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The Russians are dreaming about plastic surgery

September 29 2011

The Russians are dreaming about plastic surgery. 19914.jpeg Russians dream of a plastic operatsiyahKazhdy four Russians would like to change your appearance through plastic surgery. These data were obtained during the survey of "Romir". According to the survey, 25 percent of Russians are ready to improve their appearance, asking for help from a plastic surgeon.

In this two percent of survey participants plan to visit the clinic in the next few years. Is our country so ugly people live, literally, one in four required surgery to look good? Experts believe that persistent (and sometimes obsessive) desire to improve the appearance may be caused by psychological rather than aesthetic.

The rejection of their own appearance can signal the presence of unresolved internal conflicts. The person in this state who decided to undergo plastic surgery, will never be satisfied: in fact the root of the problem will remain intact. This client can remove the hump on the nose or do liposuction, but in a year is likely to appear in the office of the surgeon with new zhaloboy.Poetomu before going under the knife, surgeons usually encourages patients to ask some questions.

Why would I want to change my appearance? What do expect from this procedure? Should think about this honestly and without haste. According to specialists in plastic surgery, the most "grateful" customers - people with different injuries and scars, wishing simply to "remove" the consequences of accidents or operations. A more complicated case - a man who wants to get rid of some of the natural features of appearance.

He believes that "fix" the lack of, will привлекательнее.Действительно Do you believe that your weight is above normal? And why in that case did not go to a bar or not to join the pool? Liposuction - surgery rather tricky: the fat will not appear on those places where he was removed, but can grow elsewhere and simply disfigure the body.

Therefore, proper diet and lifestyle after surgery will still become a necessity. Are you sure that you can observe them, if not previously have enough exposure? If your goal - the sympathy and admiration of others, consider this: as it is to change your life. Perhaps there are ways to attract attention and without surgery.

Many client's are hoping that with a new nose, a flat stomach and no bags under the eyes, they immediately will establish privacy and will engage the attention. But it is not - otherwise the most beautiful people will automatically become the happiest and least, and this, as we know it's not true. Self-esteem, self-love and do not depend on the exterior directly. Assume that you can instantly fall in love with yourself and figure postroynevshey "improved" features, if you do not know how to do this before - a big trap.

The man who sees in the mirror only flaws and dreams as quickly as possible get rid of them, not love itself. And after the removal of sutures and bandages, he finds, what else fault. Only see their own shortcomings and do not understand harmony, which in every human nature laid - akin to illness or bad habit. Plastic surgeon can not afford to save you from lack of love for yourself, whatever magic he or manipulation proizvodil.Pohozhe that dissatisfaction - the main reason for the desire of Russian men and women go under the knife doctor.

of world statistics, most plastic surgery they want to make women aged 18 to 40 years. However, in our country, age of those who planned to visit a surgeon for the next year - 18-25 and 40-60 years. These data are quite consistent with results from other studies that they feel happy women aged 27-30 years.

At this time, they are still young but has already gained enough practical wisdom to calm concerns to themselves and to life. Respondents under 25, obviously still suffering youthful maximalism and women over 40 want to smooth out the effects of aging.

In any case, the desire for eternal youth and beauty ideal - a journey in advance with an elusive goal. Sociologists and specialists of the fashion industry knows a "dirty secret": if the image of the ideal does not change, nobody will buy new products - clothes, cosmetics, hair dye. Therefore, the standards of a real man and ideal woman changed every few years.

Trying to keep up with them - wasted effort. Is not it better to bring its exterior into harmony with the inner world and way of life? If you are not a model and actress is not - maybe you are a talented financier, interpreter, or able to Clerk.

Why you can not and do not want to look to those who really are? The intervening years - it is your precious and unique life, why do you seek to "wipe" it with your face? .. Fortunately, almost half (48 percent) said they never wanted to use the services of a plastic surgeon. Another 27 percent of Russians fluctuate, but think that most would refuse to resort to his aid.

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