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How to make a dog trainer

November 28 2009

13214.jpeg In recent years, engaged in fitness without a personal trainer was just indecent. He not only teaches, but also causes, and for many a healthy share of violence in training is a prerequisite for training themselves. Of course, cost is a pleasure to order more than self-visit Sports Club. But British researchers suggest those with high need for sports combined with low motivation, much cheaper option.

How do I find specialists, a personal trainer does not necessarily have to be a man. It turns out that dog owners vygulivaya their pets, putting themselves more important exercise than season ticket holders at the gym. The average owner walks the dog for 24 minutes twice a day, for a total of 5 hours 38 minutes per week.

In addition, many sobakovladeltsy weekly arrange their favorites, three additional and more long walks, adding to the overall timing and another two and a half hours.

Those who have dogs instead of the card is a sports club, the average take 1 hour and 20 minutes a week - at the gym, a dance or gymnastic classes, jogging. Nearly half of people without dogs do not bother with physical exertion.

The head of research Bob Martin argues that "a few short daily walks with the dog gives a cumulative positive effect, and the more time they walk lasts, the better the result." As part of the research project were interviewed five thousand people, of whom three thousand are dogs. Of these, 57 percent believe the paddock pet's basic component of physical activity. More than three quarters of the respondents admitted that many hours walking with his dog for them far more pleasant and interesting things in the gym.

Slightly more than 80 percent sobakovladeltsev gladly perform their landlady's responsibilities towards pets, and those who perceive the daily job as a paddock on the farm, were a significant minority. But, as the results of the survey, employment in sports clubs people are much worse: only 16 percent of respondents said they would like to train, and all others are considering training as a painful but necessary duty.

13213.jpeg In walking the dog has another advantage over going to the gym. According to scientists, 60 percent of owners go for a walk with their pets, even if they have little time and a lot of other things, because responsibility to the four-legged friend is very high. And those who engage in sports clubs, often neglected doing this for the sake of more important, they think matters. Most of the "athletes" make a train, so they often make deals with themselves and come up with plausible excuses to cancel the workout. And these cunning on an invention, there are already 46 per cent.

There is a walking the dog and the other positive aspects: more than half of pet owners believe that this kind of pastime a great opportunity to meet new people, positive communication. "Domestic dogs make us healthier - says Bob Martin. - We recommend half an hour of moderate cardio three to five times a week, but those who walk their dogs, loads are obtained considerably higher - and thus give pleasure."

rugoe advantage of four-legged pets recently named the American doctors who have studied the reaction of patients after surgery for pain relievers. It turned out that the possibility of once or twice to stroke a cat or dog acts on convalescent simply miraculous: the need for analgesics is reduced by half. Breeders and cat lovers in general healthier than those who do not have animals at home, because they have the ability to shoot the stress due to contact with their pets.

Nataliya Sinitsa

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