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Fitness and do not run into a cad complex and the elite club

January 15 2009

Hike in the fitness center can not turn back the most pleasant experiences. Even if it's a very, very prestigious and expensive institution of premium. On the Internet, discussing morals prevailing in the network of sports clubs, World Class. Cost of annual membership card in which, as poignantly noticed bloggers close to the annual budget of a small country in Africa.

So, was unpleasantly surprised by their experiences visiting the Club World Class on ul.Arhitektora Vlasov owner of a family club card, Mr. V. He arrived at the club around 9 pm with his wife and children, but swim in the pool failed. As soon as they had time to plunge, as it jumped tousled administrator and need to be removed. Because, firstly, the children remain in the adult pool is not allowed (though at the same time, a group of adult happy splashing in the paddling pool). Second, the rules of the club is limited to children's stay after the closing of children's sections. In the third, finally, visitors complain that the children keep them from swimming. So that the adults if they wish, can dabble, but let the children relax in the locker room.

Then, not too polite lady, as though excusing himself said that these are the rules and she just watches over their execution. It is true Mr. B. These rules have never seen: no rules and recommendations on visiting World Class clubs in the public domain does not exist, they give out at the hands of customers at the conclusion of the contract. But Mr. B. All these papers for some reason forgot to put.

According to reports in the blogosphere, this case is not the only one in the practice of "elite" club. "Imagine my surprise when I arrived, clutching a sweaty palm pass into the inner sanctum Health World Class Outdoor Nametkina! Despite the fact that the cost of annual membership card in it close to the annual budget of a small country in Africa, staff at the club is like a .. at, "- says in his blog about his impressions from the trip to the World Class Livejournal-user morecheeba.

"Smiling does not know how one employee of the club, including the administrator at the reception, trainers and even employees of the commercial department, which seemed to be destined to fade away from enjoying the sight of the buyer - she continues. - No, it's harsh as before the execution. Significantly overshadow the sour mood of the person of citizens of the staff, suggestive of the fact that the club is to hold by force, being fed exclusively with bread crusts, and most likely punished for the slightest fault. "

"In the end, - said a blogger - I am quite humbly receptive to the fact that the pool will be closed for a month, was not surprised and that of the four floors of the club showed me only two. Particularly careful that, where the output. Yes and rudeness administrator only smiled sympathetically. "You have to be a monster, once again to ask for help people who are tortured slave labor" - I thought. As a result, barely holding back tears of pity, I left the club and that's really all day worried about - how are they there? ".

"Well you know - she meets one of the interviewees. - My husband bought me a cherished annual ticket to the club. So what? I will never forget how speechless when I started yelling girl wipe "a drop of water, hair and soap after me."

One can understand the rudeness tired low-paid cleaners municipal pool, but the same "service" in an elite sports club already alarming. It is believed that the subordinates were consciously or unconsciously imitate the behavior of his / her supervisor - note in this connection, the Internet media .Of course, looking at the President's networks Fitness Clubs World Class Olga Slutsker, charming, with a good sense of humor, there are doubts about the truth contained in the textbooks on management truths.

On the other hand, the company's official website reported that "all sports clubs" World class "to meet international standards and fitness-network map is a guarantee of high quality service." But, as has been said, a bright sign is not always a guarantee of quality.

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