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As color bed affects your mood?

June 17 2007

What emotions do you wake up in the morning: serenity and love of life and anxiety and apathy? What character traits get with each meal? Tableware, from which you eat, and bed, which soak up the night in a special way affect your mood and health.

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In ancient times the colors represent each of the four elements: passionate red - fire, calm blue - the air, deep black - earth, innocent white - water. Therefore, the color of dishes and bed linen - is not nothing. If you are weak temperament - choose red tones in these parts, lack of thoroughness - brown and black, want of novelty and sincerity - Surround yourself with white, and if the dream of flight of thought, creativity and imagination - go for the blue and orange crockery, or a set of underwear !

Happiness is in your plate

The hostess, covering the table, performs a miracle. Authors of books on home economics argue that serving - the art and connoisseurs of ancient traditions added: magic! Harmony, warmth and comfort come to your home, if you open the magical properties of liquid. On the main roles of color we have already said. But for the harmony of the person to comply with the color balance and use various shades of dishes: the red and white, and blue ...

Seasons in its own way too addicted to color. So, summer blooming romance and ignite passions. Therefore, there is a problem of choice: like the severity of peppers - red plates; soul yearns for the high feelings - to acquire pink and blue. Autumn summarize, examined - therefore you need a blue and burgundy kitchen utensils, as these colors represents the wisdom and experience. In winter, when it is necessary to conserve energy as much as possible, more suitable devices serving dark colors - dark color is able to store energy. In the spring you can "eat" the energy security update by using dishes of green shades.

Form cookware plays a key role. Even the useful properties of food depends largely on it from her. So, round dishes better concentrates the energy, protects the food from the influence of negative energy. Square tableware makes its owner tougher and more determined.

So if you're shy person by nature, eat it with such dishes. But people sharp corners dishes are contraindicated. To "podperchit" attitude, give them piquancy, sets with sharp corners are irreplaceable. Even neutral cabbage leaf, served on a similar dish, "hit" no worse than a glass of champagne.

Color Dreams

Traditionally it was thought that bed linen should be, if not entirely white, or at least bright. On the bright clothes and dreams will be bright. And the color? Most likely - in color. And while we are sleeping with closed eyes, drifting into sleep, surrounded by favorite color is much nicer, and sometimes even faster.

General recommendations in choosing colors make difficult, as no "to the taste and color of the" comrades. Some people like to sleep on white sheets, but someone on the black or "risky" deep-purple (purple shades are the most mysterious and often unpredictable effect on the human psyche). But if you're tossing and turning for a long time before going to bed, you are tormenting anxiety and anger from imperfection of the world in the morning - it is not necessary to change the world, start with the sheets and duvet covers.

spomnim, a tradition that originated in France. There was covered with a bed Suite petals of red roses, which symbolize the strong and timeless love of the spouses. Bed linen with a similar pattern promises an unforgettable night to all lovers. Big flowers - poppies, daisies, cornflowers and gladioli - can be performed with a realistic, almost photographic accuracy. And may have a vague outline and remind blooming roses or peonies.

If spouses want stability in the relationship, for them - the laundry in a quiet classic style, such as drawing, imitating patterns of tapestries. In search of new sensations, it makes sense to purchase a set with large flowers, interspersed with bright stripes.

Another option - underwear dark shades. It looks very stylish, especially if made of fabric with a silky shine. However, to the bed did not look gloomy, designers are advised to "dilute" the deep tones of contrasting hues, the best light. Looks luxuriously blend of dark blanket cover, decorated with lace or Merezhko.

Vanguard sets with a dynamic pattern of stripes and squares of large, exotic leaves, flowers overseas, and even animals - the choice of bachelors. Colours are rich and intense.

Unmarried ladies should stop choice for bedding of warm colors with embroidery, floral patterns, polka dots. Business woman prefer very large flowers, as well as active geometric pattern.

Children, as we know, do not like to go to bed, and lure them into bed can be difficult. Therefore, their clothes should arouse interest and awaken the imagination. Here it is appropriate bright but not aggressive paint, funny stories - pictures of insects, small zverushek, clowns, plants and toys. Very urgent embroidery.

And do not forget that the fabric was of high quality and bestowed the most pleasant skin. Summer is traditionally sets are made of satin, silk or silk with additives. Among the new products - MicroModal, based on using an extract of bamboo. Thanks to the fabric is silky to the touch and very comfortable for sleeping. Famous factories also use a special type of cotton, due to a silky surface called "angel skin".

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