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Be awake and vyspatym!

May 2 2007

To sleep was restorative and healing, you need to know about it, some things ...

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The hard to sleep - the body healthier

The most useful dream - on a hard bed. And down with the pillow! Instead, under the neck - medium soft roller, the thickness of a hand. It supports the cervical spine and helps to more fully relax.

The main requirement for night toilet - no rubber bands, compressing blood vessels

More useful to sleep without any clothes. Another thing - hats. Although we have not follow the custom of our ancestors - to wear for a night cap and caps. But in sleep the body temperature drops, and we become vulnerable to the cold! Keep in mind, even a strip of cloth (particularly wool), hoop-fitting head and forehead, the perfectly protects from colds and sinusitis.

Compass in bed

In the East, decided to go to sleep head to sunrise, in the West - head north. There is no mystery. Because the Earth - is a big magnet, the field lines that stretch along the meridians between the north and south poles. So in what position the body better than recuperate? Sverdlovsk doctors conducted an interesting experiment. In the evening, subjects were randomly went to sleep on the floor. In the morning, analyze the impact of health and mood at the location of the body. It turned out that overwrought, deadbeat people tend to sleep head to the east. But when bedtime was overexcited, then placed his head in his sleep on the north. We are all subjective in the assessment of their emotional state, so it is better to trust instinct: if the body itself will find the best position for sleeping. It is only necessary to create appropriate conditions to it.

What tells posture?

Most optimal for relaxation and proper rest, American doctors say sleep on your stomach, rather than on ... knees, the so-called posture of the child (as if you were crawling). Sleeping on your side in a fetal position - Kalachik - overseas doctors believe "signal of the beyond fatigue." By the way, our manual therapist also advised to sleep on his stomach to allow straighten spinal injuries. Moreover, in this position, no internal organ is no pressure on the kidneys, and they are much more intense cleanse the body, wash it out of the slag. However, not all that easy.

Doctors-gastroenterologists agree that sleeping on your stomach is useful, but ... only on an empty stomach! The fact is that after a couple of hours in the stomach digested food flows through the pylorus (the so-called being under the right ribs valve) into the duodenum. At the same time it receives enzymes from the pancreas and bile from the gallbladder. When a man lies on his back or stomach, bile through the open porter flow into the stomach and eats away its lining (so close to gastritis or even ulcers of the stomach).

So that afternoon nap is helpful, but only if it does not last more than an hour. Dine better than four hours before bedtime. And if you observe this rule does not work, we suggest that after a meal to go to sleep on his right side. In this pose the most stomach is protected from falling into the bile. Not for nothing enlightened parents teach children to sleep is on the right side, putting stocked palm under the right cheek. And this is not a trifle.It is believed that stocked palm shoot excitement, comfort - not by accident while praying hands folded just so. But these recommendations - European.

But in Tibet, in the room where slept "chela" (boys, students), has always been a monk-warden. He saw to it that every child is sleeping through the night only on the left side. Tibetan healers say that the habit of sleeping on my left side prolongs life, promises longevity. After dominating power of the sun during the day, which corresponds to the right half of the body. And at night - energy of the Moon, it corresponds to the left half of the body. To prolong life, according to the Tibetan teachings, it is necessary to balance between the extremes - in this case between the Sun and the Moon. Therefore, the night must fall on his left side, activating the "solar" energy from the right side. And in the afternoon, moderating the activity of the Sun, the Tibetans' pritenyali "right eye, and stopped right ear or nostril.

Sleep on your back - not the best way to "restoration" of the body. Well, the last. Physiological norm of sleep - eight hours. If you have the opportunity to share the dream on the day and night - use it. It is known that in countries where adopted siesta (afternoon rest), the number of cardiovascular diseases below.



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