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Epiliruem feet to fly

May 14 2007

Hair removal has become popular, thanks to continuous efficiency and hygiene. But the procedure is quite lengthy and painful. Most women avoid this method of hair removal for this reason. However, it eliminates the vegetation on their feet almost the whole month. What to do?

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Before talking about hair removal, it should be noted that this method of hair removal rather negative effect on the skin. Premature aging and skin laxity are caused by dryness and scaling. One of the main reasons - water and soap. Therefore, after the hair removal is recommended that do not contain alkali. For example, a cream-soap. Or shower gels that do not contain soap which cleans and moisturizes the skin at the same time. Especially needed to moisten skin shin, as there are fewer glands that produce oil.

If you use the epilator regularly, at least once a month, the procedure will not take much time and deliver the pain. Hair removal performed on the growth of hair. Immediately before the operation to wipe the skin lotion with alcohol content up to 30% in order to avoid any contamination. But during a hair removal your skin is completely dry, and should not be strongly pressed the instrument to the body, it hurts the skin. At the end of that irritation, apply skin cream or gel aftershave, especially if it is then going to go to the beach or in the solarium.

The principle of operation of any appliance is as follows: several pairs of metal discs rotate and come into contact, grasp hairs as tweezers, removing them from their roots. This is called multipintsetnoy system. It allows you to catch even the shortest (up to 0.5 mm) hairs. There are simple models of the budget class (cheap). They can be recommended to women with "no problem" skin and sparse hairs. Pay attention to the appliance company Panasonic ES-2013.
This may be the only single-speed epilator. Its advantage - low price.

In general, almost all models are equipped with two-or three-speed pincer system. The first speed (lower) is designed for short or fine hair. If these hairs are removed at high speed, then just break off the hairs, but not removed. At low speeds, such hairs pulled out with a chive. In those places where the hair is longer and more rigid, it is better to use second gear. These hairs more jerks are not terrible, but at high speed during hair removal and the associated discomfort reduced.

Multipintsetnaya system PHILIPS Satinelle firm has 21 rotating disk, which at first speed tweaks make a 600 per second, while in the second - 733 nip. This model PHILIPS HB 2841 and HP 6437 PB PB.

The company BRAUN, this system is called the Silk-epil. She has, besides 20 independent of each other pair of rotating disks and two speeds, there are 2 options for installing the degree of capture of tweezers: the degree of capture 1 - for fine hair, the degree of capture of 2 - for normal or coarse hair. Models of its 1055 and EE 1020. In the latest models BRAUN added another level of speed. That is, new epilators BRAUN now 3 speed settings for soft, normal and rapid hair removal. This is an excellent model of its 1170 and ER 1393. The latter comes in an elegant gift option.

a slit multipintsetnaya system - Precision Company ROWENTA (in models Epil Active). It consists of 32 pairs of tweezers and 4 rows of double brushes, applying hairs. ROWENTA produces a two-speed epilators and speed, which are a little easier, but cheaper.

The main disadvantages of hair removal are pain and risk of skin irritation. To resolve this problem, manufacturers with each new model will improve the system to reduce pain. PHILIPS company has developed a retractable vibrating obezbolivatel, which is a soft rubber brush, which is a single continuous movement relaxes the skin, like a nice massage, this system is embodied in the models of a new series of Super Sensitive. Depending on the configuration model stand out HB 6443, HB 6445. There is also a similar model series SATINELLE HP 6427. In Braun Super Sensitive, depending on the sensitivity of the skin can be controlled analgesia by two degrees, changing the intensity of the massage.

The same happens when rubbing a bruised place. This effect is explained by scientific theory "Gate", according to which, the vibration breaks the transmission of pain signals along nerves.

For this purpose the company BRAUN equip their latest models of epilators (Silk-epil Super Soft Plus and Silk-epil Color) head with a new catalytic packing. It is easier obezbolivatelya company PHILIPS, there is no way to control the intensity of the massage, but in doing so it is easy to use and less prone to breakdowns. Models BRAUN ER 1393 and EE 1170. These epilators can recommend to those who not tolerate the pain.

In a new series of epilators Epil Active firms ROWENTA used a similar system of anesthesia - are integrated into epilation rods, masking the pain.

Hair Removal is ideal for removing hair on legs and arms, just a few times a month obtained a lasting effect. But it is because pain is not suitable for hair removal bikini line and underarm. In these places, too many nerve endings and is recommended for them, above all, a razor. It turns out that buying a rather expensive epilator (40 to 75 dollars) does not solve the problem of excess hair completely. Out of this situation have found the manufacturers themselves. For example, the company released a new model PHILIPS HP 6446 epilator Body Total, which is intended not only for arms and legs, but thanks to a new high-precision lid can be used for hair removal in the armpits and bikini line. Precision cap reduces the amount of the active forceps from 5 to 2, and stretches the skin during hair removal, and adjusted obezbolivatel suitable for use in sensitive and difficult areas of the body.

But for many women and this is not enough to relieve pain in sensitive areas. Then, manufacturing companies were invited to another solution that can be called "Two in one." It is a versatile general approach to hair removal around the body. Is a collection that includes a removable appliance epilyatornoy head and removable shaving head. That is, one device can serve as an appliance, and an electric razor. Epilators in sets equipped with the same multipintsetnymi systems that are used in the latest appliance, and heads are equipped with ultra-fine mesh of hygienic alloy and trimmers. Released such collections in 1999, the company PHILIPS (kit for hair removal and HP 6416 model HP 6445 2in1) and BRAUN (set SUPER SOFT PLUS ER 1383). The kit also includes the latest skin cream. All accessories are available in a beautiful soft case as a heart gentle peach color. Better gift and you can imagine!

Finally, we will tell you, probably the most expensive and unusual appliance company PHILIPS - SATIN ICE TOTAL CARE HP 6433/PB. The kit includes a special capacity-cooler. How it works: before using the cooling capacity is frozen and then installed in epilator. Specially designed cooler to the skin can cool it directly in front of a hair removal. This appliance is ideal for people with sensitive skin. If even during a hair removal you have made the blood or injured skin, then chill immediately stop the bleeding and relieve pain. Special nozzle for skin care can effectively remove gangrenous skin cells and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

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