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How to choose a Christmas tree

December 20 2006

New Year is coming soon. In order to be consistent with the weather, you can certainly begin to decorate a cactus, but still we talk about the classics - how to choose the main character of New Year celebrations - fir.

First, some history. The custom of dressing the tree is very old. People thought forever green denizen of the forest a symbol of life and rebirth. Spruce branches adorned with apples, nuts and other small offerings to the gods. It was thought that these branches hanging near the entrance to the house, drive away evil spirits.

This practice is quickly moving from one European country to another, from peasant homes in manors and castles of the nobility.

In Russia the tradition of dressing the Christmas tree did not immediately went to the people. First Christmas tree decorated in their homes only to foreigners, but by the end of XIX century Christmas trees have already spread everywhere. After the Revolution, this tradition was abolished (as a religious, belonging to the Christmas celebrations), and resumed only in 1935.

It is difficult to say which trees to date the most popular - live or artificial. Someone believes that to cut a live Christmas tree - it's cruel, but someone that does not worry and he prefers the artificial life. In any case, the choice of a Christmas tree - a process not only enjoyable, but has its own quirks, which is good to know.

When choosing an artificial Christmas tree (and the living is also true), note the height of the room to spruce not rested against the ceiling, in fact will still tip. Make sure the Christmas tree was not a marriage in place of its attachment to the reception. If the tree folding, all details should be in place and must cling, but it fitted without herculean effort. Artificial needles should be thick and evenly distributed, so there was no "bald patches. Needles also should not crumble. Another important point - it must be fireproof, but if it is not, then the Christmas lights should not hang.

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If before trees were mostly green, but now you can easily find another, and white, black, blue or even red, yellow and orange. With color, you should decide for yourself is only recommended for pre-think, and whether this fits the "atomic" tree in your interior.

Well, to make room vital fragrance of pine needles, you can buy special aromatic pouches. Beautifully decorated, they perfectly complement the festival.

With a choice of living trees more difficult. It is advisable to complete it was mounting, where you can put the water tank. You can buy a Christmas tree in a tub and after the holidays to plant it at the cottage or in a nearby park.

Better to buy a Christmas tree in advance, for wanting to buy the latest and most magnificent to be plentiful, but the trees meet this requirement is much less. Purchased in advance tree to keep in the cold.

Tree trunk should be thick, it indicates the health of the green beauties, and accordingly on the future long life in your apartment.

Fresh needles should be bright green color, and if rubbed a needle with your fingers, they give an oily fragrant juice. Do not buy a Christmas tree with dry pine needles - it would not last long.

Branches should also not be dry. We ate fresh branches are flexible and do not break at the mere touch.

Thus, selected and bought. The next task - to convey.Bring your Christmas tree so as not to damage it. Pay special attention to the top - if inaccurate transportation crown can wipe or break. In addition, you can neatly wrap cloth to protect the branches.

Before installing a cut tree to be processed with a knife, opening the pores in the 8-10 cm. The best option for the installation and at the same time feeding the tree, a bucket of wet sand. In clean sand must be added per liter of water with gelatin or aspirin. You can also add fertilizer.

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