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"Prime Minister" joined in the popular game "Kinh producer (Scandalous details)

November 29 2005

In this, the Russian show business for the last time so many scandals, thundered that the next one is unlikely anyone will be surprised .... But, this is a bit aloof and gives the impression of this, hot fights for life and death. Its essence is that the members of the group "Prime Minister" have decided to escape from his producer Eugene Fridlyand.

Right now, many break off relations with their managers. Yes, but they do a civilized manner, with rare exception. But back to the very origins of cooperation, I must say a very fruitful and triumphant.

December 1997, Eugene Fridlyand, together with composer Kim Breitburg, walked right up to creation of a "boy-band", performing songs in the style of "r'n'b".

So there was a backbone of the future, "Prime Minister": Mr Lansky, Jean Grigoriev-Milimerov Pete and Jason. Later, during recording, the team joined Vyacheslav Bodolika who recommended Kim Breitburg, in order to make the team fully formed as a quartet.

When the first album was still at work, began a new phase of active promotion of the collective. The money is spent only Friedland, and the funds they were not small - apart from the purely musical aspects of the work, lay down on his shoulders and content of young talent. Says, "like a ship call, so it will float" - in front of Eugene Fridlyand question arose about the title of his creation.

As originally planned, that the team should enter the cohort selected on the stage, the word "Prime" has not been discussed. In the courtyard stood in February 1998 - our policy was shaken by the resignation of loud .... And, oh, eureka! "At the head of Eugene was born the name -" Prime Minister "! With the Olympus one fold had no complaints, but to be always near - the place ....

After consulting with the second group Breitburg father, the producer decided to leave the title through suffering. As admitted later in the project, they learned their names only after they saw the cover of their debut album.

For five years, the group "Prime Minister" has become a truly stellar team, without whom did not manage any festive show. However, such a disease as a star, very few people shy away from .... She stuck to nouveau-stars, in the wake of such a take-off ...

Within the team began feuds - like to work less and get paid for it more ....

Not so long ago, the group left one of the soloists Pete, Jason, the wording was simple - tired, he decided to sing "solo." Producers and other members supported him. But there is a problem - "Prime Minister" are used to seeing a quartet .... Began an active search for the missing link, agonizing search. Several candidates were swept away immediately, they do not even discussed. Then, Eugene Fridlyand willful decision to appoint a soloist Taras Demchuk - 25 years old Kiev composer, poet, arranger and singer all rolled into one. Among his Plyasov was also the fact that Taras had already established himself as hitmeykera, wrote to all finalists in the TV project "People's Artist" for five or six songs. But, with all the pros and was a big disadvantage - a young man in conversation stuttered noticeably, but in the process of singing, it was not only zametno.Kak he was appointed one of the "prime minister", Taras wrote for several groups songs.

But this "star" colleagues were not enough - in their opinion, Demchuk did not have the inherent gloss of his own, was a little simpleton .... He became actively forced out of the team.

It was not until May 2005, when Jean, Glory, and came to the office of Marat Eugene Fridlyand and stated that they are no longer boys, and want, what would their opinion counts. Offended "unfair treatment", they said they wanted to terminate the contract with the producer, but intend to return all the money invested in them. Do you want to be free - please - decided in production center. Lawyers have begun to actively work. But as soon as they finished, the performers simply ... disappeared. Connection there was absolutely no. After a time, who found the same "priest-kings", announced that from November 1
they do not intend to pay anything to its producer.

Eugene, Fridlyand nothing left to do, armed with a pile of documents proving his right to a "stubborn project, go to court.

But here began the most interesting - the facts have surfaced that are still under the "wing" Friedland, participants of the Prime Minister "had tried to obtain the rights to the trademark the same name. But, in Rospatent, after appropriate examination, was denied registration of property rights. They said that the only one who has the rights to the name - Friedland.

However, a solicitor members of the collective Matveev, have decided to reissue this request for another person. At the same time, the artists themselves say that they have already received all the documents from Rospatent confirming ownership rights to the trademark "Prime Minister" of their representative.

These statements, according to agency «FBI Music» not only valid, they directly suggest that the patent attorney and Matveev, or any other entity to which the currently reissued application for the trademark "prime minister" acting on behalf of ex- soloists of the group. At present, preparations for pre-trial claimed the company "FBI Music" claims, which date is scheduled for December 15, 2005.

PS And now, on specific amounts:

The band members were quite favorable financial terms - each soloist, without incurring any costs, received by 7.5% from the concerts. For example - for the holidays, New Year, each of the soloists was the equivalent of a new foreign car. But, someone whispered to the unknown parties, "Prime Minister" that "could be more ..." Eugene Fridlyand, nevertheless, was ready to go for reasonable compromises. His proposal was that way.

For all three summer months of 2005, before the first of September, in their relationship comes the "transition period" during which the musicians are paid twice as much as before. But not yet signed a new contract, which will be clearly stated the type of new relationship, announced a moratorium on all telephoto. Roughly speaking, the participants in the "prime minister" should either give away, as computed by lawyers worth (half a million dollars) at once or work out concerts until January 2, 2006, at the same time getting more than half (55%) of the proceeds from all concerts.

After that, the musicians will be required to pay only 15% of the rent the names and the use of the repertoire, the rights to which are registered in the Russian Authors' Society in the name of Eugene Fridlyand. It seems to be the beginning of all these conditions are arranged. However, when all documents were ready, started, the above tricks with the disappearance ....

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