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Show-business and Alcohol: Zatsepin borrowed from Timothy girl and drunkenness past Zvereva

January 30 2006

Unprecedented scandal over party devoted to the 6 th anniversary of the music magazine "Neon". The main hero of the incident turned out to be party to "American Idol - 4.

After drinking whiskey, the singer began to pester the waiter asking him to bring the shrimp. "Young man, I'm an artist, I was soon on the scene, bl ...!» - Oral Zatsepin. Calmed down the singer only after a polite notice of institution. But soon again began to make noise. The object of his attention was a slender blonde named Olga - Moscow to famous party girl, previously seen in close relationship with Sergei Lazarev, and now appearing in the company's famous "factory" rapper Timati, not so long ago broke off relations with the young "fabrikantkoy" Alexa.

Undeterred by the many friends and acquaintances who attended the presentation, Anton began to openly harass Olga. However, she apparently is not characterized by strict morals, was not opposed and, after drinking for courage, were soon kissing passionately with Zatsepin in front of everyone.

The drunk guy was seriously excited and dragged a new girlfriend on the scene, combining the performance of his own songs with hot kisses. Meanwhile, unnoticed by Zatsepin came dressed expensively stylish young man from Timothy hangouts. The young man tried to explain Zatsepin, that he behaved modestly.

"Yeah I to x ... and thou and thy Timothy! "- cut off raging" manufacturer ", who left the casino just before dawn in the company of the same Olga ...

Recently popular stylist Sergey Zverev has been on the TV screens.

At a party at the casino "Snowstorm" Zverev, dressed up as a superhero cartoon. Trail of expensive perfume lasted for a stylist as much of the lobby, and the snow-white suit and a huge fur boots is what sets it against a motley tusovka mass. Zverev admitted that he adores white - why is painted only in blond. But the presence of more attracted not dress the star, and his painful thinness. They say that because of congenital dystrophy Sergei Zverev not even have to call in the army. Now, ryadyas in white, Zverev trying visually to increase its volume. A young companion stylist told me that for Zvereva is the whole problem, they say, "He eats like an elephant, but still lose weight."

And his friendship with the refined young men Sergei carefully hides. Although it is considered in its "blue coterie" favorites Pugacheva, to enter Maksim Galkin, Andrei Malakhov, Nikolai Basque Danilko ... As evidence of its "normality" Zverev demonstrates all of its 12-year-old son of Sergei and sentimental tells the story of a tragic family life.

Oddities with the advent of the child in the life of a stylist visible to the naked eye. For example, in conversations with his father, Sergei Zverev, Jr., is almost never called him dad. In addition, catches the eye tangible portrait differences between Zverev and a boy. To give his son a great resemblance to himself, Zverev specifically lightens his hair. But questions about the child's mother always responds evasively: "Mom Sergei brought him to eight years until tragically perished not, then I took care of all about the kid."

What killed the boy's mother and what she did, is still unknown. One time get-together was rumored that the beast has adopted son of his close friend, after she committed suicide. We managed to find a man named Andrew, a couple of years ago, worked personal security guard Zvereva, who shared the unknown details of the life of a stylist. Namely, one of the reasons that Zverev actively prepares the heir to independence, sharply deteriorated in recent years the well-being.Told all the same ex-security guard, Zverev once thoroughly was applied to the bottle:

Sergei booze a lot, and all that off. One time he and his friends all day drinking regular brew, and until, until it all fell under the table. And offered me a drink quite often. In life it is a simple man, constantly use foul language, makes fun.

In addition to problems with alcohol, with Zverev discovered a lot of old sores: heart play pranks and often jumps pressure. Impact and consequences of the numerous plastic surgeries on her face. In an interview, the singer admitted that he had long felt unwell and seriously concerned for the health. Therefore, trying to do everything that my son was secured and protected.

Materials: "Yellow paper" and show

"People's Artist" to "neon" festival. Photo essay Gregory Rezanov

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