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Marina Mogilevsky: "I do not consider myself a femme fatale!"

March 29 2005

Life Marina Mogilev can hardly be called monotonous: the role in the movie interspersed with roles on the stage. Recently, the actress received an offer to play in two serials, and TSDKZH premiere performance of "Vendetta, Babette", in which our heroine plays a very funny, funny, touching and at the same time a very serious role. Yes, and personal life is not static: Marina now again free from the bonds of Hymen, and confident that everything will be fine, the main thing - to be at peace with itself.

Dossier on actress

Marina was born in Mogilev in 1970. Muscovite. In 17 years, fled to Kiev to her first husband, with whom he lived for 10 years. Graduated from Kiev Theatrical Institute, Institute of National Economy and was prima Theater. Lesia Ukrainka. She starred in the video "How delightful evening in Russia" by the White Eagle. Vela night program Vladimir Molchanov and "Good Morning, Russia!" On RTR channel, while her after the divorce has not closed the ex-husband - the head of RTR Alexander Akopov. Starred in the television series "Turkish March", "The Fifth Corner", "Family Secrets", "Moscow Windows", "Russian Amazons", "Kamensky-2", "Sink or Swim", "Red Orchestra" and others. In 2001, a scenario was staged comedy of the Mogilev "When you are not looking," in which she and co-starred. Currently, the actress played in Moscow antrepriznyh performances, reading Schopenhauer and sculpts in clay pots.

"Tired from work - too happy!"

- Marina, you recently became a free woman again, you have more time for yourself. How did you spend?

- Firstly, I am always free, despite the marital status, and secondly, spend nothing: I work a lot ... Holidays for me - a luxury. For example, tomorrow I have a rehearsal, and I have a night to learn the 5 pages of text, where very often my remarks. So meet up with friends, lie on the bed watching TV will not work.

- Do not get tired?

- There was a time when I work so hard, that finally got tired and said to myself: "What happiness!" I'm so waiting for this moment, I wanted so much to get tired and everything seemed: small, little, I want to, I think it tired - it is useful. You stop and re-evaluate what you're doing, where you move further. It took me fifteen of them - two years without a single weekend to get tired. I was in constant traveling: Riga - Kiev - Odessa - Paris and a million more cities to which we went on tour. You could go crazy! Stations, trains, planes ...

- And you thought that it was easier to be a clerk, and sit in an office from nine to six?

- I love my profession so that such thoughts never occurred! Right now my desk is a new play, in it I'm going to play such utter village coquette, beloved by all women. And getting such pleasure from rehearsals, a joy that I understand: it's mine! While a person is, of course, gets tired of make-up of emotions ... even more on emotion ...

- A woman and an actress in particular, must constantly worry about the beauty of the person taking care of herself. You yourself are doing cosmetic procedures, or trust in this case a specialist?

- I have great respect for women who find time for frequent trips to the beautician. But I rarely can afford to enroll in the salon in advance: I have a very unstable schedule. So her appearance I do myself.Very fond of ice on the grass: freeze teas of chamomile, sage and rub my face with them. This is my ezheutrenny ritual - until I come into the refrigerator and do not get a piece of ice, I do not wake up. Later in the morning program - a cup of coffee and a cigarette. I love the bathroom, and the whole process takes place there. Coffee, an ashtray, cigarettes, lighters, ice with herbs - and I, lying in the bathroom, plan your day.

- A face mask using?

- I love natural products. As the mask can be applied all that is in the fridge - cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, bananas, pears. Any
fruit. I rub them on the grate and put on face for 20 minutes. Very effective.

- Here is a mask of sour cream, such as bleach. You use such means?

- I am naturally dark, so that the bleach - not for me. On the contrary, I will gladly go to a solarium, a single session I have enough for a month. Very
I love to sunbathe on the sea - though this is usually related to work. Shooting in Odessa, in Sochi, a tour in the southern cities of ... the greatest pleasure - this is when you work hard all day and night have time to swim in the sea. Here's a holiday I like best!

- And in Moscow as the rest?

- Communicate with friends, go to the pool, lay in bed with a book. When given a very busy schedule, I need to be alone, read, think, watch TV.

"I do not like myself on screen '

- Do you watch the movie as a spectator or as an actress?

- Often as a spectator. The main indicator that a picture to my liking - if I just dip into what is happening on the screen, oblivious to evaluate the story, screenplay, actors play ...

- A film with his participation, see?

- No, never! I have always been an unhappy. Starting to think that could be played differently, but, alas, too late.

- A family, the parents, with what feelings watching your movies? Compliment or suggest the disadvantages?

- Mom never commented on my roles, and I followed it very grateful. She rejoices when he sees my new pictures ... but it is not the point. It is more important to me was good, so I was happy with my life.

- What you need for happiness?

- First, is the health and welfare of my family. Secondly, my personal life. Third, work. Fifteen years ago I was all for
another, I was just work, work, work ... Today, everything has changed. For me now there are many things that are much more important.

"From the first cigarette fainted"

- Do you have bad habits?

- Very often I drink coffee - six or seven cups a day. Filming, rehearsing, so you need to be on our toes. And smoke like a chimney - a pack a day. I can not quit, and now, frankly, not going.

- Remember when I first picked up a cigarette?

- I was in school and at the same school taught my mom. The girls ran out on the break to smoke on the street, and in grade 10, I finally decided to try. Ran around the corner and asked for a cigarette. It was terribly embarrassing: after all, the teacher looked at us from the windows, and I knew that my mother probably all become known. Someone gave me a cigarette, lit - with the first puff I fainted! Naturally, my mother was told everything, but I did not quit smoking, but the beginning.

- And than compensate for bad habits? Do, for example, charging?

p align = "justify"> - Of course! Twenty minutes each morning, and the charge most simple - "a deep breath, arms wider, slowly, three or four." Human body wakes up and wants to live! And after charging - an obligatory douche.

- You shoot in advertising?

- Yes, for the first time in a long time I've done in advertising - the cream of Deademine Shwarzkopf. Previously, I was offered various advertising contracts, but I should be confident in the quality of what people advertise. With this ad came out like this: three months before the shooting, I asked to bring me this cream, and every day to use it. So now I can be sure that the poor do not suggest anything. In this case, I suggest what I can advise girlfriend.

- Love hen parties, meet and discuss makeup, men, love?

- My friend and I often meet and conduct endless girl talk: life, work, relationships, beauty ... to disagree - but then again call up and can chat on the phone until five in the morning.

- Do you like to invite to the house guests, arrange holidays?

- I love to entertain guests dishes of his own invention. As recently as two days ago come up with a new recipe: lamb in beer. Will be very simple: the lamb bones roasted, the other pan fried onions. Then you have all this mix, add beer and cover. Diverges in the flat so fresh bread aroma, incredibly tasty! And so the process of eating!

- You are a beautiful woman, you have lots of fans ... feel sort of femme fatale?

- No, the femme fatale, I myself do not feel it. May be mistaken? Actually, I think that appearance - this is not the main thing. The main thing - that the person was harmonious, that it was intact. Beauty - it is a subjective concept. You can engage in face shape, dress in expensive stores - and be unhappy. I always try to, first of all, be in harmony with each other.

- They say that when a woman wants to change lives, it begins with hairstyles, clothing, perfume ... you are familiar?

- I love perfume and I have a lot of them, but not because I want to change something, but because they can not live without them and survive the day. My favorite fragrance Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue-he leaves a trail of non-intrusive. But on the shelf is still a great many bottles of ... Every time I start to work on a new role, walking into a store and buy a special perfume for her character. I think how this woman should smell. Apparel character - is the prerogative of the costume, but the spirits, I set the mood.

- And in life you have a lot of attention to clothes?

- I like good things are expensive, but not in huge quantities. I am a "dog" on the eastern calendar, so it is very affectionate. I hate it when a whole lot. I have even a little makeup - I need a blue mascara, pink lipstick, blush and all natural. In life, I almost did not crash, but on set I grimiruyut.

- And how to hide, to not have known on the streets?

- Hiding behind dark glasses, and I think nobody knows me. Sometimes the approach, saying: "You look like Mogilev! And I answer: "What are you talking about? Really?

- Love the show in public, come on get-togethers?

- It's part of my profession, but the parties and social events event often brings me pleasure. I can not stand to dress up, "keep face" to observe the image.To feel better in the frame and on the stage, and at other times I am much more comfortable and easier in a society of close friends.


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