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Why do we need locks on the eyelashes and grills on your teeth

September 29 2007

Specialists from the world of beauty-industry is constantly coming up with something new. Among current proposals beauty salons, there are some that seem silly joke and raise a minimum of surprise, and in most cases - a healthy laugh. Recent examples - perm eyelashes, nails on the feet and install bars on the teeth.

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Lashes in Bobbin

All have heard about the chemical wave, many people earn that flogging for their own hair and know what kind of procedure. The last is even more difficult to imagine how you can make "chemistry" on the eyelashes. And why? In the mind there is an absurd picture: eyes framed by "thumb" curls.

"There is nothing extraordinary in this procedure is not, - says Vera Dyakonov, stylist one of the capital of beauty salons. - You do curls every day special eyelash tweezers? Himzavivka lashes frees you from this obligation. Of course, there was no "sheep" you will not. "

How it all happening? Eyelash wind on disposable flexible adhesive rollers, whose size depends on the length of the eyelashes and the desired result, explains Diakonov. Then coated with a special compound that is harmless to the eye. At the same time that the procedure was absolutely safe and mucous eye was not damaged, the composition is not applied to the roots, not the ends, and in the middle of the cilia. Then the composition is washed off, and applied lock - all as a regular "chemistry". As of care after the procedure eyelashes covered the collagen structure.

"The whole procedure lasts about 40 minutes, and keep your lashes a beautiful bend of 1,5 - 2 months. No specific recommendations for care is not required: contact lenses, swimming pool, sauna - everything is allowed. However, as for perm hair, here we have contra - Prem antibiotics, menstruation, and some individual characteristics "- said the stylist.

The price of pleasure - from $ 1000.

Artificial nails on his feet

When you first hear about this service, it is very difficult to contain laughter. "To make it easier to climb trees?" - Chuckle many. But, as told to "Pravde.Ru" specialist of one of the largest Russian nail centers Anastasia Serebrennikova actually nails on the feet can solve the problem for many women.

"If you have a nail" problem "- with too little nail bed, nail plate finned, broken, or layer the edge of the nail - the build-up can disguise the flaws. The procedure is effective in combating ingrown nails: TIPS corrects the shape of the nail, raises the curb, and corrects the direction of growth and the nail is no longer dig into the skin. Of course, to achieve an effect need not be from one month accrued fingernail. And, of course, Naroscheny nail - a strong, well protected from shocks, "- says the master pedicure.

It turns out, nothing fancy draws us enormously long fingernails, fingers gracing our feet. The average length of the nail can be increased by 2-3 mm from the free edge. This is very useful to those who have a big cushion thumb and the nail sits deep.

Correction will need to do as usual - once a month, and some even less, because toenails grow more slowly than on the hands.

p align = "justify"> The price of pleasure - an average of 2000-3000 rubles.


Dental treatment - this is not all that engaged in modern dentistry. Especially the decorative trend. It all started long ago - about a thousand years ago the Mayans grind down their teeth to form triangles, drilled holes in them and their studs inlaid turquoise and jade - for beauty. Mods XXI century gladly go in their footsteps.

"Inlay at the height of fashion - the director of the clinic of aesthetic dentistry Anastasia Demina. - About 10 years ago, the procedure was considered an elite, but now a dental inlay does not require large expenditures. On the other hand underlines your personality, unusual taste, helps to shine - in the truest sense of the word. To this end, your choice of: gems, Skys (their imitation), the gold plate in the form of stars, hearts, suns, moons - how you want, and even decorative lattice of metal and glittering rhinestones - trendy decoration in the style of American rappers.

Stones mounted on the upper teeth - in the so-called smile lines, often in canines. It is important to choose the right size: for large teeth large stone will look harmonious, and the small - is inappropriate.

Lattice covering the teeth completely made of cast and mounted on two or four front teeth. They may be there permanently, but can dress only "exit". In this case, they can be brighter and more massive.

The price of pleasure - establishment Skys - from 700 rubles, gold plastic - from 1500. The cost of the lattices and inlay jewelry depends on your exacting and fantasy, at least - 3500 rubles.

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