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Ten Lessons from the trendy Coco Chanel

June 2 2010

12769.jpeg One wise woman once said: "Fashion passes, style remains." These are the words of the legendary designer Coco Chanel. She passed away in 1971 and established her at the helm of the fashion house got another world-famous fashion designer - Karl Lagerfeld. But the principles embedded in the lives of the unforgettable Coco, are still valid. Its credo - the beauty in simplicity. Jeans, leggings, sneakers and T-shirts that are so fond of wearing modern women, pales before the exquisite elegance of the immortal style of Chanel. Here are ten fashion lessons she has taught around the world.

1. Shorts makes a woman free. Coco first designed and she started to wear pants - at a time when the rest of the ladies around busy with corsets and long skirts. Her example was contagious, and soon the female half of the world appreciated the advantages of menswear. Now this sounds strange, but thanks to Chanel the fair sex had the opportunity to sit comfortably and quickly go. During the day itself Coco loved to wear cropped trousers in combination with expensive sweaters classic cut, and for evening out the light created the famous slacks, similar to those that later glorified by Marlene Dietrich.

2. The perfect skirt should cover the knees. Mademoiselle Coco sincerely believed that women's knees are very ugly, so the right thing - to hide them under clothing. In fact, she is absolutely right, because most of the fair sex is really the most is just such a "classical" length. A mini, the more extreme, can not afford not to put on each. Chanel has developed several basic models skirts and comfortable business lady - mostly straight and narrow, with decorative folds into slots or small single cut-frills year.

12772.jpeg 3. Accessories should be plenty - the more the better. "Coco Chanel simply adored, and in incredible amounts by today's standards. She allowed herself to mix costume jewelry with precious, though recent, and very expensive, it was quite a lot. Rarely it can be seen not hung with strings of pearls, beads of rubies, emeralds and semiprecious stones, no shiny cufflinks in the form of Maltese crosses on the cuffs, brooches, cameos, without (it's her "signature" sign), take or lowered his eyebrows at the cap. Even when she wore a simple white shirt like a man, you still could not do without all of the above.

4. Perfect costume combines male and female. In the early 1920's image of the girl-haired tomboy with a bob, boyish silhouette and bitchiness in her eyes was due to Coco Chanel invented it incredibly popular. It is easily appropriated clothes their fans - ranging from sweaters polo player Boy Kepelya tweed coat and finishing the Duke of Westminster. She also liked to wear a sailor's vest, decorated with its innumerable beads, Argyle sweaters and fishing coarse knit.

5. Stylish shoes can be a two-tone. Adoring combination of black and white, Chanel has created a model of the famous shoes - white patent leather sandals with black socks.It is believed that these shoes makes a woman more sexy and visually reduces the size of the foot. Moreover, according to Coco, even on low-heeled sandals such models look just fine, because they can be literally under any costume.

12771.jpeg 6. The bag should be on the strap to hands-free. Black quilted handbag with a chain created by Chanel in addition to the image of business-lady, still considered one of the classic models of handbags. That is Coco in 1930 invented a bag with a handy strap that can be easily worn on the shoulder, not subsided, and left room for the hand movements. Version of the quilted leather appeared in 1955 and gained a second life in 2005 thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. These handbags are from 2,2 to 2,5 thousand dollars, but as they say, they are one of those things that will last a lifetime.

7. Worship the little black dress. The notion of LBD - little black dress - Coco Chanel introduced into use in 1926, and it was a great gift to all women. She set a goal to create a dress that would be equally suitable for day and evening, it was sexy and versatile enough to look different with different accessories. Before Chanel black was considered an essential attribute of mourning, but when she offered the ladies their vision of "little black dress", this model - comfortable, stylish and gives harmony - were worn at all.

8. Jackets should be soft, like jackets. In 1925, Coco Chanel has developed his famous concept of "soft jackets, free-fitting feminine shape and does not hamper movement. Instead of traditional jackets, had a tough molded structure and sewn from thick fabric, Chanel offered women a delicate silk, the high armhole and narrow sleeves, created the sleek silhouette and providing ease of gestures. It is hard to imagine that before Coco ladies jackets could not afford without compromising image shrug or a wave of his hand to hail a cab. Say, the famous Chanel jackets - the ones the original - still lie somewhere in the flea markets, pulled out a grandmother's chest, and sold for a pittance.

9. Luxury to be comfortable, otherwise it is not a luxury. This is the same reason and day and evening wear from Chanel has always been developed taking into account the fact that women are not embarrassed her outfit. Low heels, sleeveless blouses under jackets, bags on a long strap, woven elastic jackets - it was intended for the convenience of fine ladies. Coco is always first and foremost think about the comfort of her clients and their lifestyles. She never created a fashion for the sake of fashion. "Looking for a woman inside her dress. No woman - no clothes," - she said.

10. Perfume - the same clothes. "The woman who does not use perfume has no future" - this famous phrase Chanel relevant until now. More widely known for her words to the effect that "the spirits want to use it wherever you want to get a kiss." Chemists fashion house Chanel long pored over the creation of floral scent, enhanced with aldehydes, and in 1922 achieved his aim: as a result turned dolgostoyky peculiar smell, which is difficult to confuse with some other. Developing design bottle, Coco remained true to his principles and put women's perfume in a very "male" square bottle.

Nataliya Sinitsa

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