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How to eat ice cream without breaking a diet

August 10 2009

12385.jpeg Summer without ice cream - it's not even summer, and some misunderstanding. However, eating a tasty, but a high-calorie ice cream, many start to feel guilty. And it is in vain: if you know some tricks you can pamper yourself, not letting down the drain all the diet that you and so deprived the latter of gastronomic pleasures.

So, to begin to remember what has fillers for ice cream than chocolate, you love. If the list includes strawberry syrup, or raspberry, and may be, pineapple, consider yourself lucky. They all contain at least two times less calories than chocolate or vanilla fillings.

For example, a ball of ice cream, sprinkled with strawberry syrup, will cost you 180 calories, while the pistachio-chocolate - are already at 230.

A good way to escape from the extra pounds will order your favorite variety (yes, with what you want fillers, though entirely poured bacon), but smaller portions. "Light" versions you will not save - This marking means is that in less fat ice cream, but not the calories.

Do you want all at once, and more? Your choice - sorbets. For a sweet tooth will not find better way: three sorbet ball will still be less calories than regular ice cream ball. True, it is worth remembering that most sorbets contain corn syrup, so they eat tons of it is not necessary - in the end, this extra sugar, but why should he tell you?

From various posypok, especially if it's caramel crumbs, should be abandoned. Pleasure - one bite and extra unwanted calories - well. Better to choose the puffed rice - will crunch too, but in fewer calories.

If, however, to abandon a favorite candy for you is death, then we need to pomudrit themselves ice cream. The most obvious solution is to freeze a cup of yogurt - whatever you choose, homemade ice cream will be on average 40 percent less calories than usual of the same size. Taking out their own desserts freezer, you can safely sprinkle it anything - in fact on the energy value of ice cream, you count, is already "saved."

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What is still worth saving - so it's a favorite in many peanut butter. True, if slimming ladies think about how many calories in it, it definitely would have passed into the category of worst enemies - in one of his spoonful contains 100 calories more than the same amount of chocolate or vanilla filling.

Not necessarily to build a pyramid out on the ice cream peanut butter - just symbolically mark its presence, spread a thin layer of ice on a dessert. Thanks to the pronounced taste you do not "miss", and its limit on the calories do not exceed.

There is an option, although it is not for lazy people: make ice cream with his hands. No, no yogurt - to deal with that and five children - but a real ice cream that taste will not differ from the purchase, except that for the better.

12386.jpeg For the preparation of eight servings you need 1.5 teaspoons of gelatin, a tablespoon of water, three cups of low fat milk, three large egg yolks, vanilla (if razdobudete vanilla pod - perfect) and 30-40 grams of milk.

Pour the gelatin with water and leave it to swellWhile you will be doing everything else, no harm will stir a few times. Pour a half cup of milk into a large pan and put it on a small fire, throwing back the same vanilla.

When milk goes from the pairs (it is important to not boil), add pre-whipped with condensed milk, egg yolks and stir the mixture, without ceasing, 3-5 minutes. This is best done with a wooden spoon - so you'll quickly realize when it's time to shoot the future of ice cream from the fire: it must stick to the spoon, but do not be too thick.

Then you need to filter the contents of the pan through a fine sieve and add the soaked gelatine. Mix well all ingredients, add the remaining milk in a bowl, stir again, and all - it's done! Now you just have to expand the ice cream bowl and send in the freezer for several hours. Each serving contains only 200 calories and 3 grams of fat, but calcium - a quarter of daily allowance.

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