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Choose tights: how not to run into a fake?

March 2 2007

Men at the feet of women pay attention much earlier than her character and culinary skills. It is not surprising that the cost of buying tights, which are an effective weapon of temptation, constitute a tangible part of what the modern woman spends on herself.

In general, "tights" a strange word. "Tights", according to the dictionary Ozhegova, what makes it difficult, anxiety and vanity. And on his feet? Facilities and the reasons for the unrest there ...

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Tights in history

Tights not appear immediately, were first invented socks. The first stocking was hand knitted - prickly, rough. Not immediately needlewomen mastered knitting the heel, so the toe is obtained as long intestine. First lisle stockings and fildepersovye which are made of Egyptian cotton, have appeared in Scotland. Due to the fact that the yarn was thin, stockings were pleasant to the touch, smooth and shiny. Then came viscose stockings. Our grandmother after the war went to the teddy. Later, on the legs are already stretched nylon.

Oda Lycra

"A woman likely to have forgiven the wrinkles on his face than on the sock!" - Claimed the French. With the advent of lycra tights problems have been encountered. Lycra - synthetic fibers, with properties like rubber tires. She exceeds her several times in elongation and strength, which allows, if advertising is not lying, use of stockings and as a cable car. Tights with Lycra never will hang like an accordion, delays appear to them as often. For bags with tights always indicated their density, measured it in the den. The greater the DEN, the denser will be sitting pantyhose.

We select pantyhose

Loyal aide in the fight for shapely legs and buttocks - modern pantyhose. In some of the models are sewn from cotton gusset (Sanitizen label on the packaging informs about the presence of antibiotic impregnation), so that you can do without underwear, which is so out of place sometimes sticks out from under her dress in obtyag. Almost all pantyhose have a reinforced top. For large size provides solid back insert. There are models with a figure-shaping effect for those who have tummy sag or "ears" on the hips.

In tights' effect biceps "top is sealed in the form of shorts (from 60 to 150 DEN). This will reduce the waist, hips, tighten stomach and buttocks.

Especially for the mini-skirts invented variant with Waist pants or shorts transparent.

Tights with individual plots in a compacted knitted bands (from 140 to 180 DEN), reinforced elastanovoy thread, excellent surround the figure. There are models with distributed pressure, decreasing from toe to thigh.

Anti-cellulite pantyhose - thanks to the helical compression system they support the walls of blood vessels, preventing the swelling of feet and not giving a "turn" cellulite.

To work masseur can Lycra. Special knotted netting, cleverly distributes the pressure on the skin ultra-flexible filaments, the pantyhose with the effect of massage.

assmotrite packaging to see which places "would remove" one or another model: areas where pantyhose denser and therefore stronger Waist, marked a darker color. The arrows on the picture shown, as distributed by foot pressure, and dotted outlined the initial version of the figure. Wearing those pantyhose, you can "reset" the whole amount. But medical experts warn corrective pantyhose can wear every day.

Do fashionistas the opportunity to wear tights even in the cold. New technologies have allowed a thin tights add wool, acrylic, cotton. Tights with microfibre much warmer than normal. Multi-layer polyamide thread keeps the air in the micropores. Cotton protects from the cold, and it is indispensable for those who are allergic to synthetics.

Cream tights - is saturated with a special compound (absolutely dry to the touch). Tights with imbedded into the fabric of microgranules of caffeine, apricot and almond oils, menthol for 28 days will reduce the amount of your hips at 1 cm and make the skin around the legs supple and smooth. Also in cream tights add polysaccharides of red algae, they provide moisture, making skin more supple, and prevent stagnation of fluid in cells, are struggling with cellulite. Also, some manufacturers add a kolkotki capsule with extracts of rosemary and apricot. Typically, prices for such relatively high tights. Analogues less expensive - pantyhose with white oil impregnation. Cosmetic forces suffice to 5 washings.

Tights must be combined by the color of the clothes and, most importantly, shoes, or be bodily - then they come to any costume. Rules of etiquette are allowed distinction between the color of her dress and pantyhose all in one tone. This will give stylish throughout your image. For ladies mature pantyhose bright colors look, at least, strange.

How not to run into a fake

As part of regular tights contains from 5 to 25% lycra or elastane in the treatment of 30%, all over - it is a fake.

Read carefully the name brand. Often fraudsters on their products by using the techniques of minor changes in names, for example, clean or add one letter - Sanpellegrino-Sanpelegrino.

The bar code must be present on the packaging. The first two digits correspond to the country of manufacturer.

For example, 80-83 - Italy 30-37 - France, 00-09 - U.S. and Canada, 400-440 - Germany, 4605 - Latvia, 50 - Great Britain, 590 - Poland 76 - Switzerland 84 - Spain, 869 - Turkey, 90-91 - Austria and 460-469 - Russia. A white sticker with a bar code has a rectangular shape with rounded corners.

Carefully open the packaging, smell the product. Corporate pantyhose have a pleasant smell, with each model's own. Known firm flavored their products. This is a fairly expensive process, and left producers can not afford such a luxury.

Stretch a piece of the upper part of tights on his hands and look into the seams. In cheaper models around the seams - they can chafe the skin when wearing and exude through tight clothes. Elite models have flat seams that when stretching almost compares with the main surface and lack deficiencies round joints. Good tights have a gusset - diamond-shaped piece of tissue in place, connecting the two stocking. Thanks to her, pantyhose do not rush and do not rub it between your legs and sit better on the figure. In the most expensive models are made of cotton gusset. In cheaper models, it most often absent.

Prolongs life tights

If the stockings to treat, they are worn for much longer. Wash pantyhose should manually strongly do not hit, with only a mild detergent. Not suitable powders and liquids with lightening effect.Tights after rinsing squeeze, putting in a soft towel. They can not be dry on batteries, heaters and the sun. Before you wear pantyhose, you must remove all jewelry from hands (some use for this purpose thin knitted gloves). Especially careful you have to be those who have long, sharp nails. It should also be kept in order toenails regularly trimming their nail files.

Tatiana Trushkova


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