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Genital Surgery: The most popular operations

June 12 2010

Intimate surgery existed even in times of ancient Greece. In modern society, such operations are no longer a luxury for the rich. Among the patients - all sorts of people, they are united by a desire to be beautiful and sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Among the women's cosmetic surgery on the genitals are the most popular plastic labia, plastic vagina, clitoris and plastic Hymenoplasty - hymen reconstruction.

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Intimate surgery resolves primarily aesthetic issues. Enlarged labia for many women - it is a problem because they or their sexual partners believe that it looks ugly. Women consider themselves to be unattractive to the opposite sex, it causes a lot of complexes, deprives the joys of sexuality. The only solution for these patients - a correction.


Most often women do not like appearance of the labia minora. Most want to have small labia, which completely covers the labia lips. In some cases the problem can be solved by increasing the volume of the labia majora, for example, using the biopolymer gel. This results in an increase of the labia, this effect persists for 2-3 years. Then, the operation must be repeated.

A more common option - reducing the size of the labia minora. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. 2-3 hours a girl can go home. Removal of postoperative sutures are required. The price of pleasure - from 12 000 rubles. The only negative - sex can be engaged in only 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Plastic vagina

This operation is usually for women after traumatic childbirth. After a strong stretch the walls of the vagina during childbirth tissue does not always return to its original size, resulting in a woman does not experience pleasure during sex. Plastic surgeon reduces the size of the vagina, as well as the size of the vagina.

This operation is called "one day": the patient arrives in the morning and a couple of hours after the operation returns home. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and lasts no more than 40 minutes, the patient does not experience pain. No scar is left, the wounds heal quickly because of good blood supply to this area. Significant negative - after the surgery is not recommended to sit for 2 weeks.

Plastic clitoris

Plastic clitoris - this is an operation of necessity. For most women, the clitoris - the main source of vivid sexual sensations. In many women the clitoris is hidden skinfold at birth, so they can not experience the clitoral orgasm. It often happens that after birth the clitoris is hidden postoperative scar. Plastic surgeon exposes the clitoris and the woman returns the joy of sex. In rare cases, the client requests to reduce the size of the clitoris. Too enlarged clitoris is in women with hormonal disorders, with an excess of male sex hormones.

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He loves you, or your body?


Restoration of the hymen - a topic not from the area of aesthetics, this operation affects the moral and ethical problems. Usually such an operation claimed the eastern female students who walked well, but marriage will go virgins.

There are two ways to regain innocence. The first method is intermittent, restored membrane for a short period about a week. This operation scraps hymen stitched together with special thread, which dissolve after a while. Tissue of the hymen is not able to recover, so the timing of such an operation is small. This operation is good just when already scheduled wedding date.

The second way - the hymen restore an indefinite and long term. From the mucosa of vestibule, a new hymen. In this case, when it had not occurred defloration (breaking of the hymen), signs it will be apparent. Pain and bleeding while pronounced, is much stronger than the natural defloration.

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