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In the world of tattoos

April 23 2007

The word "tattoo", "tattoo" or "tatu" began to be used in Europe after his travels of Captain Cook in Tahiti. This word goes back to the Tahitian word "tatau" and markezanskim "ta-tu" and meant it "wound", "sign".

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The history of tattoos has at least 6,000 years old. The earliest tattoos were found during excavations of the Egyptian pyramids of Giza. Mummies of about four thousand years, but figures on the dry skin visible. Most sunrise tattoo culture has received in Japan, where it is still revered tattooed people. It is the master of Honshu, Hokkaido and Shikoku was first proposed three-dimensional images. Instead of ornaments, and flat shapes, they began to portray three-dimensional color and mythical animals.

Now back to what we have today. Many are afraid to get a tattoo. But this fear probably is not pain, and inadequate representation of the history of tattoos. After all, many believe that tattoos are only those who have been in the criminal world. And really, everyone in my life not often seen in people at the hands of rough blue homemade tattoo with hour-glass, wings and goodness knows what else, talking about the criminal past of this man. Hollywood colorful and spectacular shows back tattooed yakuza members with expressive dragons and swords. But this is only one side of the coin, and, of course, do not see tattoos only some criminal stigma. Indeed, many tattoo marks an inner meaning, and this needs to be more careful. But any artist will tell you who knows the value of a character.

Tattoo primarily reflects the inner world of its owner. For many, a tattoo - a search for new experiences, new outlooks in personality.

Tattooing on his body - this is a very serious step, which should come with responsibility and common sense not to feel sorry later on the deed. Before going to the salon and make yourself a tattoo, you should carefully consider all the pros and cons.

Tatu - is not "flashy" way to stand out from the crowd, tattoos - as an additional second skin, helping people to emphasize their individuality. Accordingly, the chosen style of tattoo should more accurately reflect the inner world and express something that would like to pursue.

So you do decide to make a tattoo. Before addressing the one thing you need to determine the type of drawing. Yes, yes. Do all tattoos are much harder than you might think and the hierarchy they are not worse than in the army. So, what kinds of tattoos do we know? Take the most common.

Erotic tattoo. Erotic pictures and causing Signs are in the most intimate places not accessible to prying eyes.

Tatu - Talisman (amulet). There may be various characters, animals, characters. Each of its symbolic value.

Clan tattoo. Each element of this figure is encrypted deep meaning: the name of the clan, the status of the owner, etc. Do not do such a tattoo without knowing its meaning - has implications not belong to you legally character. Most likely, by chance a tattoo is not choice, but if they arose out of ignorance and the desire to do something special, a master in the cabin will warn that in fact you want to do

Tattoos on memory. A reminder about any significant pleasant or not pleasant events.

Ritual tattooing. Secret signs should ensure that they master the protection and patronage of the powers. Not for prying eyes.

Decorative tattoos. Figures and ornaments on the shoulder, shoulders, breasts, buttocks, ankles. The main function of such tattoos - body adornment.

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