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Simple beauty recipes from the stars of Hollywood

July 12 2007

Hollywood divas, they are just blind men sovey beauty. "Yes, they just finger beckon, and anyone would be happy to be in their arms," - you think, I regret looking at the extra pounds, settled on your hips.

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Not all dweller Star Olympian owe their beauty only superexpensive salons and plastic surgeons. There are, of course, Pamela Anderson, is worn with its huge breasts, and independently can not even make up an elementary. But Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and many others, following the grandmother's recipes, her hair soaked in mayonnaise, strawberries, brush their teeth, and all the beauty tricks prefer vegetable oil. This is our way!

Julia Roberts does not correspond to the classical canons of beauty, but despite this, it - beauty. This status, however, does not prevent her every now and then admit to being partial to the "beauty of the refrigerator." By his own admission, she is always smiling, because it cleans teeth ... strawberries. It is full of vitamin C, and he - a natural bleach. The best remedy for a great hair beauty - this is an ordinary mayonnaise, which she puts on her hair as a mask. Soft and velvety skin of the hands it is obliged bath of olive oil. And to keep myself in shape, removing the house and playing with children. "Home care superbly relieve stress and help to be tightened", - says Julie.

Natural blonde Nicole Kidman washes his head with cranberry juice. He gives her hair a reddish-auburn shade. If she wants to her hair shone, she rinses them with champagne. But the main pride Kidman - is, of course, magnificent figure. Her secret to a special approach to nutrition. For breakfast she eats whole grain bread and coffee for dinner - vegetable cocktail, at dinner - a big vegetable salad with fish, chicken or meat. And for dessert - active sports.

Kim Basinger is in excellent shape because of all the restaurants goes to their own devices. Tiny knife and fork she eats whatever your heart desires, but because the process is very slow, almost childish actress saturated portions.

To preserve the freshness throughout the day, Kim helps simple trick: it fills in spray mineral water and fresh milk in equal proportions and pshikaet "on the face as needed.

Have Basinger and branded diet, thanks to which, if necessary the Oscar-winning actress discards eight pounds a week. Ration is as follows: fruit juice, nuts and yogurt for breakfast, meatless soup, wholemeal bread and juice for lunch, serving Chinese and French cuisine for dinner. And from the exercise - clock struggle with a passion for baking.

Nastassja Kinski all newfangled scrub and exfoliation prefers strawberries with salt - iodized or sea. She is caring for the body is simple: mix corn flour with warm water, sediments and gently rubs and washes. "And once a month, I rubbed with a mixture of sea salt and olive oil. Instead of olive oil, however, fits and any vegetable. For example, from grape seeds.Both are rich in vitamin E, and this - the main thing. " In addition to looking good, said Nastasia, need more sleep.

Sophie Marceau once heard from his barber about how his mother 80 years has managed to keep great skin. The secret is simple: the one washed with soap and water every morning causes a person a little olive oil. "I tried, and it was incredible! Oil works wonders. During pregnancy, every day I rubbed into the skin of almond oil, and I did not have stretch marks. And I every morning I write a mouthful of vegetable oil and dissolve its 20 minutes - it's very useful "- secret in the actress.

Sophia Loren at the age of 72 shocked everyone with her naked photo session. She - a recognized genius for keeping an amazing shape. In his book "Woman and Beauty" irresistible Italian, however, pays more attention to psychology and harmony with oneself, rather than cosmetic tricks. Defeat age, says Lauren, will help a rational and careful attitude to his body, serenity, confidence and discipline. "If the girl is incredibly beautiful in their youth, but absent-minded and did not bring to an end - beauty goes quickly. If she has a very modest appearance, but a strong character - charm over the years will grow. "

As for the practical recipes of beauty, there crept a contradiction. Sophie constantly talks about his passion for pasta, but the long it does not eat. Meat, potato chips, cigarettes, alcohol and stuff like that also disappeared from her life. Cheese, vegetables, fruits and lots of fluids - that's the basis of its daily diet.

Catherine Deneuve does not hide that beauty maintenance requires considerable effort. "Now is the time when naturally been valued far above any artifice. But it should be sanded natural. " On the beautiful skin can be no question, if you smoke. If you value your youth - good-bye to tan, despite the fashion and modeling with bronze skin. "What age himself for two years in order to look good any two months?" - The motto of the incomparable French.

Catherine Deneuve also advises not to get involved in cosmetics. Better, in her opinion, "powered by an inexhaustible source of beauty - a healthy lifestyle." "More than you walk, drink plenty of water and go to separate food" - that is the simple-minded advice Deneuve.

It turns out that many of the secrets of the starry lights available to us - mere mortals. And yet we do not advise immediately run to the fridge and tilting the head jar "mayonnaise." After all, when the stars "reveal" the secrets of its irresistible, they neglect to mention that in addition to "strawberries with salt" for their precious body cares a whole staff of beauticians, personal trainers, masseurs, hairdressers ...

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