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What should smell like a girl this summer

June 2 2007

If you feel that burned, use the following mixture: 60 ml of corn oil add 15 drops of lavender essential oil, 10 - Chamomile, 5 - eucalyptus. In addition to healing properties of this composition contributes to a beautiful golden tan. Apply it better before going to bed after an evening shower. Specified amount of mixture will last for 2 weeks.

In the capital there are no problems with the acquisition of essential oils, but on the periphery can be difficult. In this case, the composition can be simplified as follows: 30 drops Lavender 60 ml of corn oil and 7 drops of lavender in 1 tablespoon of sour cream.

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Lavender oil is recommended to always have in your home medicine cabinet. This is one of the most inexpensive, versatile and effective essential oils. It has Burns, antiseptic and antipyretic action, lowers blood pressure, relieves rheumatism, headaches and menstrual pain, helps to cope with nervous tension and depressed mood.

If you rubbed the leg in walking, you will again come to the aid lavender. 5 drops drip into the bowl, or - in the campaign - in a pail of warm water. 15 minutes dip there feet on the night - a gauze bandage with a solution of 3 drops lavender and 2 drops of chamomile in one teaspoon of vegetable oil. If bubbles are formed, attach to blister tissue with 1 drop of lavender and 1 - chamomile. On occasion, you can do one oil of lavender or geranium.

During the summer, terribly worried about insects. Homemade "fumitoks" or "Raptor" must consist of 4 oils - lavender, thyme, mint, clove - each with 4 drops. 5 drops of this mixture to dissolve one teaspoon of vegetable oil and grease the unprotected areas of the body. Before going to sleep beside the bed, place a few cotton balls soaked mixture.

If a malicious bloodsuckers or wasps you are still bitten. Bee sting to remove as soon as possible and make on-site cold bite lotion with a drop of chamomile oil. Procedure, to avoid allergic reactions, it is worth repeating for 2 days.

Places mosquito bites smeared solution of 3 drops of thyme oil in one teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice. You can - and pure lavender. With multiple stings are encouraged to adopt a 15-minute bath with the following previously dissolved in 100 g of kefir or yogurt mixture oil: 5 drops lavender, 2 drops of lemon and 1 drop of thyme.

In a sultry summer day, the smell of perfume and deodorants often seems harsh, unpleasant, but the fragrance oils are always appropriate. Perfectly deodorizes the body following mixture: 2 drops lavender, 2 - geranium and 1 - teaspoon lemon on vegetable oil.

Although sea water has a beneficial effect on skin and hair, some women fear for their beauty. Who as a result of a failed chemistry or staining have a problem with hair, I can advise to add a few drops of shampoo, lemon oil sludge rosemary, and balm after washing - a little bit of geranium.

For those wishing to have a holiday romance or bring the weary couple is a wonderful tool that will increase the sexual appetite. One of them, which can be successfully used by both men and women: 2 drops of geranium oil, 3 - rosemary, 1 - Ylang Ylang 30 ml vegetable oil - the best of the grape seed, but you can do with corn.

roticheskaya mixture increases the sensitivity of the erogenous zones and prolongs the sexual act. Her lightly applied to the chest, inner and outer thigh, buttocks, groin, armpits, neck and ears. Just do not mazhte its mucous membrane of genitals. Sensations can be much more piquant than the ones you'd like to experience.

Erotic atmosphere can be created using fragrance in the room. Aromalampu to leave with a hardly any luck, but two oil droplets can drip directly on plastic or glass lamp shade standing at the head of a floor lamp or a sconce. The present "The Love Potion" - a ylang-ylang and ginger. Also suitable oils of Bulgarian rose, grapefruit, lemon. Burn such improvised aromakuritelnitsa should not more than an hour - or you may be overexcitation.

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