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Get rid of stress once and for all

August 9 2007

Frenzied pace of life in the big city daily exhausting our body. Sometimes we ourselves do not notice that our strength is running out, and now comes the wanton restlessness, anxiety and uncertainty. Many of our illnesses - are the consequences of an endless string of stress. Of course, we can not eliminate all the unpleasant events that await us. But we can learn to cope with stress and overcome it. Stress not only lift your spirits and give tide of cheerfulness, but also greatly improve our health and wellbeing.

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Why is there stress? Reasons, of course, can be set. According to the survey, the main causes of stress among the Russians are as follows:

35% - rising prices and high cost of goods
24% - are most afraid of unemployment. The same number of respondents are concerned about crime
18% - very concerned about the housing problem
16% - are experiencing due to health

And, according to the poll, men are exposed to stress were twice as likely than women do.

How to get rid of stress? First of all, it is very important to your personal attitude. In similar situations, different people behave differently. Need to learn how philosophically related to Personal problems.

Many people help self-hypnosis. You must be ready a couple of phrases that you can repeat, if you feel depressed. A simple self-hypnosis: "I can cope", "Everything will be alright" distract you from the main reflex to stress - rapid breathing, cold hands.

If you know that you will be a stressful situation, such as an unpleasant conversation with your boss, think about your past achievements and successes.

The stress must be distracted. For example, if you look at a moment in the window - aside from the problems of the eyes to relax, and will share a tendency to relax.

Take a few deep breaths and massage your temples, so you relax the muscles, mainly in the neck.

Good hot bath relieves stress, especially with sea salt and pine needles. Hot water restores circulation and gives us a sense of security. You can also just hold your hands under running hot water.

Also a potent weapon against stress is the music. It has a relaxing and stimulating action.

Of course, good relaxors is sport. However, if you get to the gym for you - quite a feat, you can just do manual labor: to work in the garden or do general cleaning in the apartment.

Eat bananas. Substances in bananas help to serotonin - the hormone of joy, they raise the mood and evoke a sense of wellbeing and calmness. A drink of tea can be recommended. Green tea relieves stress, and tea with mint - tones.

But from the salt and coffee during stress should be abandoned. Studies show that salt makes the brain more susceptible to stress hormones. And the caffeine in two cups of coffee, makes the heart beat of 16 beats per minute more. And it adds unnecessary anxiety.

Many people relieve stress cigarette smoking. Under the action of nicotine in the brain are released substances, called endorphins.They are natural pain-relieving and uplifting hormone-like substances. However, walk for 20 minutes causes a similar release of endorphins in the brain and the same relaxing effect on the body.

Division of Clinical Psychology of the Madrid Institute of Psychotherapy, published a report that regular consumption of candy and chewing gum helps overcome the stress that people experience in the workplace.

Psychologists are also advised to furnish their home family photos. Select at least 15 of their favorite photos on which you are happy and carefree, and hang them on walls in her room. It is believed that this will calm down and feel liberated.

London scientists from the Royal College have found that helps to remove accumulated stress letter: write everything that happened to you on paper and you'll feel better. It is not necessary to conduct daily or blog for a long time - enough to spend on it 20 minutes in 3 days.

Irina Kapustina


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