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The stars of show business gathered at the show a new collection of Alisher

July 7 2006

Summer-time to leave, so it is usually in the capital, few people find him and, as a rule, all Musicals in this season are failures. However, the designer Alisher violated this rule, gathered at the show a new collection of King off pop autumn-winter 06-07, a goodly number of stars and ordinary fans of his work. Apparently, his fourth collection of the President House BOUTON Elena Malozemova and art director ALISHER positioned as a counter-offensive stereotypes, therefore, expressed it in the refined-aggressive mood that and to give all who came.

Even before the show brought together so many people that were overcrowded. It's the rush to get and show business stars, among which were seen Schur, Eva Polna Anfisa Chekhov, Irina Ortman, Alain Apina, singer Slava, Eugene Malakhov, Natalie Podolsky, and many others. Stars as always, if anyone is in that much tried to stand out and impress the metropolitan audience.

Irina Ortman came to the show with his cat and wore a brand new tattoo on his shoulder. Earlier in this place she had a scar, and in order to conceal the singer decided to make this place tattoo. She is very worried that she had a red shoulder and complained of this fact the press.

"This is my first tattoo. And I think it I will have only one. While many say that then sits down, but I think that I was not touched. One boy professional advised me to do something that is glamorous, elegant, not to spoil me, but rather decorated, so I ventured to take this step ", - has shared his secrets in an interview to Yoki. ru former fabrikantka.

Throughout the first half of the evening she "floated" with his cat in the literal and figurative sense. The singer then derazhla at the hands of his favorite, then fed her water from the plate. However, queer is still raging, and haunted his mistress. "The first time I led in the light of his cat, named Bessie, and she I'm shocked. By the way, I gave it to a loved one on March 8 "- admitted Ortman.

However time consuming, among the invited, wearing dark glasses languidly paced lover sex - Anfisa Chekhov. She, like many turned out to be a fan of creativity Alisher.

"I love Alisher and I have from him is one dress. He gave it to me many years ago, when I sang in a group. This is a dress with beads, it is already old and dilapidated, but weighs in my closet, as a rarity from Alisher. New clothes for me, unfortunately, no. But in my plans to buy something from his current collection, although unlikely to be able to come at me the clothes in which to walk the catwalk "- pointedly stated Anfisa on its extensive bust.

"But maybe it is for me alone anything sew. Alisher makes very feminine clothes, unlike many designers who do sew at an average floor. And I do not go for that stuff. Alisher create their own outfits on the super-women, and it suits me "- without false modesty, said Anfisa Chekhov.

At the show Alisher was also seen of the band "Cream" Karina in company of his boyfriend. By her own admission to all the past shows she is always late. "This is the first and only time when I came in time. Alisher is my favorite designer, and I wish him luck. From him I have in my jacket, but she has very long-standing, and I can not remember how she looks. But today on my skirt, which I did myself, and wrote on it the word "domestos. And I have to watch purchased on sale in America "- boasted that begins the" designer "Karina.

The evening was not without peers and a creative workshop. At the show Alisher was spotted designer Masha Tsigal, which was in the company of singer Natalie Podolsky.Alisher I perceive as a colleague and, in general, I can tell somewhat distant, but the other, because we have long been familiar. He is very talented oriental boy, but it brought up "- gave their assessment of creativity Alisher Maria Tsigal.

Interestingly, Natalia Podolsk have come to a show without her beloved Presnyakova junior. Said the singer, he does not like women's collections, so unfortunately, could not come. She also confessed that still do not buy from Alisher.

"I really like his work. I was already on display spring-summer and were very satisfied. However, today's suit, which at me - a work of Masha. Although, if we, something like the new collection of Alisher, we most certainly will buy it. We've got money with nemerenno, we brought a whole bag of it in the car "- fun joke Natalia Podolsky and Maria Tsigal.

Despite all the many stars, the highlight of the program remained very Alisher. The inspiration defile became life and work of one of the most enigmatic people of the world music industry - Michael Jackson. The image of subtle, and at the same time a strong spirit, touching, elegant, and at the same time, militant singer, long stirs the soul designer Alisher. Fantasies and the search gradually crystallized into the idea that the style of the brilliant King of Pop, as no one else will have to face a woman - a modern, young, ambitious, ambitious woman metropolis. Collection King off pop - nothing more than a tribute to the style of Michael Jackson. Style king, projected on a queen.

Here you can see the golden coats, dresses, trimmed with fur, patent leather jacket. However, almost no one thing is not accompanied by the various police without caps, hats and patent leather in rank, which are so creatively complement the collection. In short, it was not a catwalk fashion, but rather designed for glamorous, high society hangouts. In these clothes any metropolitan lady drew attention to the most discerning connoisseurs and lovers of fashion industry.

"The idea of our collection was dedicated to Michael Jackson, who made a great contribution to world music, where I grew up very much. He - the beginning of beginnings and God bless him, hope everything would be okay. I think everything they say about him - this is gossip. We strongly support him, simply because he made such a contribution to the arts "- said in an exclusive interview Yoki. ru designer Alisher.

A breath of Michael Jackson was not just clothes. Some girls models were Hispanic appearance, besides itself parade was held under the fiery rhythms of Jason.

Also a pleasant surprise was the insertions in the collection of elements of the Anglo-Saxon style - plenty of tartan, tartan, traditional features of the inhabitants of foggy Albion vestments, even the scenery, inspired by the atmosphere, whether kerollovskoy Alice, whether the family mansion with ghosts.

The reason is simple - the last show BOUTON so captivated London audience that the music capital of the world immediately followed by an immediate proposal for the next show in London. In connection with what I got the idea to combine two monumental style. Two of the result of life - one man and the whole country.

Authors: Anastasia Kudinov and Alla Sokolova


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