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Not just fashionable, and cool! Hip-hop culture, "a brand"

March 9 2005

With the advent of spring is the time to understand: what do you have hanging and standing in the wardrobe? If hanging Tommy, standing in the corner Timbers ("timy"), and you know an expert in FUBU, all in perfect order - as practice shows, these gizmos are perfectly combined. The fact that they belong to one style - you will understand and in North America, and Tokyo, and Russia.

The history of hip-hop clothing in the faces

In the second half of the seventies with the streets of New York came a new and unusual sound. It was nothing like the beginning of the ascent of hip-hop, which is soon echoed through neighborhoods and nightlife city, and twenty years later, having strengthened, was the most widely recognized throughout the world.

In the simplest manifestation of its scenic - a combination of ordered by the leading bits of sound and some recitative, fit into the rhythm. But it is also a kind of peace that serves its own style, body language and visual images (graffiti).

Despite the fact that the emergence of hip-hop is associated with outdoor Afro-American atmosphere, its popularity is not limited to cultural or geographical reference. While certainly there is a certain stylization. Interestingly, in 1994, according to the company Soundscan, which tracks sales of recorded music, three-fourths of total album sales of rap artists were acquired by " white people ". In addition, all large and most young people take over the patterns of behavior and characteristics of the appearance of their idols and apologists of the hip-hop culture.

Mainstream fashion industry needed a long 20 years of practical experience with development trends of hip-hop to get closer to their unraveling. According to critics, the interest of fashion hip-hop motif has evolved with the ability to obtain substantial profits through the development of this market segment. Therefore, no earlier than such pillars as Run DMC, Suger Hill Gang and Kurtis Blow have begun "to postpone the golden eggs", the world community has paid attention to hip-hop. As always, the company relied on "professional buyer." In any case, the uniqueness lies in the fact that small players, and representative of the company in the world of fashion-oriented to a wide audience, get their ideas from those same representatives of the sprawling hip-hop family.

Long before the major modeling agencies drew attention to the nascent trend, small independent designers have been searching and trimmed with the same fastidious representatives of culture. Thus, before the case was put on a grand scale, from under the sewing machine limited batches out of copyright, which could be bought in retail stores.

Today, most young designers do not just design work, but also themselves sew clothes. With the development of any style or direction of these people have the opportunity to serve the interests and biases of its representatives, ie, they grow in parallel with the new movement. A characteristic example is the fashion for wide jeans - pipe. This is due to the two young men - Milo and Jacques Reva, whose revolutionary invention revolutionized the traditional view of denim in the world.According to knowledgeable people, they are closer to the street and its elements, and therefore they know best what the mood is dominated by the interests of their groups. For this reason, the best collection usually work out to young people aged 18-25 years. They are the most rapidly respond to new realities and trends.

By the way
According to the notorious magazine Esquir, not so long ago, most stylish and knowledgeable expert in wardrobe (not just his) has been recognized by none other than rapper Andre3000 of respected duo Outkast. It can be seen in a smart dress provocatively pink, orange or bright green shades (that would have been unthinkable 5 years ago) in the company with peers Big Boi.

From past to present

Hip-hop culture began, especially with music. Since then, both in the head with a pioneer disc jockey Cool Herk born hip-hop in the early 70's, a lot of water has flowed and there were qualitative changes that influenced the development of music and, accordingly, the trend outfit.

Since that distant at times of birth, which today characterize as "old school" ("old school"), will be inextricably linked Puma sneakers with fat laces (they were easy to dance break), a trademark Kangol, chains, bracelets, rings and other jewelry kilograms of gold and platinum, basketball sweatsuit "My Adidas." It is in such a manner, which later turned into a stereotype, hip-hop party-goers appeared to onlookers at the dawn of his entry into the world.

Then it is not anticipated that hip-hop will ever be fashionable trend. This was nothing more than an expression of a new point of view, a rethinking of attitude. Like all new, hip-hop was a kind of protest, and were originally culture absorbed the spirit of the streets, easy communication and was permeated everyday life of African-American adolescents. It was a revelation, and, of course, the acquisition of the future. And here it is appropriate to mention the "godfather" of hip-hop culture of Africa Bambaattaa, which is its unconditional ancestor.

Baggy pants and disproportionate, that can probably be put on and over the head, a sports jersey to emphasize the great size and unique expensive 'shoes' - all these things have now become accepted standard hip-hop community. Thanks to an enlarged video market, promotion videos and specialized glossy magazines, you can at any time to be savvy in any matter relating to "street style". Do not forget that this, like any other element, trust and recognition is crucial.

In this regard we can recall the glorious days when Run-DMC sported a shiny nylon suit from Adidas, which has been emulated. Also, for each boy in the quarter was an accomplishment weighty chain for a pocket watch - an attribute that came with Public Enemy.

Today the younger generation of enthusiasts and hip-hop culture follow the rules established by the numerous idols and trendsetters in one person - as, for example, P. Diddy (as if he himself were not called), Method Man, M. Jordan. Hip-hop activists proudly bear their own culture, which attracts more and more sympathetic glances. To characterize this phenomenon has its own term "bling-bling", which is often used when it comes to the most common elements and details of clothing (usually screaming, glaring, glittering jewelry and expensive).

According to some of my working in Montreal at a shop that offers a stylish street clothes, they stare and children 12 years and adults over 30 who are interested in a kind of casual clothing, in the way they are, nevertheless, would be allocated from the general mass.

Casual clothes and enduring values

One day, LL Cool J asked not to know whether his laughter when he meets the white guys in FUBU.
- No, if they pay for a thing "- he replied.

Let's start with the head. Baseball cap, and to this day - an integral part of any hip-hop enthusiast anxious. The tradition dates back to the days when Deymond John started producing and Panama hats under the brand name FUBU (reduction For Us, By Us - "For us, us"). In turn, the production designer from New York began to notice quite often on the head of the rap artist LL Cool J, who is clearly addicted to it.

Deymond John offers thousands of colors, shapes, cut and design solutions - there are plenty to choose from.

Next thing the cult hip-hop style - a bandana. You can stay in a traditional cotton handkerchief or a variant of a la Ja Rule (the name of the black performer). For greater effect, suitable combination of two contrasting colors. Often fit everything that can be viewed as a headdress - from minimalist dressing for the hair to the artsy hats or caps.

Tank tops, shirts and sweatshirts

As for this piece, sleeveless, and sweatshirts, the first thing worth mentioning popular among hood, which in most cases, and ends with this sort of wardrobe. Here are popular soccer jerseys and pullovers. True, demand is not constant and depends on the trends and whims of hip-hop crowd. Of course, button-down shirt for a couple of sizes larger than necessary, always highlight your self.

Merit artist Jay-Z, among other things, that his supply came into fashion shirts with thin light strip.

Baggy pants

In this part - the wider and roomier, the grandiose.

This is the most that neither is an indisputable rule in this culture. In this case, you should pay attention to the presence of many pockets. Large overhead - business transient and uncontrolled fashion, which inevitably changing and that reflects the history of the entire movement.


Whatever you call this component of the appearance of true fans of hip-hop, it is clear that the jogging suit - a phenomenon so familiar and well-established that the tears of emotion welling in her eyes. In addition, manufacturers are offering a lot of new products, and a beautiful suit of another, the following different technological perfection, the third is made of material of last generation. Velour, Nylon, Polyester ... "The main thing to suit sat.


It's hard to believe, but the legendary basketball player Mike Jordan remains an idol for the younger generation of followers of hip-hop. At heart, many would like to be like him. Therefore, shoes are his favorite shoes. It is also widely shoes "Chakka". The most recognized brands areimberland, Lugz, Stacy Adams.

In addition, you can choose from a number of the same basketball shoe and shoe-style breaker. " Other companies can apply to the Nike and Adidas.

Finally, if you are in search of 'clothing', it makes sense to pay attention to the collection of two lesser known but equally fashionable brands: Marithe & Francois Girbaud and Akademiks.

Tommy Hilfiger - out of competition

However, not all reputable companies in the fashion world suffer from lack of attention from hip-hop community. Tommy Hilfiger, for example, has been successful due to the fact that he was able to pass on the rickety bridge and find the face of what is permitted between the uncompromising streets Youth classical.

His clothes and shoes are the first person known cultures that are used to judge themselves, "who is who in this world. It seems that many artists ranging from Snoop Doggy Dogg, and KRS-One, as well as admirers of their talent, appreciate what makes Tommy, while other members of hip-hop hangouts, such as, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest even glorify and commemorate the things most sensitive fashion designer with a kind word in the text of his immortal works.

The distinguishing feature of successful collections representative Hilfigerom, among the hip-hop - not just in brightness, colorful works of and compliance with the foundations of tailoring, embroidery, but also in the offensive marketing strategies and the ability to notice details and anticipate trends. While most modeling agencies and companies looking at the phenomenon has formed a few condescending and dismissive, Tommy Hilfiger ohazhival most famous rap customers and bet on them in its far-reaching case. His finest hour was the presentation of Snoop Doggy Dogg in 1994 when the singer appeared before the audience, from head to toe wearing trademark Tommy. With this statement rags Tommy were presented to the court the general public and by some estimates the company's sales reached in the year $ 90 million.

An example of real success and recognition can also be assumed that the hip-hop came to the pilgrimage site of their historic homeland - the White House in Washington, where the Christmas tree swaying Santa, dressed up by Tommy Hilfigerom.

And if proshvyrnutsya of megacities in the world, we can see that this style has won so many fans that the right to boast of his popularity. Since the days of the 70's, died away in the street areas troubled Bronx 70's, hip-hop has done a really long and triumphant journey.


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