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Cycling is more dangerous than smoking

October 5 2011

Cycling is more dangerous than smoking. 19940.jpeg Biking - is not a great view of the natural fitness? Pedal much more useful than sitting motionless in a chair or a car shake in close subway car. But the trouble cycling enthusiasts who drive on the roadway, pollute their lungs. So much so that experienced smokers do not suit them in the soles.

Researchers at the University of London asked the question: how large amount of exhaust gases, which have to breathe cyclists? The researchers compared samples of lung cells of ten non-smokers and very healthy urban residents aged 18 to 40 years. Half of them for several years, goes to work on two-wheeled friend, while the second half prefers to walk. Doctors carried out an analysis of lung tissue from the lower airways of volunteers and took samples of macrophages on the surface of the respiratory tract. These cells engulf and destroy foreign substances that we breathe in, willy-nilly with the air.

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It turned out that cycling in urban areas - employment general concern. The presence of soot, or as it is called, of carbon in the lungs of cyclists in more than two times the amount equivalent of "sludge" at the pedestrians. Particles of carbon compounds are so small that it is not subjected to filtration in the upper respiratory tract, entering directly into the lungs.

Where such a weighty difference, because pedestrians are on the sidewalk, located near the roadway? Scientists believe that cyclists are just breathe harder: with increased physical activity we do more breaths, and the breath is deeper than a quiet walk. In addition, the pedestrian is a little away from the source of exhaust gases - car while cycling fans often have to go straight through traffic. Carbon black - one of the most dangerous components of the exhaust gases. It is assumed that it has carcinogenic properties.

Another great risks to cyclists - is, of course, the danger of accidents. If the vehicle has airbag and the outer casing of the machine itself, the man in the saddle in no way protected from being hit. Experienced riders even advised not to travel into the roadway as long as you do not have perfect knowledge of traffic rules and driving experience. Council reasonable: just once on the highway, you become a road users obey his general laws and are subject to the same risks as any other drivers.

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If you are driving on the roads - behave properly, are advised by experienced cyclists. Avoid abrupt maneuvers, act as a driver would drive cars. If you are going to dramatically shuffle to the side, go around an obstacle - sends a signal (usually cyclists waving hand). Do not attempt to "reeducate" impolite motorists do not insist on its superiority on the road: drive through the first, if only know for sure that you are inferior way.

Leave the temptation to use your main advantage of small dimensions, the bicycle. Not maneuvering between the rows of cars. First, it angered the drivers car, and secondly, they may simply fail to notice you.Especially dangerous if you find yourself pressed between the border (the fence) on the one hand and a long bus or wagon - with the other. If the lights formed a long queue, but you can not wait to continue driving - better roll up the sidewalk and get over a hundred meters on the Rights of the pedestrian.

Incidentally, the common belief that it is safer just "cuddle" to the curb, not always true. When you drive down the street, clinging to the side, but this time with a location nearby (from the yard, for example) leaves the car - the driver can not see you on time. In this case it is better to go in the middle of the right lane - in this case, the motorist more likely to notice you and give way.

Follow the standard safety rules: before each departure and check the wheel brakes, wear a helmet and never move on the roadway, as they say "no hands", dismissing the wheel - road conditions often change quite dramatically. Oh, and forget about the fun trips to the music, unless you ride only in the parks. Even a complete music fans who loved tracks more than life, be left free from the headset at least one ear.

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