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How to maintain the beauty of hair in the summer?

July 26 2007

The summer sun has a very negative effect on your hair. Researchers concluded that the sun's rays destroy the structural protein of hair. Because of this, hair becomes brittle, and their tips lack of nutrients, they become thinner and sekutsya. Doctors recommend the use of shampoos and conditioners with UV filter, usually on the packaging of such funds after the name adds the word «SUN».

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In addition to shampoos and conditioners are very effective sprays-conditioners, which do not need to rinse. They covered their hair invisible film that protects them and keeps the shape of hair.

Heat dehydrates the hair and the wind dries them, so that they lose their elasticity, so you must first go to the very mild shampoo, which "binds" the moisture and prevent dryness of hair. They can wash your hair several times a day. They are absolutely not aggressive, as it includes in its membership nourishing oils.

Another note, what water you use. If it is very hard and contains high amounts of salt, then wash it better to use boiled water with a small amount of soda and a few drops of lemon.

Some women like their hair in the summer sun fade and become lighter, but on the condition of the hair is formed in the negative. In addition, the hair also tend to tan - and new hair regrown after a holiday may be a darker shade than your natural color.

Necessary to make it a rule after each bath to rinse hair with fresh water and wear a hat that will save your hair from fading. A tan is better not under direct sunlight and in shadow, this method of tanning a positive effect on both the hair and skin, and on the whole body.

In the sun without protective equipment for hair blonde and red-haired can be no more than 7 minutes, blond, and whose hair chestnut -14 minutes, -17 minutes, Brown, and brunettes - no more than 10 minutes.

Hair dye no later than ten days before the holiday. During this time, the structure of the hair is restored, and the pigments will stabilize. You should not do in the summer perm, it will further strengthen damaged hair.

Today there are many different shampoos, foams and balms made of plant-based and contain all the necessary material to prevent drying and structural damage hair. Pick them up to individual, depending on the type of hair. Oily hair shampoos suit, having in its composition of sage, chamomile, rosemary, lemon balm for dry and damaged - avocados and almonds, and for sensitive and delicate suit shampoo with extract of mallow.

After the holidays, you can use traditional remedies for hair care, best of which is burdock butter with egg yolks and lemon juice. This mask is applied for 20-30 minutes, then wash off. Burdock oil can be replaced by castor or olive. Very useful to wash my hair instead of the water decoction of medicinal herbs - chamomile, succession, nettles. However, to get a good result, it should be done regularly, the rate of recovery of hair must be at least a month.

Irina Kapustina


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