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Catherine Strizhenova: "I tied her husband's neckties"

March 31 2005

Catherine and Alexander Strizhenova 8 years each, "Good morning" come into our homes. They couple have long considered the most harmonious, beautiful and beloved on television. After living in a marriage of almost twenty years, the couple have not lost interest in each other and maintain the freshness of feeling that, you see, occurs in our lives often. It is therefore particularly interesting to try to ferret out a recipe Strizhenov their marital happiness.

Katya came to the meeting without her husband - Alexander "not released" The film "From 180 and above, where he acted as director. But the mother was accompanied by the eldest daughter Nastya, a student of the course of the International Institute for advertising at the British School of Design. A four-year junior-Sasha - vacationing out of town. And it would certainly also took part in the conversation - she had to all have an opinion.

From the journalist's notebook:

I managed to "catch" Alexander Strizhenova in Ostankino, and he told how his wife won the location of the future:

- We met in the eighty-second year on the samples at the Gorky Studios. After you have gone together to the center, each according to his deeds. I flirted with Kate. But, in my opinion, teasing a fashionable Moscow "nay" she did not like. Then we met already in Sochi on the filming of "Leader". Began to communicate, and I still managed to win her heart. However, this had to perform many feats. For example, in the same Sochi ... Tell us? Twentieth March - Katin's birthday - I told her in a room with a huge (more than five hundred colors!) A bunch of tulips. Where did you get? Cut off at dawn (while sleeping policemen) at a monument to Lenin. All cut, cleaned! Kate later in the week did not take the keys to the rooms to the maid did not come - she was afraid that it just arrested. The times they were Soviets. That's it. This is certainly not a million red roses, but almost ...

- Are the tulips really played a critical role in your relationship to Sasha?

- He was always an interesting person, anyone not like. A highly educated, intelligent, caring beautiful. But on closer acquaintance turned out to be good and strong. That's what played a major role.

- Well, from my husband you usually get the flowers, and themselves that are giving him?

- Most of all, his favorite perfume and a new tie.

- Recently, Dad prefers GUCCI, fragrance unusual, mysterious, and masculine. Pope, he is well suited - explained Nastya.

- A good tie - it's my weakness - continued Kate. - For the ether I pick Sasha tie the color of my costume. It is hard to find a shade that would not be in his closet ... Fifteen years ago at a birthday party one of my friends, I accidentally saw his wife sent back one of her husband's gifts. I asked what it was she right? "If you do not want to lose my husband, do not let other women to give him a tie," - she replied. "Yes, why?" - I did not understand. And she explained: "The one who gives a man a tie, thus binds him to her. A sign this." Although I do not believe the signs, but since buying ties only herself.

- And what value you have odors?

- I live by them. Spirits I have so many that I can not even count. The husband bought me all new items, which only poyavlyayutya. This year's favorite is the last flavor ESTEE LAUDER, has already been bought bottles of fifteen. And Sasha is really suited GUCCI, he apparently he has some forces attached.

What are the gifts in your family are more valuable?

- Most of all? Maybe if I cook something tasty - as the saying goes, a gift made by hand.

- You are a practical person?

- It is impractical: the money is not saving up, I spend a lot and often. For example, past children's stores generally can not safely pass. And I love to buy everything new that appears in the cosmetics market. Now, for example, I use cosmetics line «La prairie». Here, for example, during the Christmas holidays leather tired of the constant make-up - because in addition to performances, filming, we were almost daily concerts in the evening. A cream company «La prairie» just skin revived. If you fall into the "Arbat Prestige" with Alexandra, then she's gaining a lot of things: it just needed something, and more.

- Kate, you said that you do not believe in omens, and in fate?

- I believe, and a meeting with Alex - it's just a gift of fate.

- Sasha, a jealous husband?

- I try not to give cause for jealousy. He is a man very temperamental, so it's best not to test his patience - the consequences can be very unpredictable.

- This year you played in the film, which took Sasha. Tell us more about this work.

- This is a film about love and male complexes. About a young man who believes that all problems arise from him because of his small stature, and that the world is ruled by a girl from one hundred and eighty centimeters above. After all, for the sake of them men commit deeds and take the barriers. The main character played by Eugene Stychkin, the remaining cast a constellation of artists: Fyodor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko, witty and charming Vanya Urgant. Previously, Sasha and I were filmed together in the movie, were partners in the theater and on television. But in this picture first worked as a director and actress, so I'm terribly excited.

- Do not conflict with the director?

- Really! At first I refuse to play, but the day before filming Sasha said: "If you do not thou mayest emerge on the set, will be a traitor." Naturally, I came. And once again my husband surprised me - the talent and professionalism. Very often, when a director does not understand what he wants. Suffer from this all: the actors do not know how to play, the operator does not know what to shoot. Sasha clearly formulated, and it was amazing the creative process. While "From 180 and above" - the second Sasha's picture, but it completely - the first (because the previous film, "Falling Up" are filmed with Sergei Ginzburg). I hope that this modern, very musical comedy like spectators.

- And on television in any project, you were shot?

- Yes, recently finished filming the show "The Insider", where I play a major role. The film is about how to betray the most intimate, learning how to fall and rise again. My character, having lived twenty years with her husband, loses it. He disappears to nowhere. In general, it is a modern melodrama, there is about love and unhappy, about the midlife crisis in men.

- Kate, despite the heavy workload, you're in great shape. Stick to any diet?

- I have tried all diets, what we can. Always limit myself to eat. But it happens suddenly, something terrible will want, naemsya, and then - unloading, and can starve. The most acceptable to me - is when dietitians specially make a list of products that can be eaten.In this case, you write two lists: what you love, and that can not stand. Based on this count and account for individual diet. It is rational.

For example, try to put a man on the buckwheat for a week. Yes, this is a great cleansing of the body, but he will eat you to the end of the third day, and eat your boots. Or suppose I like a diet, but it can not be many fruits, but I can not without fruit. Generally, the diet - a way of life. The only thing that I myself have not tried - is hypnosis for weight loss. Just because I'm afraid. We have to transfer a professor who deals with hypnosis, and I asked him: "And there can be such that, following your suggestion, I lose my appetite, but it will start to drink, smoke and everything else." He said that one hundred percent guarantee that this will not happen, can not give.

- A sports do you do?

- Since I am fifteen years she danced in the ensemble, muscle memory is preserved and constantly reminded that we should exercise - the body requires. In recent years, physical activity, I replaced the massage. And it's an outrage! Constantly berated myself for what I do not go to fitness. But all - with the near same time, start a new life!

- Kate, heard you decided to get second higher education - what?

- Yes, I am studying at the Institute of Applied Psychology in the Department of Gelshtad therapy. Literally, in German - is the solution of problems here and now.

- You have a wonderful family, and now, any problems you will solve for Science. Share with readers how to maintain a lasting marriage?

- I do not know ... Family life - it's diplomacy, as my mom says. There are boundaries that can not cross. We tried. And how do I save? How can you talk about it, if I do not know what the future holds? I try to live here and now.


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