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Smart people do sports only in bed

May 4 2006

Summer - it's nudity. In this time of year is rapidly increasing number of people willing to follow his slightly plump for the winter, figure. Both sexes begin to jog, to torture myself at the gym and voluntarily sign up for training at the fitness center.

The scientists studied the human body about its vulnerability during sports activities and came to a disappointing conclusion. From the desire to become thinner, louder and clearer most affected our knees. Fans of early morning runs (which in itself is already very bad), jogging and jumping rope for a long time may not realize that they have something wrong, until kolnet under the knee.

Injuries - just a small fee for all the dangers that beset us on "improving path." Running on the track man, especially in hot weather, tends to sweat. Drops falling by the collar, imbue clothes drain into cowards. In the most intimate places formed scrapes and blisters.

Aerobic exercise, jogging and morning exercises not only cause loss of several liters of fluid, and, consequently, weight. Symptoms of dehydration ranging from headaches to full cardiac arrest. Especially runners are suffering because they are more disposed to diarrhea and lose fluid and through the pores, and through the anus.

By the way, the king jog, Jim Fix, by which the streets and parks of America and Western Europe poured millions of followers, pushed through during an ordinary runs from a heart attack. Autopsy was 54-year age groups showed: one of the cardiac arteries were clogged by 99%, second - up to 90%, while the third - by 70%. Just a month before his death, Mr. Fix experienced three heart attacks, but still hoped to get away from another heart attack.

At the end of the last century, our world has left the strongest woman of the United Kingdom Jo Eymis-Winter. The official cause of death of 23-year old girl an overdose of cocaine - at first glance is not directly related to the sport. However, detectives and specialists to whom they are addressed, confident young lady sat down on the powder after being obsessed with their own overweight.

The most dangerous place in the gym or fitness center - the locker room. The trouble is not physical injuries. Type of trained tanned bodies, dressed in tight leotards, can cause envy and provoke spiritual crisis or lead to a deep depression.

According to American psychologists who suffers from mental discomfort every third visitor sessions on aerobics and sports complex client. Do not think that everything is so primitive. Trenegoliki, obsessed by their work, seeking in everything and always be first. They live in constant tension, and can easily become a victim of cardiovascular disease.

Striking result obtained experimenters when checked "for lice" muscle response in both groups - those who are actively involved in sports and "lazy." She has improved as much as 30% in athletes, while idler just something to ... 16%. And without risk to get hurt or something worse. It turned out, our brains are not able to distinguish received from the working muscles these signals from the imaginary.

In the table, burning calories, which published the magazine "Focus", we know that lying in bed, you can jokingly spend up to 60 calories per hour. Reflecting on his ugly appearance in the same position - 90. Standing talking about football - 95.Sitting playing cards - 100. Sharyas chatyas and the Internet - 120. For comparison, pedaled a bicycle or bike - the person consumes only 400 calories.

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