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All about care and eyebrows

September 14 2006

In this season's fashion natural form the eyebrows. Make-up more attention to it is they, and only then her eyes. But natural does not mean bath. To make your eyebrows were really beautiful, it is necessary for them to treat and monitor their form.

Incorrectly chosen form of eyebrows can make a face unpleasant and harsh, and right - the opposite to rejuvenate the face and accentuate your beauty. Eyebrow Color also plays an important role - unnaturally dark eyebrows make their possessor a few years older. So before you begin to give shape eyebrows or paint them, examine your face in the mirror. If you are not sure what the result, it is better not to experiment and see a specialist.

But before we move on to more detailed conversation about the forms, first a few words about the care of her eyebrows.

Washing and cleansing face lotion, do not forget about the eyebrows. Daily comb their special small comb. First Comb hair against the growth, and then in the direction of growth. Do not hurt her eyebrows and massage. Move your fingers from the nose towards the temples, and tugging lightly pressing on the eyebrow.
To brows grew well and smoothly, they need to feed. For these purposes, is quite suitable castor oil, vitamin cream, or balm for hair growth. If the eyebrows do not grow, you can try masks and compresses.

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And now the forms. Wide and thick eyebrows are suitable for young girls with very fluffy hair and those who face has an elongated shape (in the latter case, the eyebrows should be more soft, concave shape). In other cases, they do face a very stern.

Rarely in the room look good straight straight eyebrows. They do have eyes.

When shortening eyebrows cost, remember the following rule: if the upper part of the face is the bottom, then subtracts from the nose should be, if the opposite - from the temples.

If a person has an oval shape, the best most likely to be curved, rounded form.

In the square face will look good long, slightly arched and vysokopodnyatye eyebrows.

Rounded and raised to the top of his eyebrows would go to those who have a triangular face.

It is not easy to pick up a form of eyebrows to those who long face. It all depends on their natural length and width.

Few rounded in temples and raised his eyebrows suit the owner of a round face.

But the owner of a direct fit straight face shape eyebrows that. As mentioned above, is rarely suitable for people with a different face shape.

Raise the temples in the area and drop the nose eyebrows so one person is in the form of a pear.

If you decide to make their own brows shape, that's what you should remember that you must consider in order to achieve a good result:

- Eyebrows adjust to the bottom edge and rarely on the upper

- Never shave eyebrows (shaved site will look blue, and grew up in these places hair will be very rigid and almost unmanageable)

before starting hair removal, disinfect tweezers and hands with alcohol, Spread area eyebrow fat cream

- Pull out the hair in the direction of its growth, while capturing it from the root.

- After the procedure again disinfect tweezers and eyebrow Spread skin cream

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