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RFW debriefing, or one day model

May 10 2006

I'm on the podium, where is one of the greatest events of domestic fashion - Russian fashion week 2006-2007. It's unbelievable, but true. In a head rush thousands of jumbled thoughts, including that in the order of a hairstyle and makeup. However, I go and radiant smile without showing a drop of excitement, long izedayuschego me inside.

Pozirovka times, two pozirovka - nothing forgotten - did everything exactly as planned. I continue to go - the podium is infinitely long, but at the end of visible light as the light at the end of the tunnel. Thousands of flashes light up in your sight. You can not even figure out where to look so perfectly natural you do what you want to express at this second. And that's when you're a star, look who wants to catch every photographer.

The road back, but not scary - you said about yourself and swim proudly on the podium to the acclaim and not very viewer's eye. Thus began for me to show Zandra Rhodes - the world-famous designer has been accessed numerous celebrities, among whom was Sarah Jessica Parker, Princess Diana, and other popular personality.

Go to disappoint those who believe a well-known fact that "beauty rules the world." In ordinary life, this is partly true. However, in the constantly changing world of fashion is to stick to this phrase is absolutely pointless. Once told in an exclusive interview Yoki. ru Tatiana Mikhalkov's "designers are now striving to take away their impressions as possible faceless girls, so they do not overwhelm the dress." Therefore, the world is currently ruled by strange as it would have sounded - antikrasota.

Nevertheless, not all designers are not so confident in our abilities. A living example of, again, is Zandra Rhodes, which opened the first day of Russian Fashion Week. Casting for the part in her show took place quite normally. Girls lined up in a semicircle, so that the designer could otsmotret every detail. Finally, after 1.5 hours of viewing were lucky 12 girls. I note that the models who worked with her, just in front of all tendencies have sufficient appeal. Probably not for nothing known modelersha spent on the selection of girls so many times.

From the outside, perhaps, it seems that to be a model very easily. Practice also suggests otherwise. If you are selected for the casting, this does not mean that your time spent personal time was limited to the preparation for casting, and "bride" on it, on all the fun begins.

Zandra Rhodes show consisted of 60 outputs, so I, like the rest of the girls had to appear on the catwalk by 5-6 times. Of course, one could roughly estimate who will get a dress, but foreigners are very different people. For them, the clarity - above all else. Therefore, the fitting dresses took another 4 hours.

Surprisingly, in his model life I have met so many little forethought in every action the designer. Thus, all the accessories were immediately put into a separate package named some girls. Such a step really helped to avoid widespread confusion, frequent in these shows.

So, the cherished day of the show began with a fairly early rehearsals. Girls invited to 8.30 am and started to run all the numbers. But here, the Londoners were distinguished. Outputs were quite unusual.Zandra tried to get away from the standard penetration, and add a bit of theatricality in performance.

At the request of the designer, the girls at some point had to swoon as "wax figures" or go to the podium with a glass of champagne and a light to simulate intoxication. In short, there were so many different productions that we, the models, even had them sketch to a crucial moment not to get confused when and where one or another pozirovka!

In the end, after all the scoping process, models, decided to let go for lunch. By the way, the organizers have provided RFW girls "dry rations" in a toast. Surprising that the models have decided to feed it so harmful to the product shape.

Zandra - rather eccentric woman, despite its not too shocking outfits. However, this part of his inner attitude she still decided to move on make-up girls.

It is worth noting that we were not quite ordinary hairstyle. To tighten the tails were pinned additional bows out of the hair. To underscore the girls look, at the request of the designer lashes were not simply dyed with ink, but drawn in pencil directly on the skin. Some models were not like this prettification, and stylists are struggling to cope with the task. Their only assistant was a sketch, courtesy of designer himself.

In ordinary life as a hair and makeup looked very loudly, and even a carnival. It seems that behind the scenes no longer had other, more beaded patterns than we do. However, the scene designer's idea come at an opportune, because not too flashy.

So, all the preliminary preparations had been made. However, something still remained - the various foreign citizens scurrying. Them something and went to the well-known modelershi. It looks nice Zandra has turned into a real shrew for those who passed by fitting models. Although not all the "idlers" understood that a woman led into a rage, they tried not to fall into her eyes and not be cursed, even in English.

Finally, after numerous delays, the show still underway. He was so fast that we barely had time to change clothes. Well, that each girl identified by dressing assistant, otherwise we would simply not have coped. I, for example, to one of the dresses were so tight bracelets that I could not do without outside help.

I did not have time to look back, it came in his last dress. There was even a little sad, because you only have time to stick with a fashion designer and his clothes, as already occurs completion of the show. Our last output was accompanied by Zandra herself - she was very happy successful demonstration of its collection and, at the end of the show rastselovyvala girls, and helped to implement its ideas.

I want to note that while we all dressed to their next show, some people have had time to see our clothes (not only) before leaving the podium. This multiple fotokorry. They are and strive to capture the moment when the girls were in their underwear. However, it is not too succeeded, as we all quickly dressed.

Nevertheless it, the problem of paparazzi left open, not only for celebrities. Models outside the podium are also subject to daily attacks. As a result, we often have to "fight back" from intrusive photographers. Of course, not all of us relate to him so negatively.Some girls are allowed to take pictures with the intent that anyone can notice their nudity and invite shoot for the famous glossy magazine. It's no secret that the easiest path to popularity is through the scandal. But the benefit is in this way or not, everyone chooses for himself.

Anastasia Kudinov


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