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Do not pull? How to restore male force

March 5 2007

Men and even considered a strong half of humanity, in health is very, very weak. Now in Russia, men live on average 15 years less than women. Over the past decade, the mortality rate among able-bodied men has almost doubled!

Demographic crisis in the country, primarily associated with low birth rates. Nearly seven million Russian couples suffer from infertility. And half of the "blame" men. Earlier, a complaint to the doctors treated a man after 50 years, but today is primarily young people 25-30 years.

However, not all that bad, more than half of men diagnosed with "chronic prostatitis" - only imaginary patients. Suspicious and impressionable men, under constant pressure from the media and producers of drugs and Viagra.

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Common symptoms of prostatic adenoma: a curiosity to the worst possible moment to run out to the toilet, pain when urinating. At first these symptoms, contact a specialist! It is sad when the "little need" becomes a problem in bed, and in the work. The disease deprives you of the possibility of higher pleasures on earth and lowers your activity.

Most adenomas overtakes those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It's the drivers, businessmen, managers, office workers. To maintain healthy prostate requires a constant flow of blood through it. During the seating of iron inevitably compressed and blood flow is significantly reduced. Stagnation of blood infection contributes to cancer, change, and even in some cases, malignant degeneration of cells.

Today prostate cancer was diagnosed more frequently than in the twentieth century. Fortunately, modern techniques make it possible to recognize it still in early stages. However, this man should at least come to the doctor.

How to prevent prostatitis.

To avoid this problem would help a healthy lifestyle: balanced diet, refusal of harmful habits (especially alcohol), physical exercises for the pelvic muscles and annual monitoring by the urologist.

Prostatitis and helps reduce the overall immunity. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. This is very good method of Porfiry Ivanov - contrast perfusion. Such water treatment contribute to the overall hardening of the human body.

But there is nothing that improves blood circulation in the pelvis as running. The muscles of the legs, buttocks and groin while running the pumps are working - dealing with a run, you will avoid not only the prostate, but a heart attack. According to statistics, less all players suffer from prostatitis.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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