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It's all about the hat

June 8 2007

Being long in the heat and soaking up the beach, it is necessary to protect the head from the sun's rays. Nevertheless, most residents of cities perceive hats as a purely utilitarian attribute. However, the modern fashion invites us to take attentive to the choice of this accessory.

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In the new season are especially popular variety of hats, and sometimes unusual. Keywords in the hat fashion this season are "minimalist" and "open face". If all the previous years, designers have taken out on the catwalk models in a wide-brimmed hats shading the face, then this spring, the situation has changed! Already a miniature hats, they're closer to an accessory to create a hairstyle than the traditional headgear. Nevertheless, all these multiple bands and rims designer hard it is to rank as the headscarf. So what is fashionable in the summer season - 2007?

Straw hats

First of all, you should definitely add to your wardrobe at least one straw hat. The most "peep" this season are black straw hat with a relatively wide brim and round crown on the tape. But the light shades and even white mesh caps are perfect for light floral tunic or beach dress.


The second indispensable assistant this summer from the sun. Surprisingly, this, unusual at first glance, accessory is ideal for sports as well, and for evening dress. As a rule, they are made of silk and bright prints.


The French word «foulard» (from the Provencal «foulat»), denotes a light silk, sometimes with cotton fabric, dyed or printed fabrics. Eponymous handkerchief from a tissue - it's an accessory that can fill even the most stylistically faceless outfit. He became a symbol of elegance and femininity from the middle of last century. In the summer 2007 season foulard undergoing regular flowering, not only the new version but also those that are lying around in old grandmother's chest.

Foulard is worn on the head, like a bandana. Or over a bathing suit, instead of capes - to maintain an impeccable elegance, even at the beach. Some designers are experimenting with this accessory. For example, has already been made bag, where a handle was foulard.

Ribbons and scarves

If you close the head completely you do not want, then this option as a wide ribbon or bandanna, spun into a thin strip for you.

Hat etiquette rules:

Choose the most trendy headgear - it's only half the battle! Now you need to make sure that this model is in harmony with your hair and wardrobe, suitable for your face type and growth. In a word, according to the stylists, the right choice of such frivolous things, like the hat - it's an art!

Rule 1. About the color scheme, the hat can be matched by a scarf, gloves, bags or boots. Another option - absolutely contrasting hat, not having his "color-pair." Such a bright hat will look effectively against the backdrop of subdued tones of the costume.Another case - if your entire image is created in a single color (eg, blue, gray or pink) and some details differ only in the wardrobe colors. Then the hat is simply to "get" the overall tone.

Rule 2. Very many girls forget to pay attention to their growth when choosing a hat. But in vain! If your growth is far from fotomodelnogo, should choose carefully: too flat hat would you reduce, as much - to suppress its size. Thus, the lower your height - the slimmer has to be a headdress. Tall women can afford almost any model, except for the narrow and high hats.

Rule 3. Many women do not like hats, simply because they do not know what they are and what is not. Enough to remember what types of people that apply.

If a person has a triangular shape, you'll fit hat with small fields. You do not fit: fitting headgear, which emphasize upper face.

Hat with a brim, panamki, volume berets, visors, scarves perfect look for those round shapes. Pots and cap-tablet so the girls do not really go.

For a square face shape fit cap with "ears", a model with down fields, asymmetrical hats, do not go - scarves, hats fields.

"Bohemian" takes the classic men's hats are the girls with elongated facial features. And also: asymmetrical hats, hats with drooping fields. Tight knit caps and berets, so people do not fit.

Rule 4. How to make a headdress in harmony with the hair? Here are advised that on this occasion stylists. Owners of short straight hair - sport caps, hats with earflaps, bowler hats. At the same short, but already climbing - caps and hats panamki. Long straight hair requires a broad-brimmed hats, elegant "cocktail" of hats, all sorts of funny hats with flaps and knitted berets. But with long curly hair is better to choose close-fitting knitted caps, berets and hats with drooping fields.

Masha Shibanova


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