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Sunblock - stern rebuff to ultraviolet invader

May 3 2007

Doctors have long noticed that the skin of inhabitants of rural areas is aging faster than in the cities. At first, this fact is explained by the fact that the resident of the city more intensively caring for your skin. However, studies of the past ten years showed that: all the fault of prolonged exposure to the sun. Under ultraviolet light, skin loses elasticity, becomes dry and early aging. Recipe for one - have to protect your skin from the sun.

Good - little by little

Moderate exposure to ultraviolet light is useful: increased resistance to various diseases, improves circulation in the skin, increases metabolism, and activates activity of the skin tissue. Beneficial effects of the sun turns into a disastrous after 15 minutes of being under the burning rays. Excessive dose of sun exposure can damage the skin and even cause a severe skin disease. To avoid this, allow protective devices - creams, oils, gels, lotions (often referred to as suntan). They contain tinted filters that absorb most of the ultraviolet rays, preventing burns.

According to most experts in the field of photobiology, the old skin, reducing its elasticity, the ultraviolet A rays. Namely, these rays are used in tanning tanning. Studies have shown that from everyday exposure to solariums unprotected skin suffers more than the excess, but the short-term exposure at the beach.

Scientists believe that the protections from the sun - this is the only effective prevention of premature skin aging. And they hope that future UV-filters will necessarily involve not only a protective cosmetics, but also in cosmetics. Most modern medicines does not miss the rays A, neither the rays of B. This does not mean, however, that using one of these, you can not tan. Sunscreen only helps skin cells to develop a special pigment - melanin acting as a natural filter.

Number X

The degree of protection of the skin depends on the protective factor (SPF) facilities. The label of the sunscreen, gel, oil or lotion it indicate the number (from 2 to 40 and more). It shows how many times the sun exposure is reduced when using this tool. Known, with unprotected skin can safely sunbathe in just 10 minutes. Using a special cream that has, say, an index SPF 12, you can safely bask in the sun for two hours (10h12 = 120). However, if you just want a tan, then spend hours under the scorching rays just does not make sense: a maximum of 50 minutes the formation of melanin is terminated.

Lost in the winter of melanin is restored gradually. Therefore, in the first days of exposure to the sun should use funds with a high degree of protection - SPF 25, 30 and above. And people with red hair or delicate dry skin should not weaken the protection in the future. The same is true for children and adolescents: the young organism is much slower than in adults, produces melanin. Many companies produce special children's safety equipment, including those for infants.

Average degree of protection - a means to index SPF 2 to 20 - will need when the skin is already accustomed to the sun and lay down on her first sunburn. The higher the index SPF, the more economical means: to put it on the skin need much less.

Even if your tan is already strong enough, do not completely abandon sunscreen. Go to the tanning oil with SPF index of 2 or 3, but for a person more suitable fat gel. This will help give the skin a beautiful bronze color.

From the person not to drink the water, and yet ...

p align = "justify"> The facial skin is much more delicate than the skin of the body, much more often exposed to sunlight. Cosmetologists say that a person should prepare for the summer since early spring. To maintain the acid barrier of the skin - a necessary filter for solar radiation - in the spring and summer it is better not to wash with soap, do not use lotions that contain alcohol, and not to use the tincture of the vodka. Day cream in combination with powder increases the protection of the person.

Leaving the beach

Many fans of sunbathing after leaving the beach, have to resort to using yogurt. This folk remedy has a reputation for a cure in the case of burnout.
But there are other means, moisturizing, cooling and soothing irritated skin. This after-sun creams. Moreover, the use of them is necessary not only when you are burned, but just after sun exposure: they prevent peeling and make sunburn more stable.

Tan without the sun

Sunburn can be simulated by using a special cream. It is necessary to put the cream "tanning" on the skin, and a few hours it will become a beautiful golden hue. Just apply the cream evenly, leaving no "gaps", otherwise the skin is covered with stains and spots. Wash off the cream with water will not succeed.

Women with pale skin, is not susceptible to sunburn, cosmetologists are advised to wipe face with carrot juice, alternating this procedure with the morning washing tea (preferably Ceylon). Bronze Tanning, this procedure is, of course, will not, but the color of skin will improve.


• Avoid the midday summer sun - from 11 to 15 hours.
• Before sunbathing and even more so in the sun you should not use perfumes means: cologne, deodorant, toilet water, lotion. They increase the susceptibility of skin to sunlight, due to fragrances can cause irritation and pigmentation.
• Protective equipment should be applied to the skin with a thick layer, without rubbing.
• If the bottle does not indicate that the water repellent agent (and there are), then after bathing procedure should be repeated.
• Remember that not all skin equally sensitive to sunlight, and hence the tan differently. It depends primarily on the thickness of the skin and the ability of epidermal cells to produce pigment. On the face of rapidly exposed to the sun the most prominent part - the nose, forehead, cheekbones, chin and eyelids. On the body - chest, abdomen, forearms, shins.

Oleg Adamowicz

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