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Five myths about braces

April 25 2008

If you're a celebrity - of gossip, rumors and myths about you can not avoid. And not a fashion accessory - Braces - used to and do not take offense. Launched in Russia at the time of Peter I piece of clothing caught on and even managed to get to the star Olympus. For example, singer Avril Lavigne and band members Reel Big Fish and Tokio Hotel is almost never part with your favorite suspenders. In addition, imperceptible at first glance accessory gathered about himself a lot of not very plausible stories. It is time to shed some of them the light of truth.

Wearing braces is harmful to health.
Like a caring young mother, dressing their kids undershirts seamy, many continue to argue that any extra rezinochka on clothing can cause damage circulation. Hence the belief that lifting deadly. However, physicians refute these fears. Modern braces made using high quality rubber, work as a massager. They do not just improve the circulation of blood, but also help to relax the back muscles. Recommend to wear braces for people with sedentary jobs and suffer physical inactivity.

Suspenders - men's accessory.
Initially, the prerogative to wear braces really belonged to men. The first mention of the braces refers to the XVII century. Then the French became the forerunners of modern braces, a special device for carrying a sword. Trousers for women than anticipated, so the need to support them was not. But at the dawn of the first wave of feminism and the emergence of unisex clothes, suspenders interested in the beautiful half of humanity. First of all, braces make life easier for the ladies at the position. As for the people overweight, this accessory has become their escape from the constant need to pull up pants, ill stick to the waist. In XX century, suspenders and do in vogue, thanks to the influence of music ska. Its performers feel honor to decorate themselves in this way. Over time, the question of sex suspenders was gradually withdrawn.

Exhibit braces for show - bad taste.
Moderation should be observed even in the rules of etiquette. Indeed, if a man who "dressed like a dandy in London" zalihvatski clicks favorite suspenders, he probably just does not know how to behave in society. But with some form of costume is permissible to wear braces on top of clothing. Especially if they themselves and asked to show them around the world. Colored or decorated with crystals are produced specifically for suspenders to make casual wear bright and smart.

All braces - the same.
There are many types of uncomplicated items of clothing. The only thing that should unite all the suspenders - the indispensable symbol of quality - the processed material, a suitable length and good hardware. Braces must be selected under the pants. They should not be too tight, as if to speak about the rules of etiquette, they need to match the color of the tie. The choice is huge. Produced leather, rubber, cotton suspenders. The design is different too - there are X and Y forms, in accordance with interlacing straps on the back. Modern braces are not in any way connected, representing the two tapes are fastened at the request of the owner. Lifting hooks are attached to the buttons on the trousers - the U.S. version, or tradition - the clips to the most material.

p align = "justify"> suspenders for socks.
Suspenders for socks does not exist! Incredible, but true. Mythical prize that is offered by the old computer game "The Field of Miracles," a fashion accessory 20-ies and the dream collector of vintage knick-knacks have not found a buyer. But once those braces were essential. Then, releasing, without the basics and stretch rubber toes, constantly fell, bringing the owners of a lot of inconvenience. True, the suspenders, too, did not save. Performing their functions, they constantly rubbed with eggs and from the long walking men began to experience discomfort. Now suspenders for socks exist only among fans of old, but those probably would not part with them, even for big money. Because they buy new ones will not help any capital.

Braces still accrete new myths, but going out of fashion are not going to. Demand for them is still growing exponentially. Pull!

Anna Utkin


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