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What creams can damage our skin

June 26 2007

What is included in an expensive cream that we put on the face in the hope rejuvenate or get rid of pimples? Read the Ingredients: petrolatum, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate - what is this mysterious letter? Here - mineral oil! This is clearly something positive and useful. Must be taken. And the advertising has been said that means simply magical.

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Is not always what we advertise, you should use. It seems to us than the "untwisted" brand, the more money he puts into the laboratory, increasing product quality. Unfortunately, everything is exactly the opposite: the more well-known companies, the more money it spends to maintain its popularity. And when buying cosmetics, we are paying for the name, advertising, packaging, service resellers - not only for the product itself.

But the most unpleasant fact that the creams are often added ingredients are not only inefficient but also dangerous for our skin. Therefore, an understanding of the listed ingredients on the package still needed. We offer our "dossier".

Mineral oils, they are also Mineral Oil, they are also Petrolatum. This is nothing more than a technical oil extracted from petroleum and used in industry for the lubrication and as a solvent. It is believed that by holding moisture, the skin can be made softer, smoother and more youthful. Mineral oils, indeed, form on the skin surface film that locks moisture into the skin. Therefore, they proudly referred to as a humidifier. The truth is that a film of oil technical delays not only water but also toxins, carbon dioxide and wastes, which are derived through the pores. In addition, it prevents the penetration of oxygen dissolves natural sebum and dry skin. It is mineral oil found the most common cause of acne and rashes of different women.

Paraffin. Has a warming effect, speeds up metabolism, has a light peeling effect. Often included in anti-aging drugs. But it is not recommended for problematic or oily skin. Forming the epidermis of the film, wax also prevents the conclusion from the pores of toxins and hinders access of oxygen. As a result the skin gets a slovenly appearance.

Glycerol. Clear, syrupy liquid obtained by the chemical compound of water and fat. Touted as a beneficial emollient. But in excess amounts can be harmful for dry skin, since pulls moisture from deep layers of the epidermis and thus dehydrate it.

Propylene glycol - derived petroleum, caustic liquid. In cosmetics are widely used in creams, moisturizers, as attracts and binds water. It is cheaper than glycerin, but causes more allergic reactions and irritation, and causes the formation of acne. Although advertising is usually reported that the drugs with its content, "giving the skin a youthful appearance."

Natural plant extracts and essential oils. Good to all, except one: can cause allergies. If you sneeze on the cornflowers and calendula, avoid cosmetics with their extract.

Sodium lauryl sulfate.Inexpensive detergent derived from coconut oil is widely used in cosmetic cleaners, shampoos, gels, bath and shower, toothpastes. His brother Laureth Sulfate Sodium - and ngredient number 1 in the cleaners and shampoos. Recently, however, the most demanding buyers have avoided the content of these substances. The reason for that - many publications in the press about the dangers of this substance to the skin, hair and overall health. Can you believe the scary stories or rumors about the toxicity greatly exaggerated? The situation has commented cosmetician Catherine Ivlev.

- Katia, is it true that sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium sulfate, Laureth in cosmetics can trigger cancer?

- Rumors about the dangers of these components are greatly exaggerated. This is sensationalism. Indeed, foreign experts, members of the CIR (Cosmetic Ingredients Review - organization dedicated to test safety of cosmetic ingredients) concluded that sodium lauryl sulfate and its related ammonium lauryl sulfate for prolonged use in the composition of cosmetic products accumulate in the skin cells, disrupting the process forming a protective barrier of the epidermis.

That is to always use, for example, shower gel or foam cleanser with these ingredients is not recommended. May develop dry skin, peeling, will comedones or even dermatitis. If the sodium lauryl sulfate is included in the shampoo that you use daily, it can weaken the hair and cause hair loss. Especially if you're not thoroughly wash off with water. Products containing any of these ingredients are not recommended for people suffering from acne, dermatitis, dry skin or hair loss.

But no sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate nor was not revealed any carcinogenic or toxic effects. That is about cancer of the question.

- Please comment on another "sensation". The press has a lot said about that, deodorants, antiperspirants cause breast cancer, since it contains carcinogens that penetrate the skin through mikroporezy after shaving. And that, preventing sweat, they contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the lymph nodes of the breast.

- International cancer organization with full responsibility declare: there is no scientific evidence that deodorants may be carcinogenic. They sometimes cause mild skin irritation and allergic reactions, but not cancer. Any medical student knows that the lymph nodes are exempt from the toxins through the kidneys and liver, but not through the sweat glands.

Rumors about the dangers of deodorant was caused by the fact that in the tissues of breast tumors were detected parabens - common cosmetic preservatives. However, scientists are advised not to draw hasty conclusions from this finding. The mere fact that tumor tissue contains any substance not indicate that they have provoked its development.

- Perfumes, thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives are traditionally considered to be harmful. Is this true?

They include the composition of creams not to spoil your skin. Cosmetics fragrances give a pleasant smell, and thereby make it much nicer to use. Emulsifiers and preservatives increased resistance of drugs, improve their absorbency. In general, there is nothing wrong with different chemical ingredients - of course, if they are high quality and have passed the necessary stages of control.

- Most cosmetics do not justify the hopes assigned to it, despite the fact that it includes the "right ingredients". What are the causes?

Well, firstly, the active agent can be administered in a cosmetic at lower concentrations than necessary to achieve the effect. Usually it comes expensive supplements. That is, it is simply listed as ingredients and no more. Second, associative additive can simply not reach the destination. Stratum corneum is a reliable barrier. It is therefore to achieve the best effect it is recommended to use scrubs.

- It is a quality cosmetic product may have some people cause undesirable skin reactions, the other does not act, and for the third to be a wonderful elixir. Give some tips to help avoid mistakes when buying cosmetics.

- First, a manufacturer of cosmetics are always exaggerating its capabilities. No need to mindlessly trust everything that is written on the label. Particularly elusive phrases like "make your skin smooth and silky. Read what it means the action has, say, the epidermis, which activates processes.

Secondly, what has come to your girlfriend or a counselor is not necessarily right for you. In addition, many people are very suggestible and see a magic transformation, where it, however, did not. So you should not rely on the advice friend.

Third, a significant improvement in skin condition can be achieved only comprehensive care. Before you buy cosmetics, you will be examined in the state of your skin, listen to her problems and needs. Sometimes there needs professional help. And before you read the brochures, read as many articles written by independent experts.

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