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May 2 2006

The only loss, which the girl said with satisfaction and even pride - is weight loss. To make a real feat to lose 5-7 kg. Someone has resorted to this to the miracle pills, and someone sits on a diet. After all, it is best to control their weight. And do not forget that the rate of energy consumption for women - an average of 2500 kcal per day.

Done it is known that girls from all over the world aspire to have a slender figure . And many, it turns out, want to learn how?

Lose Weight in Chinese
Before I eat something to look at the calendar. The Chinese believe that each food has its own season.

Spring. Boiled white meat is perfect as a main dish. As a side dish suit raw and steamed vegetables, rice and beans and a salad of leafy greens. And no sweet!

Summer. Lean on fruits, legumes, white meat and seafood. Alcohol , sweets, spicy, greasy and hot food is better limit.

Autumn. Fits all boiled: vegetable stew, soup, rice with vegetables, hot potatoes, fish and meat with warming spices (ginger, pepper, garlic).

Winter. Turn on all hot. Cook the meat and fish dishes served with pumpkin, carrots, nuts, adding spices (cinnamon, onion, ginger, garlic, turmeric). In the cold, the body needs energy, so do not count calories and do not limit yourself to eat.

Lose Weight in Japanese
Drink more green tea . Ideal - 10 cups a day. Tea helps to normalize metabolic processes, will help shed those extra pounds and promoet intestines, ridding the body of toxins. Try to reduce your dose by 20% and longer stretch the meal. Go to the sticks, dessert fork and coffee spoon.

Lose Weight in Malay
Want to become a local temperamental Tropikanka? Eat exotic fruits and sate (kebabs of shrimp and chicken on bamboo skewers). The most important thing to prepare the dish. Take at least the same pineapple. It contains bromelain (an enzyme that helps burn fat) so the fruit will be active if the pineapple stew in coconut milk with garlic and kukumoy.

The king of fruits in South-East Asia, durian does not require additional cooking. The most important thing to give him mature. Its taste is reminiscent of hazelnut mousse.

Lose Weight in the Indian
King of fruits in India is the mango. Regular use of mango dishes have "the effect of iron - smooth out fine facial wrinkles and give the new show. If you go to the beach, then eat a mango, then the tan will form evenly and will get the golden-chocolate flavor.

Lose Weight in American
Should have the first not only for dinner, but breakfast and dinner. Broth soup must be strong enough so as to digest such food organism spends more calories than it contains.

Lose Weight in Brazilian
the locals here are flexible and feminine shapes, and all because here in huge numbers grow soybeans . The composition of this plant include genistein and other phytoestrogens (plant compounds that are similar in structure to the female sex hormone). They cause a burst of energy, creating a feeling of lightness in the body, elevate mood and soften the manifestation of premenstrual syndrome, smooth skin, shiny eyes betray.

Soybeans creates a pleasant and long-lasting feeling of satiety, but low calorie.

Lose Weight on the Mexican
Avocados - the main components of all foods descendants the Maya and Aztec. This fruit they pokroshat into the soup and salad, served with meat and fish, namazhut bread and special bread - tortillas instead of pate and meat.

Lose Weight in Argentine
The people of this country support the force and preserve the shape with the help mate - tea from leaves and branches of local trees. Brewing materials should be in a container of pumpkins and drink in small sips through a straw with a filter on the end - fish is, threaded through the lid. To drink: a third to fill the kettle brewing, umyat it so that the left side of the room for water, and then pour hot water, but not boiling.

Lose Weight in Italian
Pizza - that's the secret of a good figure. Cheese, olives, tomatoes, peppers and other useful terms are delicious fillings contain a unique complex of natural substances, which smooths and tightens skin.

Lose Weight in Spanish
Provide the local cuisine without oysters impossible. Oyster diet tonic, strengthens the nervous and immune system, relieves stress, fatigue and excess pounds, increase sexual activity. Only there they should fall, winter and early spring, as the summer they have a period of breeding, and they are not as tasty and healthy.

Lose Weight in French
Lots of vegetables and steamed greens - is the secret of fine French women. For cooking, they spend a huge amount of spinach , dill, parsley and celery. Biologically active substances in stewed greens are contained in the most acceptable form of assimilation.

Ancient East
Residents used pearl dust as a mineral supplement. It serves as a youth elixir, reduces weight, strengthens teeth, bones, calms.

In our time the same properties has pearl powder, calcium preparations, ground eggshell.


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