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Trendy Christmas toys handmade

December 30 2009

In a fashion handmade Christmas ornaments - hand-made. To dress up the tree on its own does not necessarily know how to sew, knit or paint - just enthusiasm, imagination and available materials. During the manufacturing process of Christmas decorations may be involved the whole family, including toddlers. And we share ideas.

Of course, the more complicated toys to make, so it is more beautiful and presentable. In the Internet easy to find patterns and schemes simply did works of art that can decorate even the royal tree.

Making toys with your children or younger brothers, sisters or plemyashkami - a special pleasure, because, according to psychologists, a child is very important just to take part in the preparations for the holiday, make him something of his own.

For the smallest

Even two-year can proudly hang on the lower branches of trees their creativity, if you're a bit will help him. Encourage your child to choose the best of his drawings and cut them out some details - people, cars, flowers, honey. Stick figures on cardstock, Attach thread or thread the regular unbend a paper clip - done!

Print family photos - let the child will cut the face of parents, grandparents and other relatives and stick them on the drawing. Here and ready now, the original gift that baby will be able solemnly "hand", summing up the guests to the tree.

From the usual foil can do Christmas beads. Cut the leaf squares of about 20 to 20, and let the child roll the ball out of each square. So much for the development of fine motor skills without any special classes in fashion centers.

Bulbs should be strung on a strong thread. You can still paint balls at first, then dry, and only then to string - then the beads will be colored with flashes of silver. If the home lying around small shells, brought from the sea coast, entrust your child to select the most beautiful, drill holes in them - and on the tree.

During the walk offer your child to gather much of spruce and pine branches, and along with cones - of which make great toys. Your task - to prepare a saturated solution of salt, and let the child drop the twigs found there. A few hours removed and dry - ready to frost.

A little harder to make snow - will grate foam. A child can smear glue lumps, and sprinkle them foam pellet. Then spray the cones with hair, it is advisable to varnish with a gloss or glitter - is now beaming cones does not unfold in the warmth.

If on the contrary, want the cones opened - hold them over steam.

Beautiful baby toys can easily make out of cardboard, cut out hearts, stars and geometric shapes, and then paint them or sprinkle glitter. You will only need to attach a thread - and you can hang out.

Remnants of the gold and silver paint to paint the baby willingly walnuts - show him the pictures of past tree years, where the gilded nuts - an invariable attribute of the decor. But at the same time offer to hang on the branches of apples, tangerines, candy and chocolate medals.

Or, just little packages of cookies, biskvitiki, but everything your heart desires! After all, even the adult guests will be much more interesting to shoot a dessert from the tree, rather than take from sweets or plates.

s wool can make a whole garland. For a long, thin thread, bind the threads of many short by short intervals, and each short string nanizhite cotton balls. That they are not slid, it is necessary to lubricate the thread glue. Get falling snow.

Paper garlands do not need any special arrangements or instruments - the only colored sheets and scissors. Fold a long strip of accordion and cut halves of the figures - the creatures, small animals, to which enough imagination. Sheets glued to infinity in one chain, until the child is tired.

Paint on glass or gel with sparkles, are always on the set of children's art, is used for matte painting balls or icicles. Plenty of room for creativity is unrestricted. To patterns of received exactly, we must advance to mark the toy chalk or marker.

As the foundation of craft suitable empty matchboxes. If the paste over them with colored paper, then released and the car (wheels, buttons, or coil), and the house and an animal.

And the more complicated

When I have time to mess a little longer, it is worth trying to do the most popular Christmas toys - toys out of the eggshell. The usual raw egg should pierce a thick needle or an awl on both sides, then blow out the contents. Better if pierce the egg will be someone from the adults, this procedure is traumatic, the child is suppose to be connected to the stage of blowing.

An empty shell, rinse and dry - the foundation is ready. Paints or paint pens, pour glitter, glue different parts of colored paper. Popular and simple toys out of empty egg - is a man with painted face and hair priklennymi of rain or thread, a mouse with a paper tail and other small little creatures.

Aerobatics - toys out of salt dough, however, for the dough cook not be necessary. Mix salt and flour in a ratio of 1 to 1, then water is added. Pour the water slowly and stir well until a stiff dough. It should not stick to hands. You can pour water color, mixed with water or paint, then the dough will be colored.

Painted molded dough toys in gouache, you can not even wait until dry. And the easiest way to dry at room temperature. In the oven, of course, faster, but there is a risk that the toys foothills or deformed.

Elena Chirkova

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