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Your type of skin (test)

September 22 2009

2690.jpeg It's no secret that the skin of the face requires a special approach. After all, even the slightest flaws can cause discomfort. To date, there are a lot of care. However, to make the right choice is not so easy. You must first determine the type of skin, and it is dry, normal, combination, oily, mature and sensitive. Fortunately, there's no need to visit the beautician. Just pass the test and receive valuable advice from MedPulse.

Select those answers that you can confidently attributed to him. Under the most frequently occurring letter is hiding your skin type. If two or more letters there are equal number of times, it means your skin refers to the combined type - for example, dry and oily in some areas. This combination meets every fifth person.

1. My skin is unpleasant is contracted after each purification - A

2. I often have red spots on face and neck - E

3. I can not wash your face with soap and water - E

4. The skin on my face is very dry - E

5. That the skin soft and smooth look, I have at least three times a day to lubricate it with cream - A

6. Almost after every application of a new cosmetic product on my skin appear pink or red spots - E

7. Can I use any make-up without adverse consequences - B

8. My skin always seems to oily or greasy - In

9. If I use a powder, a person within the hour looks "patchy" - In

10. I need to carry around a cloth or matting powder box, because my nose is always shiny - T

11. I have become sluggish skin around the eyes - D

12. My face shines like a newly plastered cream - B

13. Because of frequent skin irritations I have to regularly refer to a dermatologist - E

14. I have my allergies - E

15. Around the eye there are many wrinkles - D

16. On my face shiny nose and forehead - T

17. On the skin there were noticeable wrinkles - D

18. My skin absorbs the cream, like a sponge - D

19. The powder dries my skin - A

20. After the walk, my skin gets a beautiful pink - B

21. When I come off the street, my skin is slightly contracted - A

22. I feel relieved after namazhu skin cream - A

23. My skin burns very quickly - E

24. The color of my face from nature rather white - E

25. I have an almost year-round healthy complexion - B

26. I suffer from insomnia, sometimes for hours I can not sleep - D

27. The pores on my skin relatively large - in

28. I often suffer acne and pimples - As

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29.nbsp; My skin is dull and never shines - A

30. I often have acne in the nose and forehead - T

31. It seems to me that I have "robust" leather - B

32. At the heart of a person pores more visible and clearer than on the cheeks - T

33. After a visit to the pool I need to apply nourishing cream, otherwise the skin is contracted for a few hours - A

34. I regularly take diuretic drugs - A

35. I am over 35 years - D

36. I regularly visit the solarium and summer often sunbathe - A

37. My skin begins to itch when I'm long in the overheated room - E

38. I would like to make my skin was more elastic - D

2692.jpeg 39. I have a tendency to freckle and pigmentation disorders - D

40. If the skin is exposed to direct sunlight, it burns - E

41. Sunburn fairly evenly rests on the skin - B

42. My skin seems very thin and transparent - D

43. I have for many years just wash with soap and water - B

44. When I shave, for women - to pull out his eyebrows, on my skin for another hour or longer stays red spots - E

45. Before any important events I have always appear on the face of pimples or cold sores on the lips - E

46. As I see immediately that night I was tormented by insomnia - D

47. At work, I can not live without air conditioning - A

48. The skin seems more oily in the summer than in winter - T

49. It is suitable universal cream - B

50. If I use a light day cream, the cheeks become too dry - T

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Now decrypt:

"A" - you have dry skin.

Features of care. Use detergents that do not contain soap. If after cleaning you rub the face with toner, it should not contain alcohol. Dry skin needs intensive moisturizing. Therefore, you should stock up on all sorts of moisturizers: milk, cream and masks. At sites of increased dryness, use a strong moisturizer. At night, apply a rich cream than in the morning. Do not forget about the tool for the skin around the eyes. Once every two weeks should be cleaning the skin with a scrub. Before going out on the street necessarily apply to the skin layer of sunscreen with a high degree of protection.

"B" - you have normal skin.

Features of care. Twice daily clean face with cosmetic milk. After washing, do not forget to apply a tonic, and then apply a light moisturizer. You can also wipe the skin with ice cubes. Before going out apply sunscreen.

"B" - you have oily skin.

Features of care.ans to acquire comedones and acne increases due to the untimely removal from the skin sebaceous secretions, dirt, dust, and cosmetics. Therefore, your skin is in need of competent purification. Wash should be no more than two times a day. After that, it is recommended to use the toner for oily skin. Scrub and mask can be applied twice a week. If the skin throughout the day begins glossy, wipe the face of matting agent: special lotion or wipes. When expressed concerns, contact the person.

"G" - you have combination skin.

Features of care. In this case, care must also be combined. T-zone is usually oily skin type and requires appropriate care. The remaining sections relate to the dry type. Clean the skin that do not contain soap. Apply to areas of dry skin moisturizer, and at the T-zone - light moisturizer. Wipe greasy parts tonic. Before going out, use sunscreen.

  "D" - you MATURE skin.

Features of care. Use nutritional vitamin creams. Most often in such funds are added vitamins C and A. It is useful to use the funds for aging skin, containing retinoic or hyaluronic acid, collagen. They help get rid of dead epidermis cells, improve skin elasticity. When expressed concerns, contact the person.

"E" - you have sensitive skin.

Features of care. To reduce the risk of allergic reactions, use hypo-allergenic, containing no aromatic additives, care products. Apply to the cheeks Intensive Moisturizing Cream - it helps prevent the appearance of rosacea (vascular extended mesh). In the morning Wash with warm or cool water. Cold and hot water irritates the skin and causes redness. Do not use tonics. Use hypoallergenic sunscreen with a high degree of protection.

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