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Bikini-design: hygienic, stylish and sverhseksualno - March 24, 2010

March 24 2010

The phrase "intimate haircut" many people associate with some form of sexual deviation. In fact it is absolutely normal procedure, which can bring into your life new erotic zest. At the same time it meets the requirements of hygiene and intimate areas, as well-groomed bikini area will allow its owner to feel comfortable and fresh all day.

Scientists say that 88% of men excite the presence of hair in the female pubic area. In addition, the dense vegetation in an intimate place testifies to the high sexuality in women. Some men raises the total absence of hair in the bikini area. According to followers of Freud, it means a kind of passion as chaste virgin girls. A lot and those who want to see in their partner experienced temptress, a good judge of sexual relations.

Intimate grooming - is not only a great opportunity to add spice to your life, but also a way of expression. Many women who have made such a haircut, feeling much more confident not only in bed, but in life in general. Experiments with "haircut" on intimate place in a lot of talk about what its owner is not against the new possibilities of life regardless of age.

To date, the age of clients salons service providers bikini-design, from 25 to 55 years. But every year, these boundaries are expanding. By the way, popular bikini-design not only for the fairer sex, but also for men. But in choosing the form of cutting, they often score higher on the originality of women.

Hair Removal in intimate areas - the invention is not new. Even in ancient times, residents and resident of the Ancient Near East epilation in the groin area, and not only for reasons of hygiene. Smooth skin with no hair over the body was considered an integral element of beauty in that period of human history.

In ancient Greece, in front of groin hair removal offensive - neither men nor women have the right to expose their private parts.

The emergence of a bikini-design as a whole industry has contributed to the sexual revolution 60 years. Distribution of nudism, and a very open fashion swimwear encourage people to pay more attention to areas bikinis. Culture beautiful naked body started to dictate new standards emancipation of the body and soul. One can not think of Marilyn Monroe that brightens the pubic hair to be blonde "from their roots and to the tips.

First intimate hairstyles made with scissors and razors. Despite the overall usability, it has had some significant drawbacks - the hair began to grow again the very next day, on the delicate skin of the pubic area that is prone to irritations, appeared quite Unaesthetic rashes and blemishes.

In place of this method is beginning depilation wax. Such a depilation to avoid irritations, simple and does not require large cash expenditures. In this case, wax depilation enables master wider reach their creative potential.

Because in the areas of "deep bikini" skin is more sensitive and may be minor injuries and other complications, the master constantly inventing something new in the field of pain management of these sites. In this case, the technique for many individual.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> Today's bikini design (or intimate haircut) - is not only very curly hair removal, and hair coloring, decorating with sequins, rhinestones, feathers. Optionally, you can complement and highlight the contours of cutting temporary tattoos (biotatuazhem) or body art.

But how much all these decorations stayed up there? Not long, but not fall off immediately. The most unstable decoration - feathers and down (keep a few hours). Rhinestones "survive" from 1 to 3 days. A body art will continue from 2 to 5 days.

The main color will last about a month. It should be nontoxic, so as not to cause skin irritation and accidental poisoning of a partner during intimacy. Typically, the master of adapting conventional hair dyes so that they are suitable for use in the groin area - special dyes, unfortunately, have drawbacks such as not high durability, sparse palette and lack of color brightness. Masters of invention, of course, the best action, but at the same and are not completely safe.

Intimate haircut recommended only in special shops. Skilled craftsmen are precisely fulfill your wish, and you do not run the risk of catching some disease.

The whole procedure of creating an intimate hairstyle lasts from 1 to 2.5 hours, and placed on a chair, reminiscent of gynecology.

When choosing the form of cutting is important to consider the following:
- The shape of the body (it affects the overall performance style, and well-chosen picture will help correct figure flaws);
- Skin color;
- The structure of bone.

The most popular images are geometric shapes (triangles, diamonds, etc.), as well as hearts, spiders in the web, birds, snakes, butterflies, flowers. Generally, you have no limits in choosing the design. If only your wallet.

Make it easy intimate haircut is from 1000. Depending on the complexity and number of additions.

Can I make an intimate haircut yourself at home? Simple - yes. Moreover, this process can be exciting erotic game. There is even a definition of people who arouses mutual Depilation - they are called supporters "sheyvinga» («shave» English translates as "shaving"). They get great pleasure not only from the process of removing hair from intimate areas, but combine them with caresses.

Kulikovskikh Pauline


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