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What Russian does not eat caviar in the New Year?

December 28 2009

Caviar - Gourmet symbol of Russia, a sign of luxury, versatile appetizer with vodka and champagne. In order not to spoil your mood bad eggs, it must be able to choose from. Alas, we all know that is a leader among the substandard and counterfeit products, and according to official figures of 60-80 per cent of selling itself delicacy has a dubious origin.

Alas, the Caviar - a leader among substandard and counterfeit products, and according to official figures of 60-80 per cent of the selling of eggs is very doubtful origin, there is also questionable taste, not to mention the utility. And if in the case with the purchase of clothing feykovoy you risk only in money, in the case of the fake caviar - health and even life.

Caviar - a product of delicate and perishable, it is very easy to poison, which is why it is so important to spend time on her choices. It is unlikely that you will approach the traditional method of quality control, distributed among gourmets, when before serving in ikornitsu dipped silver ball on a thin chain. And, if the ball is delayed on the surface of eggs at least three seconds, then salting bad caviar at a party is not the place.

General rules

First, the eggs can be bought only in large stores and tested, and in any case not in tents on the market or from private persons. Secondly, New Year's table should only buy eggs in jars, Weigh no longer meets the quality standards, and its sale is illegal.

Even in supermarkets sometimes not met conditions of storage of eggs sold by weight, it is packed right in the store and lay on the counter, masking the expiring shelf life of fragrances and other additives. Yes, and it is impossible to know the date of manufacture, it is impossible to verify the seller's response to this important question.

At the bank first thing in looking for the term "zakatyvaniya. In accordance with the manufacturing technology, caviar canned immediately after extraction, for a maximum until October.

December's caviar is always worse in quality, it is already frozen, and it has too much liquid. Following a period search for GOST - Russian plants to produce high quality eggs, because they are near the places of fishing.

As for supplements, it is beyond doubt only salt and vegetable oil. Glycerine (E400), although not dangerous, but many consider him superfluous, and antiseptic methenamine (E239) in the U.S. and Europe have recognized toxic. Therefore, the fewer additives in the calf, the better.

Naturally, the bank, whether it be a tin or glass, should not have dents, bubbles and other defects. All figures are necessarily squeezed inside. Figures, a broken or out blurry figures - a sign of forgery. Non-standard containers without clear markings better not to buy, the more so if the price is low. Caviar good quality can not be cheap.


Particularly affected by counterfeiting confronts lovers of black caviar. On sale now comes a very small amount of this delicacy, resulting mainly from the sturgeon, captive breeding. Even this caviar is very expensive, and in the taste qualities of traditional calf loses.

Legal caviar is sold in cans, 90 ounces and in glass jars (to 28.25 g, 56.5 g and 113 g) with tin lids of different colors. Under the blue lid hides sturgeon, under the red - sturgeon. Yellow denotes the beluga, but it is listed as endangered and officially banned the sale.

img style = "float: left;" src = "/ images/article/5/0/4/13504.jpeg? ts = 1261669640" alt = "" width = "200" height = "180" /> Everybody knows a funny paradox - lighter than the so-called "black" caviar, so it is more valuable and more expensive.


Although the usefulness of all types of caviar are the same, but the taste of caviar and exterior of various fish species are very different. The most popular salmon roe and salmon, and, ideally Kets eggs used for decoration of dishes thanks to a spectacular bright and large eggs.

Also, in recent years, the fashion is fine trout roe. Coho salmon roe fish slightly bitter taste, flying fish roe is more suitable for the preparation of rolls, and eggs of sockeye and chinook salmon practically available for sale due to the mass extermination of the species.

Red caviar is always super packed in glass jars, and you can be sure that no liquid inside, caviar has a uniform color, under the glass is not visible fat droplets, and the entire, without a crumpled Bochkov, and grains are in contact with one another.

Shapeless mass of the burst and coalesced eggs means that the product is improperly stored, and the taste is hopelessly flawed.

If you're really shake the jar, the eggs should "move". And after the bank will be open, high-quality eggs will not stick to the inside of the lid.


Open a jar of caviar can be stored longer than 6-7 days. Bank closure, too, should not be stored for a long time, especially as home refrigerators are rarely supported the correct temperature (-4-6 degrees for red caviar and -2-4 degrees for black). Try to buy eggs for two or three days before the feast.

Elena Chirkova

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