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When gormonchiki naughty: Ah-s not to love!

March 4 2005

It turns out that good looks and beautiful figure - the result is not only trendy diets and regular sex, but also the hormonal balance. How much and what kind of hormones in our blood, are also affected our mood, predisposition to disease and even the intellect, not to mention the opportunity to conceive.

Have you ever meet obese men with the figure of sumo wrestlers and temper-Balagurov Zateynik whose children have a rare Gila, the growth of small and closed? Do you remember your first thought when meeting? Hey, do not need dirt! Beech-mother, neighbor-goner or insidious substitution of babies in the maternity hospital here is not with it! Most likely, their parents and their beloved children in the blood of the disrupted hormones. Some too much, some little.

For example, the thinness of the child may indicate a shortage in his body of an important hormone called estrogen, is responsible, in addition to its basic functions (of which below), also for the appetite. And here at his dad is just in excess! But as children hormonal imbalance is inherited is not transmitted, and begins to appear by itself at puberty, then all the differences between "gay family" become apparent during this period.

Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the basic signs of hormonal disorders in 14-16-year-olds: the underdevelopment of genitals in boys and breasts in girls, the absence of menstruation and hair in the armpits and groin. If this problem peacefully give up - they say, will develop itself - that children can remain permanently stunted, with a disproportionate body. Hardly anyone, this perspective seems rainbow ...

Types of hormone imbalance and signs

As you know, a woman's ovaries are produced, mainly estrogen and progesterone. A primary goal of male body - in time to produce testosterone and androgens. Of course, there are all kinds of hormones in both men and women. But if the woman's body suddenly begins to vigorously produce testosterone, a male - estrogens, nothing good comes of it.

For example, women have a lack of progesterone leads to infertility, miscarriage, uterine bleeding or cancer of the uterus.

Due to lack of estrogen increased dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, including vaginal, brittle nails, hair loss, there are more wrinkles, worsening memory, menstruation becomes too abundant, or conversely, stop at all; decreased libido may begin obesity, endometriosis, erosion of the cervix, uterus. And all - we dramatically grow old too soon!

If too much androgen - expect increased hairiness, obesity, acne, hair greasiness, delayed menstruation, problems with child bearing.

For men, no less dangerous to an increased amount of estrogen. No, passive gay because of this, no one has yet become. Just in time for a man no chance to become a father, as in the case of an overabundance of estrogen in the male 90% of the "rewards" even and BPH, together with other male problems.

Note: if your boss in recent years have increasingly irritated repeats that form you had a bad mood, he is hot, then cold, and yet he was always something to chew - in front of you offering explicit overabundance of estrogen. And there is this excess is most often due to inflammatory diseases of the thyroid gland or congenital anomalies.

On the contrary, with a lack of estrogen, a person is always "hungry."On others he usually gives the impression of "the brakes after a hangover: it is slow, dull, vague thoughts, wandering eye, but on the face, arms and legs - swelling.

Reduced testosterone levels in men, too, does not lead to anything good. The figure "floats" in the problem, the skin shines, there are eels ... There are other signs. Estimate. You for several months quite drawn to women, but rather want them to talk to someone on the souls and complain to them in his vest? Your friends are more likely to make your comments about excessive whipping his back when walking? Hmmm, you become a "woman"! And now to stop this process "miraculous conversion", you need urgently to balance the hormones!
The danger for both sexes is a surplus or shortage and male sex hormones - androgens. And both, sooner or later leads to infertility.

And both men and women due to hormonal disruptions can dramatically decrease sexual desire. You need this?

Unfortunately, hormonal problems are able to spoil the lives of anyone. Of them suffer and famous people. For example, "crumpet" Natalie Krachkovskii and crumpet in the past Larisa Dolina, "Experienced" Yevgeny Morgunov and "Joker" Vyacheslav Innocent has always been associated with their obesity is a hormonal imbalance.

Several years ago, a hormonal imbalance recognizable analysis of daily urine. Now check the amount of any hormone can be less "smelly" way - just by passing blood from a vein.

Causes of hormonal problems

As a rule, we are a "spoil the blood." It turns out that in no case be dramatically quit smoking and fully "given" diets that promise instant relief weight. For example, if you manage to sharply last week to lose weight from 80 kg to 65 - the lack of estrogen is provided to you.

Should not be abused and gym - many bodybuilders, as well as renowned gymnasts and figure skaters suffer from lack of hormones. As a result - their torment frequent constipation, menstrual disorders and depression ...

Hormonal failure will not take long and in the case of some surgical procedures. For example, it often occurs in women who have abortions. Incidentally, after the termination of pregnancy, especially the first woman's chances of getting pregnant again could significantly decrease, since there are various endocrine diseases in violation of hormonal balance.

Another reason for female hormonal imbalances - pregnancy. Being "on the drift", women produce several times more hormones, they are literally "rage" as a tornado, so many expectant mothers noted a frequent change of mood, tripling of energy, and sometimes physical force that may not be a joke to scare them themselves and their other half. In some women, hormonal "problems" if they were before, with the onset of pregnancy may worsen - contrary to popular opinion that the presence of the fetus in the womb "treats many ailments." Therefore require careful medical supervision.

Among other things, chronic hormonal imbalances in female body leads to curious results, seriously affecting not only the health and appearance, but also on behavior, as well as love addiction. For example, vulnerable, whiny women such as Marilyn Monroe often choose their companions in a passionate and temperamental macho men, and girls with masculine facial features, strong character and manly figure tend to "feminize" men, thus compensating for a lack of female hormones - estrogen. In this type of girl "Monroe", suffering from lack of male hormones - androgens, generally do not have problems with conception and childbearing.

How to establish a balance?

st quite acceptable ways that are appropriate for both men and women.

1. Consult with your doctor to develop an individual diet, which includes herbal teas, special vitamins and minerals and trace elements to help you create hormonal imbalance.

2. In mild cases may be enough to go home "treatment" aloe juice with honey. Keep the mixture in the ratio: one leaf aloe, plus a spoon of honey - and take it to a teaspoon three times a day for two to five weeks. This "drug" not only balance the hormones, but also increase your libido!

3. Change the hormone pills! This, of course, applies only to women. If you drink contraceptives, choose the latest. Even better, if you pick up their special doctor because oral contraceptives - a purely personal matter and is not for everyone. Therefore, the hormone pills are surrounded by such an aura of "bad fame", originating from the time of our grandparents, who stuffed themselves into whatever is at hand, and still breed like rabbits ...

4. Take care of your nerves! Do not head to go into the experience, though it is not easy at constant stress. Past can lead to a variety of diseases ranging from gastritis to serious mental disorders, and women - to provoke the disappearance of menstruation or, conversely, its "arrival" at an inopportune time.

5. Naladte And, finally, sex life! As the saying goes, all the problems of irregular sex!

So you still think a hormonal imbalance trifle? No? Then a bullet to donate blood, and, if necessary, to drink "magic pills" and lead a "decent" way of life!


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