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That men hide under trousers?

July 21 2007

Holidays require uniforms: a cool beach wardrobe and a decent underwear. Men in choosing such things rarely exhibit inventiveness. We offer helpful tips for those who want to look good with minimal wear.

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The stronger sex more often than just bundles of buying the same pants "bubbles" in black. Something to hide, women, this approach is slightly frustrating and puzzling. Maybe it's time to surprise your favorite and buy yourself a cute panties?

So, usually men in a position to identify three types of garment: classical fusion, family shorts and boxers. Species, of course, a little more. Consider them.

The most popular option - the classic shorts. Primarily because of the convenience. Nowhere is too tight, not third, not loose. However, quite aesthetically pleasing, but depending on the colors may look even sexy. Classics are often confused with sports shorts. And, both united under the name "slip".

Sport Briefs, they are also "assets" - these are the same slip, but with low waistline. In addition, they usually look more sporty appearance than the classic. Among them, more often interesting, and elegant options. These cowards like many young people (and girls), because they are very convenient, moreover, as a rule, look modern and relevant classics.

Pants-shorts are often confused with "boxers". But this is not the same thing. Short tight shorts, many women find very sexy, even if they open gaze slightly smaller body than the classic and sports pants. And indeed shorts look pretty nice, interesting and brave.

Under the "Boxers" and the producers and consumers often understand men's shorts. But, tell me where you saw a boxer in short tight shorts-shorts? No, the boxers are somewhat more long pants, almost to the knee. These are not popular, but it's been hit in the 30's.

Although one type of boxers - velosipedki fitting Lycra convenient for sports, cycling, again. Many ladies like they adhesive qualities male ass.

For boxers, incidentally, is the fact that we used to call "family cowards." The phrase "family pants" are usually associated with something terrible antiseksualnym. Although nothing like this can not be said about the luxury of free underwear Hawaiian colors. An ideal choice for a beach holiday. A boxer is often flaunt funny pictures that are very popular young ladies. In fact, many women believe that "semeynikam" prefer the good and caring man with a sense of humor.

Panties "Tango", many men find something terribly obscene. The women are divided into two camps. Some - those who like male stripper - bias towards "rope" is very frustrating. Why not show off muscled ass? Others believe that no man is matter - sparkle naked behinds. So 50/50.

Overall, say, both men agree that is not so much "fasonchik" as material and color. Fabric quality and health - things are interrelated. No matter what manufacturers say, they say, modern synthetics in no way inferior to natural fabrics, doctors still recommend a preferred cotton. Only he provides good "ventilation". However, a prudent man, and usually not make the climb in the polyamide.

Interesting facts:

▪ Married men change their underwear twice as often than single men.

▪ Men's pants in short shorts first appeared in 1935.

▪ Pants "Tango" were popular on the beaches of Brazil in the 1980's and 1990's became popular as underwear. Now these shorts - one of the top in men's underwear. But only among Europeans.

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