

- Late delivery - after 30 years.

- Unhealthy Food - semi-finished products, fatty and high calorie foods.

- Stress.

- Radiation.

How to protect yourself against breast cancer?

Regularly attending physician mammologist: up to 35 years - at least once in 2 years after 35 years - at least once per year after 40 years should be examined by a doctor, even in the absence of health complaints.

In Russia, Avon, together with renowned designers supported the charity project "Designers Fashion Week in Moscow, together with the AVON breast cancer. The project participants are well-known designers, participants Moscow Fashion Week: Maria Tsigal, Alina Assi, Elena Lenskaya, Oleg Ovsiev, Elena Cherkizovo Diana Dorozhkina, Eric Zajac, Natalie Valevskaya, Ilya Shiyan, Ksenia Runa, Ivan Aiplatov, Lily Sahanovski, blowing "Two Towers".

See gallery: Stars against breast cancer

At a press conference, representatives of the project in detail told about his goals and achievements:

- We have acquired a unique mammography equipment for diagnostic, designed by our customer. (Mammography - the main method of early diagnosis of breast cancer - aut.) Within two years we have visited 34 Russian cities, which surveyed 20 000 women. Breast cancer was diagnosed in 114 women, these women were able to undergo treatment and to decide on surgery. Among these women were very young girls - 16-20 years. So this year we went to school. For girls 8-11 grade schools have introduced "Lessons in health". We also try to provide psychological assistance to women suffering from breast cancer.

n summer 2006, the project conducted an educational tour of Russian cities by visiting Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ufa, Rostov - on-Don, doctors mammology lectures about the health of the female breast, performed free consultations, surveys were given coupons for a free ultrasound at local clinics.

At a charity project also involved famous actress Julia Takshina, the heroine of the series "Not Born Beautiful." Julia believes that the duty of famous people to carry education to the masses, to tell about how important it is to monitor their health and going to the doctor because of this disease, no woman is immune.

"Generally, I would like to destroy the Russian pattern, when a woman first and foremost cares about children, husband, work, life, and about themselves and their health remembers only when symptoms are obvious", - says the actress.

The disease no one is safe. The victims of the disease and become famous and successful people, it is enough to recall the singer Kylie Minogue, who learned of his illness, rather late, so many did not believe in a favorable outcome and complete recovery of the singer, few believed that she would return to the scene. Many international stars taking part in charity and education campaigns about breast cancer.

Among them, Sharon Osbourne, Rachel Hunter, Sheryl Crow, Shirley Temple, singer Anastasia - all of whom had been diagnosed, but they found the strength to go through surgery and then began to help other women.

It is a hot line, and every woman can call and get a free consultation with a doctor and find out where she can make diagnosis and to obtain assistance required. Russian free hot line "Together for Life" 8-800-200-70-07. In Moscow - (495) 783-70-07.

By the way the problem of breast cancer are seriously concerned, in the UK: the disease annually affects more than 40,000 women and 300 men in the United Kingdom. In the fight against the disease and joined British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in this project, he even teamed up with the leaders of two opposition parties - the Conservatives, David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Mingisom Campbell. During a dinner party at London's Dorchester Hotel to be sold neckties with their autographs, says The Mirror.

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