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This season's fashionable "sticky" look

May 27 2009

12129.jpeg This summer, an essential attribute of female beauty are false eyelashes. Well-known foreign makeup artists believe that the long silky eyelashes are quite capable of diverting attention from some of the flaws in the clothing, but it is very important in times of crisis. Importantly - the right to use this little trick women to feel comfortable.

Sales climbed even false eyelashes in the past year, and now their popularity is only growing. Knowingly participating known group Girls Aloud have developed in collaboration with the British firm Eyelure exclusive author's series of false lashes - each artist presents their unique style.

Most diversity is created by playing with shape and length. For example, Cheryl Cole uses are divided into bundles of lashes, shortening in the corners of his eyes, at Kimberley Walsh lashes strongly elongated in the outer corners of eyes, giving the look depth and mystery, and Sarah Harding are thick and bulky. Nicole Roberts is uneven lashes length, which is like a stroke of the wings of butterflies, and Nadine Cole - eyelashes of normal length and shape. "With this assortment you can decorate yourself every day and do not suffer from the monotony" - believe the British stylists, use in everyday makeup still intact is not false eyelashes, and bundles, kits are always on sale.

However, the statistics are the most popular yet lashes a natural look. Such extravagant things, like "Strut lashes" from Eyelure, made from natural peacock feathers, suitable only for special cases and, accordingly, are bought infrequently. No less extravagant "Flutter Style" of the same firm - blue and green lashes with tiny silver butterflies on the tips or hot orange "Burning Bright" with animalistic prints to create a truly "wild" look.

Of course, it is best to use the services of professionals in the beauty salon, but every day, this is not an option, so those who are going to actively follow the fashion this season, will have to learn stick on eyelashes themselves. It's not too difficult, but requires some skill. And of course, the result will be refined as the acquisition of practical experience - it is no theory can not replace. Nevertheless, the stylists give some valuable advice on this part.

Step One. Decide what effect you want to achieve. It is better to have on hand a few sets. Most urgent cases of false eyelashes - is evening out into the light and the need to hide the effects of the disease, which is lamentable impact on density of your own eyelashes. The easiest option - is sticking small separate beams in the corners of the eyes.

Step Two. Decide on the color. At the evening's best to choose a black or dark brown (if your eyelashes are you not too bright), in such cases, you can not use ink. Happy black eyelashes glue, you should choose a light brown for a more natural look. While, however, and it all depends on the natural color of your own eyelashes.

Step Three. Choose the length. Artificial eyelashes if they are thick and should not be much longer than natural. They need to be cut with sharp nail scissors before gluing, because then it will be too late.

Step Four. Clear eyes with special cosmetics, remove cilia, which is about to fall out.

Step Five. Take a strip of false eyelashes and put on line its base is a thin strip of glue (or a special tape that is included in some kits). First try to do a minimal amount of glue, then, if needed, add a little bit. Wait a minute, until it dries and thickens.

Step Six.Sit in front of a mirror, apply artificial eyelashes exactly on its own line of growth, only slightly above, using tweezers. How can more accurately align overhead and natural lashes at the base. Fan the tips of lashes with your finger, using tweezers or a toothpick to synthetic hairs are intermingled with the present and become less noticeable.

Step Seven. Look carefully at what happened. It is better to use a mirror to the effect of increasing to notice the slightest imperfections. You need to decide to apply mascara or not. Better, of course, without it, if possible. Swipe your finger on your eyelashes, gently test their strength and make sure it follows blinked to see how comfortable you feel in the new image. If something where the line is visible glue, paint her eyeliner, best dark and soft.

Also, do not forget a few simple but important rules. Try to keep the glue did not fall for ever, otherwise you risk to glue their eyes or, worse yet, burn the cornea. Always remove the false eyelashes before bedtime, apply as a compress cotton disk soaked in warm water or - if you want to reuse them - liquid make-up remover. Never try to just tear glued eyelashes, you may lose your own, and even damage the delicate skin of eyelids.

Ирина Павликова

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