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In the kiss contains natural vaccine

November 5 2009

13031.jpeg Have you ever thought over, where are certain physiological reactions and characteristics of man? For example, why we laugh when we gaily, blushing when embarrassed, kiss, help others, doing creative work? According to British scientists, described recently in the popular science magazine "New Scientist", all associated with the need to maintain balance in the body!


Why do we react this way when we cheer? Researchers have suggested that endorphins and anti-depressants, standing out in laughter, contribute to the stabilization of our psyche: remove the excitement, tension and elevate mood ... And in the end it makes us healthier and longer life.


It would seem that encourages people to kiss? After all, most animals do not have anything like this! And we are only orgasm during sex, rather than just kissing ...

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Scientists maintain that the kiss has emerged as a vaccination at the level of reflection inherent in us by nature: because if it we get a certain amount of someone else's saliva contains bacteria. "Foreign bodies" bacteria in the mouth causing "unrest" of our "native" microorganisms and the immune system gives a command to start the formation of antibodies.

As a rule, we kiss those we love and who we cute: not surprising that it was with them in the first place we aim to share the immunostimulatory bacteria. So in the maxim "Do not let a kiss without love!" concluded yet another hidden meaning: "Do not worry about the health of those who are unattractive to you!"

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The ability to blush

13033.jpeg We usually blush of shame, and if we lie or shy. This is a work-related receptors of the nervous system. But scientists believe that the habit of blushing has practical application. Like, if a man is ashamed of, then using the paint, he sends his surroundings signal its readiness to admit their mistakes. And it reduces the level of aggressiveness in the society. Apparently, in the early evolution of such a reaction is shown at all. But gradually it has remained peculiar to individual choices. No wonder they say: "lies and does not blush!"

Hair in intimate places.

When a man was covered with hair, but in the course of evolution are almost free from hair. However, we all have to keep your hair under the armpits and pubic hair. Why?

The fact that under these hairs are odorous gland. A good hair absorb odors. We catch "flavor" of the potential partner, and ... In general, this throwback makes us intimate relationships.

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Unless, of course, do not go into mysticism, dreams, by and large, do not carry any information. As the researchers claim they are the consequence of erratic electrical activity of the brain in an unconscious state.Analytical Division is trying to somehow arrange these impulses, folding them into the "image".

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However, the dreams themselves are not so useless as it may seem at first glance. They help us to better assimilate the information obtained during wakefulness, as well as become better acquainted with his inner world.


13034.jpeg What compels us to help other people? By assumption, the British, it makes us more attractive to our potential partners, giving them a signal: can rely on us, and this will provide them with stability and comfort, and therefore, balance and prosperity of the entire population. By the way, altruism is not an individual quality. The tendency to sacrifice meet specific genes are preserved during evolution. Another thing is that someone they are "asleep" and someone active.


We subconsciously seek to create a comfortable environment for themselves and therefore create a work of art. Contemplation of aesthetically appealing objects beneficial effects on our nervous system. But if we see around us is something ugly, unattractive, ugly, then shaken nerves. Not for nothing in the clinics of neuroses and mental health therapy is obligatory in creativity: patients paint, mold, compose music, write poems, etc. This contributes to the establishment of psychic harmony, and therefore physical health.

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Dariya Lyubimskaya

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