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All they need to know about the tie a man

February 28 2007

Necktie - Business card men. "This is not only an excellent remedy for colds, sore throat and toothache. By tie can learn a lot about its owner, said in 1818, Baron Emile de L'Ampeze. Indeed, even in the sultry summer day in official places of "business" or simply a stylish man doomed to be a tie. What you need to know the man, choosing a tie?

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Colours should be in harmony with the color of suit, shirt, socks and shoes. Experts recommend:

-You can combine the three monochrome colors.
-You can combine two monochromatic colors with a pattern.
-Use a maximum of two figures in the outfit
-Combine one uniform color with two dissimilar pictures.
-You can not combine the three pictures.
-Combination of the following contrast.
-Mix in the image texture.

And a few tips .... Put the tie on her hand, if the wide end hangs freely without twisting, it will lie smoothly when you have to start up the node. On the back of the seam to be sliding, but not hard - so defined by manual work. High quality ties are made from three different pieces, and most "commercial" - the two.

In a tied tie should cover the belt buckle. The width of a tie depends on the width of the lapels of his jacket. On average they are between 7 and 9 cm

When choosing a tie, should pay attention to its shape, texture of fabric and its quality.

Sometimes men are faced with the fact that after the tie had been tied up and straightening his collar, he always strove to kink. This can be avoided even when choosing a tie. To do this, simply take it to the arm's length, if it is spinning "around its own axis in the air, it means that he was not sewed, and will behave exactly as you have on the neck, creating discomfort and denying self-confidence.

Another important part of quality tie - gasket, which allows to retain their shape tie. The best pads are made from one hundred percent wool, but there are more democratic representatives, which are made of wool with cotton, 100% cotton or polyester.

Some believe that the thinner tie - so it is better. In fact, far from it. Everything depends on the fashion season, when you're going to wear a tie. In winter - wear a tight necktie made of silk and wool, but the summer can be lightened version.

It should be careful when choosing too bright ties with catchy graphics, images or strange symbols. The official dress widespread rule is dark tie, combined with a light shirt. Anyway, dark tie look very elegant. But it is worth remembering that a tie is better to pick a way that it was a tone lighter than the jacket.

Drawings on the tie:

1. The diagonal stripe - creates a calm view of the business. Well used in any situation.

2. The cell is usually used in a relaxed atmosphere, combines perfectly with the flannel suit, sport jackets, cardigans.

3. Foulard - a very common, a pattern with recurring characters on a background of self-colored fabric./ P>

4. Geometry - includes all the geometric patterns, creates a more stylish and relaxed image.

In a smart suit, a tie can be replaced with "butterfly" or a light scarf. In the semi-official (the same suit, but for everyday life) function tie "can do" a scarf, scarf tucked into his collar regular shirts.

In order for your tie served you faithfully, you should take care of it:

Rule number 1: unleash the node after you remove the tie. Otherwise, it will form wrinkles.

Rule number 2: Ties should be kept in limbo. If you are in the closet no special rails for this purpose, manager for special ties smoothly polished wooden hanger.

Rule number 3: If you drive a car, try not to allow contact with a tie belt - the friction is not attached tie attractiveness.

Rule number 4: Do not wear a tie made of natural silk every day. Expensive ties needed rest.

Rule number 5: Do not wash the tie yourself. Splurging on a special cleaning of or a new tie. If you buy an expensive silk tie abroad, ask at the same time and care for him.

Correctly tie a tie - a whole science. Not all men are able to do it.

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From the magazines "Salon", "Oleg", "Ties"


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