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Body art: painting on the living

June 8 2007

Today it is becoming increasingly fashionable to appear at nightclubs and parties with unusual patterns on the body or face. This may be an independent product and can only serve as a stylish addition to your clothing. The desire to decorate their body humanity has a fairly long time. In ancient times, drawing on the body was spread almost everywhere: to adorn themselves with fancy designs and the Vikings and the Indians and Eskimos. Now the image on the body - an art that became known as Body Art.

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What is interesting, the process of drawing the image is more important than its result, because the figure does not live very long, sometimes less than the required time for its application. Body art has emerged as a vanguard trend in the 60's. Representatives of this art form, used his body as a material or object of art, by resorting to various, sometimes painful manipulation: covered their bodies with plaster, cuts, performed a grueling breathing, burning her hair. As a manifestation of actionism, Body Art became friendly with a number of phenomena that emerged in the mainstream counter-culture (tattoos, body painting, nudity, sexual revolution).

The main types of Body art:

1. Bodipeynting - the most common form of Body Art. The basic idea - drawing on the face and body.

2. Tattoo and Tattoo. The aim is to create a tattoo on the human body a certain visual expression using plastic signs, labels, songs that he creates by mechanical injection of dye into the human skin after its preliminary nakalyvaniya either - a notch or vytsarapyvaniya. The obvious drawback to this type of Body Art is that it is quite difficult to get rid of, often enough it comes to plastic surgery.

3. Scarification - have not yet gained popularity kind of Body Art. This is the most barbaric kind, which involves coating the skin with fairly deep cuts, leaving the intricate scars.

4. Pierced. Now one of the most common types of Body Art, which is body decoration with earrings. Pierce almost everything: the ears, nose, navel, tongue. For exotic species is a planar body piercing (hands, back, legs, stomach, etc.).

How to draw?

Quite often artists use the "Body Art - clothing," that is portrayed on the bodies of models, blouses, pants, etc. In countries with developed this art form, building whole songs from the "living pictures": the body is put a certain element of the figure-of water, then the model is placed, arranged in tracks, thus creating a "living" landscapes. So how do you create such masterpieces?

The work begins with making sketches. They thought out not only the image, colors and unusual refeniya, but "relief" that is, as an image falls on the skin. Pose for the artist Body art - it is very difficult for even accustomed to this model. The process of drawing can be up to 5 hours.

The skin reacts differently. Typically, the paint starts to annoy, cause itching, redness or even contracted.Then there is a desire as soon as possible wash off all the "beauty". Well, the art requires sacrifice! There are artists that use fluorescent dyes that are not afraid of neither water nor soap, and remove them only with a special solution.

The body is not only the interior canvas, with its movement and plastics can obtain additional visual effects, the viewer focuses on the "language" of the body, a combination of color patches, volumes and lines.

Requires special materials that are tailored to the specifics of this trend, giving unlimited possibilities for creativity. The paint does not need fixing powder and does not flow under the studio and stage spotlights (in contrast to the classical theatrical makeup). This material has excellent covering characteristics and represented a wide variety of bright colors and their shades.

Coated is dipped in water with a brush. It is easy to feather when wet. If you want to achieve a surface texture pattern, use different kinds of textural sponges, with their help, the paint is applied hammered movements.

An alternative to brushes and sponge serves another technique of applying the paint - machinery "air brushes". This spectacular and fastest way to a uniform spray of liquid paint on any surface. The main tool for the job is connected with the airbrush compressor air. With this technique creates a perfect smooth transitions from one color to another, special lines and light combinations.

In order to achieve different visual effects to depict the graphic elements, use stencils. All the masters of their secrets: some use of child gouache, cosmetic pencils and theatrical makeup. Many people say if you add shampoo or honey - the paint will become soft and good lie down. Everything is limited only by imagination of the artist and the location to him "canvas."

Determination of Body Art means nothing, as "the art of decorating the body." And it is not perverted pleasures of youth, according to townsfolk, and another attempt to assert itself, and one of the most peaceful.

Masha Shibanova


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