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Allergy to cosmetics: how to avoid becoming a victim

September 18 2006

Every woman wants to be beautiful, for this she uses cosmetics. But sometimes laudable desire turns into trouble. Unfortunately, the farther away the progress, the more reason for allergies. In order to avoid becoming its victim, should know exactly which component is the cause of disease in the future to avoid cosmetics, in which it is contained. But that's not all ...

Typically, allergy occurs in a short time after the allergen enters the skin. Symptoms - itching, burning, redness and rashes in the place where was deposited cosmetics, may also begin to tear his eyes around them can form dark circles. Allergies can manifest itself and not immediately, but after prolonged use of cosmetics, which is an irritant.

The worst allergens are: preservatives, dyes, fragrances, biologically active and bleach, formaldehyde resins.

If you already know what you're allergic, you first study the packaging and check what the substance contains the cream or lipstick.

There are some valuable tips that will make the right move in selecting safe product.

- Try to buy cosmetics, in which the maximum number of natural ingredients

- Take a simple test - apply bought cosmetics fold hands, and two days later allergy does not appear, it means that there is no reason to worry

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- If you are exhausted, you feel lack of energy, it is better to postpone the application of new cosmetics for you at another time

- Too frequent changes of cosmetics can also cause allergies

- The same can happen if you use a lot of cosmetics (for example, funds for the care of a person), but it is all different companies

- Do not forget to pay attention to the expiry of cosmetics and never buy expired goods

- For decorative cosmetics are often absent mark the expiration date - it does not mean that it is unlimited; shelf life mascara - 2-3 months, lipstick - up to 2 years, dry blush, eye shadow and powder - to 2 - years

- Separately only to say about the mask: they never perederzhivat longer than stated in the abstract, if you decide to use "popular" means, that is masks from fruits or vegetables - do not abuse them and never use the ones on which you allergy during Eating

If you have an allergy is still not passed, you should see a doctor, but first you can help yourself. First of all, when the first symptoms of an allergic reaction, remove the cause of its appearance, that is cosmetic. Then you can take a pill for allergies, for example Klaritin (today there are many funds that do not cause drowsiness and allow you to continue with his work). If the allergy is expressed in a cold, use a special spray, and if inflamed eyes - drops (do not forget to pre-wash eyes welding or decoction of chamomile).

If the tube says that this cream or lip balm is hypoallergenic, do not rush right to believe it. In many cases, is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Of course, this applies not to all cosmetics.Typically, these inscriptions can believe that if a firm has already earned a good name. To avoid forgery, hypoallergenic cosmetics are best to buy in specialty stores or pharmacies.

Vasilyeva Camilla

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Васильева Камилла

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