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How to get a tan and not get burnt?

July 24 2007

Come beach season and you already can not wait to soak up the rays of the hot sun? Then it's time to think about how to tan properly, without exposing the skin of excess risk to the long-awaited vacation does not turn into an indefinite treatment for sunburns, which are inexperienced travelers to get a snap.

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The main thing to remember about that at lunchtime sunbathing should not be the best time to tan from 9 to 11 and from 15 to 18 hours. During this period, the sun does not burn the skin and the chance to obtain desired level and a nice tan is much higher than in other times of the day. Also, do not be naive to believe that, floating in the water, you do not sunbathe. Water weakens the sun's rays only when immersed at 1 pm In general, exposure to the sun should not exceed 1.5 hours, and the need to take into account your skin photo type, of course, fair skin is more susceptible to UV rays, and burns much before dark. Time in the sun should be added each time for 2-5 minutes, and try not to overdo it the first time.

Need to choose a place where you are going to sunbathe, it's best to do it near water, where the air is humid. But the dry winds, by contrast, will increase the likelihood of sunburn.

At the beach do not forget sunscreen, natural resources can take advantage of whey, which is absolutely harmless and perfectly protects the skin. Use of sunscreens should be 15-20 minutes before sunbathing. Rub oneself cream, ideally, you need every time you water procedures and toweling. On average, every hour, if you bathe, or once every two hours, if not. Also remember that sweaty in the sun your skin can not be touched by hands, and wash in cold water, especially with soap and water. A red and flushed skin should not be smeared with creams.

If you do forget about necessary measures of caution and burned, scorched in the sun your skin can lubricate the yogurt, sour cream or butter, you can still make raw grated potatoes, watermelon flesh helps reduce inflammation, and a mask made from potatoes, sour cream and relieve pain. What really does not do for sunburn - so use this cologne and other alcohol-containing liquids. They will only reinforce the soreness, dryness and peeling.

Meanwhile, designers have come up with swimwear that can protect us from burnout. Artist Fiona Carswell developed "smart" swimsuit, telling his mistress that it is time to move into the shade to avoid sunburn. At swimsuit appear dark spots, which means that further exposure to the sun can be dangerous.

Happy holidays to you!

Irina Kapustina


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