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Secrets of a beautiful figure

August 5 2006

The secret to the first: a choice diet

This is perhaps the most crucial step on the path to harmony. I tried many diets: sitting on the potatoes and ate only rice and tried not to have supper after six. But I missed a short time. I became aggressive and irritable. If the approaching holidays, then from the diet had to give up.

After these unsuccessful attempts, I take time off from weight loss. But once my friend, who after the delivery is strongly plumper, told me about her favorite diet. I'm concerned. I was surprised by the simplicity and convenience of the power system. And I realized that this diet may well become my own.

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How to stay beautiful without exhausting yourself diet?

How to cope with irrepressible gusto?

Choose your fitness on the blood group

I soon learned that a few colleagues at work, too, are going to try it. I doubted the effectiveness of the diet, but for the company is to make a lighter, so I decided. The most interesting thing of the officers to a successful outcome reached a me.

Secrets of: all simply brilliant

I'm a man running. And I was always frightened by the prospect to carry on the work of plates with unappetizing content. Once you start to feel "black sheep". In the six months of weight loss, I did not take with you to work any such bowls. I could find in the dining room is all I have allowed my diet.

The essence of this system - to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates. I gave up bread, sweets, cereals, potatoes, legumes, certain vegetables, as well as fruit. In doing so I could eat mayonnaise, lard, butter. In addition, resolved fried, spicy foods and alcohol.

Despite all my doubts, diet yielded results. I lost 12 ½ pounds. However, many friends and acquaintances were not even aware that I was sitting on a diet.

Another plus diet - its universality. For me it is very important night for supper with the family. We have a tradition. My power system let me have when I conveniently.

The Secret of Three: mental attitude

Often, when women go on a diet, constantly harassing the thought that they "can not be all." Such psychological pressures can not affect the peace of mind. Starting failures and storms of the refrigerator. Some even tantrums occur because of the fact that you can not eat sweets. To avoid disruption, every day I allowed myself a couple of slices of chocolate and one teaspoon of any jam.

Must learn to listen to your body. Sometimes I really wanted to eat a piece of white bread with butter or a bowl of pasta. Then I asked myself: "Do I really want to eat it?". If you received a positive response, then allowed himself a little snack on it. And then, not tormented himself with remorse. The main thing - do not overdo it with this "little bit".

The secret of a fourth: a diary

During weight loss, I kept a diary, which carried with them always. Here I write down everything that ate today for a day. I tried to be honest with yourself and consider all the snacks and concessions. "

Every day I measure my weight, and the results again fills in this blog. He helped me understand where I made a mistake and did not give give up.

The Secret of Five: creative

Amoy has been difficult to invent dishes and keep the menu diverse. Continuing to prepare myself apart from the family did not allow time. And I learned to replace some "forbidden" foods in traditional recipes. For example, a filling for stuffed peppers instead of rice added to the cabbage.

Instead of bread, I use a sheet of Chinese cabbage. Wrapped it around the ham and cheese, and make great sandwich.

My usual menu looked like this:

Breakfast: Coffee with milk, cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage or cauliflower.

2-nd breakfast: Corporate sandwich with Chinese cabbage and coffee.

Lunch: soup of any soup, salad, meat or fish without a garnish.

Dinner: Chicken, meat or fish. Vegetable dishes with sauerkraut or pickled cucumbers.

Love Sazanova


Константин Дятлов

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